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Found 26 results

  1. We hold a small monthly Steel Challenge match (6 stages). At today's match, one of the squads could only complete 5 of 6 stages due to rain/lightning. For the purposes of the match, no one is concerned about the lack of total times for those shooters. However, for the purposes of SCSA classification we'd like the completed stages for those shooters to be used. Is there a recommended process that I should follow? Does something need to be done for the shooters that did not shoot the final stage (like mark it as DNF)? Just didn't know how this incomplete stage would affect the SCSA activity file creation process on practiscore.com. - Paul
  2. Building stages for an ICORE match in Practiscore, the functionality is there to manage the required number of hits on paper targets, but the steel targets can only be scored as A or M. If I build two steel targets into the stage, I only get to score two shots, one on each. What about stages that require multiple shots on non-falling steel? Would be nice to have the same functionality for steel as for paper: being able to designate the number of shots required for each target. The work-around, I suppose for now, is to count the multiple hit steel targets in with the paper targets, and ignore the B and C zones. It's either A or M. Any other ideas? --j
  3. If Ken Nelson or Russ Armstrong sees this, can you guys or anyone else that may know.... Looking for when the release of Practiscore Competitor app for iphone/ipad will be available. I aggravate my buddies about their inferior android phones, but they have a super awesome app that I have been wanting ever since hearing about it. If you guys haven't heard of it or seen it, it allows you to be able to make comparisons on shooters with stages or matches. You can "what if" a stage or target to compare scores, etc simply by importing match info off of Practiscore. I have played with a friend's a little bit and it is pretty awesome.
  4. Is there a way to delete inbox messages in Practiscore? If so, how? I am fairly tech savvy, it is escaping me now.
  5. Match directors, have any of you grabbed these (or ruled them out) for your clubs? Kid's Fire 2-Pack And yes, I am serious. Beyond the fact that you can get pink ones (which shooters would love), they have a 2-year no questions asked warranty (which is handy when they have birdshot embedded in the glass, I would not like to explain that to Amazon). The only downfall I can think of is that the "case" that comes on them doesn't cover the screen, as the "folio" style ones do, which protects them when not in use. And I am not sure if these have Ads or not. Thoughts? (Please tell me to go ahead and get 6 pink ones for my club, I will buy you a beer when I see you next).
  6. After someone reads this and knows there is a thread that had already talked about please post the link, otherwise, help.... Back before we had online registration and squadding, in regards to level 2 and 3 matches, you had to manually fill out a match application, enclose a check for the match fee and mail it to the MD. If you wanted to shoot with a certain group of shooters you either made sure all of you mailed the apps and checks in one envelope OR each would indicate in their submittal "I want to shoot with "X"". The MD or registration coordinator would then manually squad everyone based on the mailed-in requests and you hoped that your request could be granted. Now today we can register & pay online in PS and also squad in PS. I know there is a group function in PS, that if enabled allows the shooter to indicate he wants to be part of a group and when you get the auto email from PS it provides a group # for that shooter to use in squadding AND to be able to forward to his friends (the group #) so they can all use it. So the first shooter, as part of a group, squads himself. But the following shooters, using the group #, can still squad wherever they want, not forced to be on the same squad the orig. shooter placed themselves on. I know I must be missing something/not following a proper procedure? Right now I'm feeling as though the only way to let the groups of shooters shoot together is to let them register and pay on PS but don't allow any squadding. Instead, they (squad mom or each shooter of a particular group of shooters) would then notify the MD or registration coordinator of who they want to shoot with and what day, then the MD or RC would manually do all the squadding. It's a combination of the "back in the day" squadding with today's online registration. All this is in an effort to avoid the mass of emails asking "I'm on squad 3 but really want to be on squad 5 with my friends but I was two minutes too late in registering when registration opened" after letting everyone register and squad as soon as registration opens. If anyone wants to discuss this verbally just send me a pm with your phone # and best times to call you. Thanks in advance
  7. Does anyone know how to delete all the shooter data without wiping the entire config? Over the years the shooter database has become trashed with mixed case, wrong information, hidden carriage returns, etc. so I'd like to clean it up. Once cleaned out, is there anyway to bulk import profiles from IDPA and USPSA? I'd really like to have all shooters for our region for each sport in the database so our data entry moves faster at registration.
  8. Trying to manually add a new shooter to my match in Practiscore. When I add the shooter I get the error: " The security token was not generated correctly. Please try again. " Anyone ever receive this error? How do I fix it? Practiscore support is non-existent. Thanks.
  9. I notice that the date listed is consistently wrong by one day on the Practiscore web site for results. Is that something in my settings? If so, I can't find it.
  10. We use an online match signup front end that creates a .csv file for match registration... We used it last month for the first time for our monthly Steel Challenge match... The main problem I had was syncing the division names because the same USPSA division names are different in Android PractiScore USPSA matches than they are in PractiScore Steel Challenge matches... USPSA .................... Steel Challenge Open ...................... OPN Limited ................... LTD Production ............. PROD Revolver ................ nothing Single Stack .......... SS Carry Optics .......... CO If the front end uses the USPSA division names, you have to delete and replace all the division names in PractiScore every time you run a Steel Challenge match... Why aren't the names the same? This seems pretty basic to me...
  11. Just found out about a cool new feature in Android PractiScore v1.3.10... The time required for each squad to shoot a stage, plus the time it took for all squads to shoot that stage, is now available... After a match... Press on "Enter Scores" then press on one of the match stages to get a screen similar to the screenprint above... This is helpful to determine if one squad was holding up the shooting and also to determine which stage took the least or most time to shoot... A good match director tool...
  12. I have been using Practiscore for about one year now with no problems. I use it for a 6 stage IDPA match that averages around 45 shooters. Last year a week before the match I would create a match on-line & then using the get match registration feature on each tablet I would pull the match using the match code. I would then build an individual stage on each tablet ( we leave the tablet on the designated stage for the entire match ). On match day I would approve each shooter as they paid and manually add the shooters that had not pre registered. Once everyone was approved I would then pull the match again to each tablet which updated every approved shooter to the stage. This month, which was our first match this year, we had an issue. After all of the shooters were approved we pulled the match to each tablet, but instead of updating the already existing match there was a new duplicate match created with out the stages being built. It would be easy if everyone signed up ahead of time & all of this could be completed before the morning of the match but there are always several people who do not sign up early. How are you handling manually adding shooters on match day & updating the tablets before the start of the match? Thanks in advance
  13. I did a search through the forums and couldn't find any similar topics. It was brought to my attention by a couple of our club members that they are not seeing their individual results when they log into their dashboard on the Practiscore website, but they can find their results on the match results page. I logged in and found the same issue. When I select 'View All' under my Recent Matches, the last match entered for me was in August 2015. However, I have several match results since then and can find them when looking for a specific match or specific club. The last match under my home club to link to my Dashboard was June 2015. Since this is happening, I have a couple of questions. 1) Since I am the one that runs Practiscore at our club and uploads results to Practiscore, is there something that changed with Practiscore around June 2015 that would have prevented the scores from recognizing individuals? I haven't changed our procedure for scoring or uploading in that time. 2) Is there a way to "link" results to individuals? Can someone go into the match results and associate their name and results with their individual profile? Thanks, Cameon
  14. Held a PractiScore training class at our range yesterday... Our Android match tablets were unavailable, so the plan was to use the members phones for the class. For the first time, several of the club members showed up with iPhones... First time I've ever tried to use an iPhone with PractiScore... I was surprised at how many differences there were between the iPhone and Android versions of PractiScore... also have a few questions. Once we built a stage in iPhone PractiScore, it seemed to be impossible to change the number of targets. We clicked the ">" symbol and then the "-" symbol in from of the target, but it didn't go away... We clicked the "Del" button and the target turned red, but it didn't go away. Our only recourse was to completely delete that stage and start over... Seems clumsy compared to the Android version. After a match, we use the "View Results" -> "Email All Results" -> "Continue" -> "Save to SD Card" method to save the match results to the tablet. It is easy to upload them to out club web site... Takes about two minutes... Android PractiScore names the saved file according to the name given when creating the match... Works perfectly... iPhone PractiScore doesn't have this option... Ack... Hard to believe... You can email the results, but not save them to your phone... and the results are always named "MemberResults.zip" or something like that. How do you save the match results directly to a folder/directory on an iPhone version of PractiScore? Seems like something everyone would want to do. I have to admit... I was shocked to see how different the two versions of PractiScore are.
  15. If you care or curios about printing from PractiScore on Android (scores review, as well as match/stage results), then go and get the PrintHand Premium app while it is free on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008NF45S2/ More technical details and guides can be found at http://printhand.com/
  16. We've had several Android PractiScore updates recently... I recently upgraded our match scoring tablets to version 1.3.2 to cure a USPSA Classifier Update issue. v1.3.2 seems stable and there don't seem to be any problems, but I see a few items in newer version's changelogs and wonder if it would be wise to upgrade to a newer version... v1.3.4 - "USPSA Minor only PF for Carry Optics" - Does this also change Production to Minor PF only? V1.3.2 allows Production to use Major. v1.3.5 - "Slow sync without Internet connection" - Does this mean that syncing with local WiFi only (no Internet) will be faster than it is on v1.3.2? v1.3.6 - "Fixed multi-stage review screen UI on tablets" I am familiar with a shooter's single-stage review screen that comes before saving a shooter's scores for one stage. What is a multi-stage review screen? v1.3.6 - "USPSA classification update for unknown divisions" - Is this some kind of additional changes for the earlier Classification Update problem in PractiScore? Have any of you upgraded to PractiScore v1.3.6 yet? Good results? Is it better? Stable?
  17. I had problems at last months Steel Challenge match... I renamed most of the default division names to make them easier for registrars to enter new shooters on match day. That turned out to be a bad idea! Some shooters got registered in "RFPI" and some randomly got registered in "Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights" (the new division I created to replace "RFPI"). That caused those shooters to be separated in the tabulated "Match Results" output. Match could be salvaged, but it was not a desireable situation. I originally posted about that problem here... http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215372 Still have trouble reverting to the default Steel Challenge divisions for a new "Steel Challenge: Blank" match. I keep getting the old divisions that caused problems. These seem to be the default Steel Challenge divisions: ISP ISR OSR PROD SS OPN LTD RFPI RFPO RFRI RFRO SGP We use two additional divisions: SASSrifle Carbine If I start a new "Staal Challenge: Blank" match and limit the divisions to these 14 divisions, will that stop the problem noted above from happening? Not sure if using shorter names with no spaces will help, but I'll try that too. Is there any way to reset the "Steel Challenge: Blank" divisions to the default list noted above? Unfortunately, "OPN" keeps changing to "Open" for me too... 1.2.29...
  18. Chris Wren has updated the ezws2ps (EzWinScore to PractiScore) converter to version 1.0.7. Since the last change documented on BE was for 1.0.4, I'll list the 3 releases' complete change logs here: 1.0.7 Fixed issue of no competitors in .psc file when competitors & stages checked, but no stages are defined in EzWinScore1.0.6 Added exporting address, city, state, ZIP code from EzWinScore to PractiScore (however, PractiScore only supports the state, and only in iOS versions 1.661 and above)1.0.5 Added support to convert EZWS multi-gun matches. Fixed error in stage creation when targets don't all have same number of hits. The page at http://www.tinymicros.com/wiki/ezws2ps has been updated. The updated version is available via the download link on that page. If you find any issues, please let Chris know at jcwren@jcwren.com. You could post in this thread, but he's not a big fan of using forums as a support system. Remember, this is a utility that is VERY useful for those of us curmudgeons who still use ezws to do match registration (I still think it's easier to register and squad competitors in ezws than in ps) and then export to a PS master for actual scoring. If you are doing this, be aware that the design intent is that you use this conversion path ONCE and ONCE ONLY! in the porting of your match over to PS for actual scoring. Once you have done this, if you have any walk-ups or additional registrations, they need to be added to the PS master and/or the PS stage devices. Converting over multiple times will generate separate unique internal match id's which may cause duplicate iterations of the same match to appear when results are uploaded to practiscore.com and, shall we say, "irritate" a certain someone I know.
  19. First, Thanks you to all the volunteers who work on practiscore to make our lives easier. Our club has just began to use the Match Management portion of practiscore. Our club meets every Sunday and we hold a different discipline each month. USPSA, ICORE, IDPA, and NSSF Rimfire are held each weekend. We have had great success using practiscore for each discipline to score these events. We have recently began requiring online signups and payments (via Stripe). Currently we only have one Club Account with Practiscore. This account allows each MD to setup each of their Match events, registration templates, squadding schemes, and approval processes. Is having 4 separate Club Match Management accounts a better solution? Should we just treat each discipline as a different club even though there is only one bank account for all disciplines? Is it even possible to have "separate clubs" sharing the same Stripe Keys?. Your help in road mapping a efficient plan would help. FYI, Our club has scoring devices for each discipline. Each MD shows up Sunday morning with tablets and router in hand. Each MD is responsible for the scoring at their event. In the past we have been manually inputting registration data on match day but would like to eliminate that, utilizing stripes online signups. We would then at the range only handle an occasional late walk-up.
  20. I've updated the ezws2ps (EzWinScore to PractiScore) converter to version 1.0.4. Changes: Fixed an issue with multi-string times in scores not being correctly copied to the PractiScore .psc file when 'Include Scores' is checked. Added knowledge of classifier stages so when a classifier is present, the hits per target is known instead of inferred. This issue affected classifiers CM99-02, CM99-09 and CM99-63 not having the number of hits on each target defined correctly. Added support for target type. If target type is defined as Classic in EzWinScore, then 'Classic Targets (No B Zone)' is checked in PractiScore. Added support to force target NPMs to number of hits per target when scoring is fixed time (PractiScore iOS already did this internally, not sure about Android, but it's the "correct" way to define the stage). The page at http://www.tinymicros.com/wiki/ezws2ps has been updated. The updated version is available via the download link on that page, or directly from https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12548441/ezws2ps.zip The zip file has both the previous version and the current version. The previous version is named 'ezws2ps_103.exe' while the current version is named 'ezws2ps.exe'. If you find any issues, please let me know at jcwren@jcwren.com. You could post in this thread, but I'm not a big fan of using forums as a support system. Edited 2014-11-27 11:58 -- Changed 'defined as IPSC' to 'defined as Classic'. Thanks to Roger M. for catching this documentation error.
  21. We got a local match coming up this Saturday and I am wondering how well the Nooks with the Practiscore program will perform in the cold. We are looking at starting the day in single digit temps and warming up to mid 20's. Does any have experience using the Nooks in cold weather? I have paper scoresheets ready to go as back-up. Thanks for the input.
  22. We are ready to release PractiScore 1.2.19 for Android. This version adds support for score editing history (compatible with recent iOS app releases), including corresponding UI and new actions to reset, restore or reassign scores which affected all match types. We are doing our own testing, but could use some help to test those new features. You don't have to use it at a real match, but if you have some spare time during next couple weeks and if you could help to test various match types across multiple devices and also have iOS device, it would be a big help. If you are interested and would like to help, please email to support@practiscore.com
  23. This is a request for information. My name is Russell. I am a developer on practiscore. I want to reach out to all of the IDPA shooters, especially the match directors and ROs. I have shot USPSA, Multigun and Steel Challenge. I haven't shot IDPA. I have access to the rules and classifier definitions. I really want direct info from guys who have to use our report at the end of a match. I get a lot of feedback on our reports and looking at the Florida State open combined match results report I can see exactly why it is so hard to read. There is too much data which forces the fonts to be too small. Now I know that everyone wants to see every single data point they can, and I can still produce that report, but what I want to know is: -What exactly do you need at the end of a match to hand out your awards? -How should the shooters be grouped (Division/Class)? -By what determining factor should they be ordered? -Exactly which columns are REQUIRED? (No more/ No less) I don't want a wish list. I want this report to be "THE" one you use at the end of the match that has all you need to hand out the trophies. Thanks in advance for your input.
  24. It looked like there were a couple of threads I could post this in, but I wasn’t sure if they fit either exactly. I have looked a bit, but I am not finding definitive answers so I am asking. We are testing Practiscore for implementation at a couple of clubs. I may have missed something basic that someone can point out. 1st question: Is there a good way to differentiate a reshoot in Practiscore from a first shoot? 2nd question: Is there a good way to order shooters when there are reshoots? ((*Not a normal match issue.) I see that something may be in development for changing the way squadding/shooting orders works.) The reshoot designation doesn’t seem like a bug, per se, so I wouldn’t think I would report it at practiscore.com/bugs, but if it would be appropriate, please let me know. Club background for reshoot & squadding questions: One club is an indoor one stage match where most people will reshoot once for match score & two or three or more times for fun. One club is an outdoor match held over two days where people often shoot both days. Some people only shoot one division & like shooting so they go both days. Our customers would like to see the reshoots in the results (which they do, but they aren't sure which is which unless I am missing something) but they also want to know how their first run went so they know how they did for the match. The indoor match has to flow very quickly to accommodate the customers & the reshoots needs to be staggered accordingly, hence the squadding order question. The match is also a club “league” match where only 1st shoots garner points for the year so we would like to replicate EZWinScore’s reshoot checkbox somehow. In doing some test runs I am not seeing reshoots as marked any different than first runs in the results or in the shooter list. (The easiest way I can see for shooting order for the indoor match is to put them on a different squad for reshoots & use paper or some other method to generate the shooting order.) That was probably a whole lot of gibberish at this point in the night. Please let me know if I can better explain. Huge thanks for Practiscore & rootnscoreit!
  25. My club has been using PractiScore at our weekly practice matches for about two months in preparation for switching to it as our standard scoring system for monthly matches beginning in December (moving away from our Palm-based StageScore). The trial has allowed us to work out procedural bugs and train a sufficient number of scorers to be confident that the transition will be smooth. I already foresee substantial interest by competitors wanting to access interim scoring while the match is underway. What is the best way to allow that kind of access without compromising our match results? Can interim results be posted to PractiScore.com and then be updated, and ultimately replaced, with a final match result? I would prefer to limit the number of devices that have access to our match LAN.
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