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Found 4 results

  1. If Ken Nelson or Russ Armstrong sees this, can you guys or anyone else that may know.... Looking for when the release of Practiscore Competitor app for iphone/ipad will be available. I aggravate my buddies about their inferior android phones, but they have a super awesome app that I have been wanting ever since hearing about it. If you guys haven't heard of it or seen it, it allows you to be able to make comparisons on shooters with stages or matches. You can "what if" a stage or target to compare scores, etc simply by importing match info off of Practiscore. I have played with a friend's a little bit and it is pretty awesome.
  2. Held a PractiScore training class at our range yesterday... Our Android match tablets were unavailable, so the plan was to use the members phones for the class. For the first time, several of the club members showed up with iPhones... First time I've ever tried to use an iPhone with PractiScore... I was surprised at how many differences there were between the iPhone and Android versions of PractiScore... also have a few questions. Once we built a stage in iPhone PractiScore, it seemed to be impossible to change the number of targets. We clicked the ">" symbol and then the "-" symbol in from of the target, but it didn't go away... We clicked the "Del" button and the target turned red, but it didn't go away. Our only recourse was to completely delete that stage and start over... Seems clumsy compared to the Android version. After a match, we use the "View Results" -> "Email All Results" -> "Continue" -> "Save to SD Card" method to save the match results to the tablet. It is easy to upload them to out club web site... Takes about two minutes... Android PractiScore names the saved file according to the name given when creating the match... Works perfectly... iPhone PractiScore doesn't have this option... Ack... Hard to believe... You can email the results, but not save them to your phone... and the results are always named "MemberResults.zip" or something like that. How do you save the match results directly to a folder/directory on an iPhone version of PractiScore? Seems like something everyone would want to do. I have to admit... I was shocked to see how different the two versions of PractiScore are.
  3. So I'm having a ball, dry fire practicing with my SIRT (awesome!!). For targets I'm using my iPhone to project on the wall different target configurations I put together from one of the PPT/Keynote stage builders. (and with a portable battery powered pico projector, pretty much can do this anywhere indoors, or outside on a wall if not too bright). I'm sure I'm not the first that has thought it would be cool to have an iPhone app that would - project target scenes (drills, classifiers) - have a shot timer and use the iPhone camera to track laser 'hits' from SIRT or any laser dry fire cartridge - be able to score the target(s) as configured - minimally the targets, but no reason it couldn't also score misses, no hits, etc - (and not sure if useful or possible, but maybe even compute a simulated hit factor from score/time?) - shouldn't be impossible to then also seam together multiple systems, to allow real distance/movement between two sets of projected/tracked targets, and aggregate time/score for both (or more). So I'm curious -- why isn't something like this out there right now? I am aware of the following - http://www.predatortactical.com/cart.php?m=knowledgebase_detail&id=5 -> nice targets - computer displays target with par time and a few moving targets, but doesn't 'see' or track your hits - idryfire -> iphone app takes a picture of one shot and time for that shot from buzzer for $12 - imarksman -> computer system that's about a grand for software and camera - not really something for most folks - lasershot -> another high end system And I've seen a basic app for iPhone where a red laser pointer can shoot against projected moving targets, and the system will react/score the laser pointer hits. So before I start seriously thinking that maybe I'd tackle something like this, I'm wondering if there is any common (or uncommon) knowledge I haven't found via search on the forums about why this isn't out there. My guess is smallish market WRT IPSC/USPSA ( 25k-ish US, 80k-ish total worldwide ??), where only a small fraction would buy it. But any other issues? Is IPSC/USPSA hardcore against someone using the metric or classic target in software? Is it not possible to track multiple laser hits (.15 seconds ?) with the iphone camera at the speed folks here can do double taps or bill drills with a SIRT or other laser trainer with that has a self-resetting trigger? Any thoughts on any of this, or if there is potential interest in something like this, appreciated.
  4. Just got me new iphone 6 , but I have a case on order that won’t be here until next week! Why are these dang things soo slippery, feels like its gonna fly out my pocket, land screen side down on the pavement and slide for 15 feet! Put some tippling on these things for God’s sake!
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