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  1. I coat all of mine now. I haven't really shot plated in a while, but for the price of lead bullets that I get from a local friend, coating is the best route for me. I actually pick up feet per second, the smoke is minimal. Coating is an easy process. The time consuming part is sizing those bullets when they are coated.
  2. I played on my friends phone which would have been the android version. I have talked to one guy that said he was doing some Beta testing a couple of months back on the iOS version, and he said he liked it pretty good. My limited experience was the aforementioned android, and it was pretty pimp!
  3. The new app is awesome. I have played with it. Much easier with it to view the info. When you pull it up, the match is there. No copying or pasting, importing, etc. The info is readily available. Much worth the 10-14 bucks for the ease of use.
  4. Ken said in an email when Russ gets back from scoring a match which was at least 2 weeks ago, it should be up that week. That has been maybe 3 weeks ago now. Anyway, I didn't know if you had an update. I guess I will just have to be patient. I have a couple of recent matches I was wanting to check out. A friend has the android version and I played on it a month or so ago and it was freaking awesome. This is an incredible app that I am excited to play with
  5. Ken did send me a message a couple of weeks ago that said when Russ got back from scoring a match, he would be releasing it. I have a couple of recent matches I was wanting to check out on there.
  6. True, and I do have a tablet, but I utilize my iphone WAY more on a daily basis. We have converted everything to Apple at the house. Macbooks, ipods, iphones, apple tvs, and ipads at the Wilson household.
  7. If Ken Nelson or Russ Armstrong sees this, can you guys or anyone else that may know.... Looking for when the release of Practiscore Competitor app for iphone/ipad will be available. I aggravate my buddies about their inferior android phones, but they have a super awesome app that I have been wanting ever since hearing about it. If you guys haven't heard of it or seen it, it allows you to be able to make comparisons on shooters with stages or matches. You can "what if" a stage or target to compare scores, etc simply by importing match info off of Practiscore. I have played with a friend's a little bit and it is pretty awesome.
  8. The PCC guys were having a blast and it was almost as fun watching them shoot! The match I was at was outdoors with some decent amount of movement.
  9. Alan550 has it figured out! You are exactly right brother.
  10. Bring PCC on! It's a great thing. Mr. Foley has already put out a video answering a lot of the naysayers questions and concerns about how would you be able to do this, or this. PCC will open up more vendors to become involved with USPSA matches. It's time to add a little spice to USPSA. CO looks like it's hanging by a thread. 500 plus signed up for A6 and of that, 8 CO shooters. I think PCC will take off once a rule set has been established. Should be a good thing for all involved.
  11. Have you seen some of these PCC guys shoot yet?? I got to see them first hand. They aren't slower than any pistol shooters that I saw. With that being said, the PCC folks I saw shooting are incredible shooters to begin with. Their times were all at the top of the list. I say welcome PCC to USPSA. It's a great thing. I will shoot it at some point. Right now, I am having too much fun shooting pistols. But to say handgun will be faster than carbine, not true. Of course it is all dependent on who the shooter is as well. The ones I saw, one is a USPSA GM and highly competitive 3 gunner, two others were USPSA M,asters, and maybe another was an A shooter.
  12. I have never tried the EGW die but have heard they are pretty good. I turned an old Lee turret press into a case debulging set up with the Lee bulge buster or something like that for my .40 brass. I took out the auto index and made it basically a single stage. It's a die that you run your brass through and it has a small canister that catches the brass. After using it, it made a huge difference when drop checking ammo.
  13. Guys and gals, I am in the process of planning/constructing a case collator or feeder if that what some may call it because I like to tinker and I am also all about saving money. The question I have is after watching video after video of folk's builds is, have any of you that have made one put some type of clutch contraption on yours, and if so, how did you do it. I have only found one person so far that I have seen that has a clutch on it. Everyone else seems to be just running theirs without worrying about a hangup. I have read about one guy that put some type of sensor on his that shuts off it it detects some type of interruption. I don't know how it worked, but his was electronic. I am wanting to build just a basic case collator that is effective. I do value my time, but I also as mentioned before, like to build things like this for fun and it will be used often, so I am not worried about putting 4-6 hours in a project like this. I think in the end, if it works well and looks decent, and I haven't dropped 100.00 bucks in it, problem solved and I had a good time doing it. Thanks in advance guys. Have a safe weekend. EW
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