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  1. Those screws will need inserts for sure and it will be PITA.
  2. Still waiting for the v2 plate. I just want this to work.
  3. Kema

    SP-01 FTF Out of the Box

    Just oil it with thinner oil. It's new, 200 rounds is like a 15 min of shooting
  4. Ok, now it's taken down by Content Removal Request by IMMORTOBOT
  5. They probly trash Staccato at Shot Show and start producing lever action hunting rifles for European market.
  6. Thank you for your reply Saul. I am not trashing, just giving an honest review based on facts and testing. I have used too much of my time with primer collator also trying t figure tout why it's not working as promised. Ok, I will wait for fix kit.
  7. It can also be over tightened so I would first clean, lube and change the spring.
  8. Test session three. Tried CCI small and S&B rifle with same results. Took the bowl out of the machine and tested each port individually and almost all of them allow primers to flow thru with wrong side up. Vibration generated by the ratchet makes this even worse. I think the basic principle is very good, but maybe smth in the molding isn't really there. Looking at the parts this could be done with higher precission and better quality. Now it feels like paying 200 EUR for a 20 eur item. Maybe someone at China factory decided to use cheap molds and plastics and quality was sacrificed. I feel that engineering is rather good, but this first batch is just hit/miss.
  9. Day 2 of trying this thing and all the fixes discussed in the video. Still can't get it working and as I see it the gap between plates is too high, cant tighten the screws anymore or I start shredding the plastic and if I go in with file they probably wont take it back So I need a new bowl with better tolerances.
  10. Can't fill a single tube without 3-6 primers on wrong way. Just cancel your orders. Found food grade silicone from my O-ring stash and they are now sliding without problems.
  11. Not reliable with Magtech SPM primers. Ok, these are to lowest of the budget primers, but primer availibility is shite in here. Trying to get S&B nickel coated SPM when available. Didn't remember that I am out of PTFE dry lub and silicone, but I will keep on testing this apparatus.
  12. I use 60 grit and finish it with 2k car lacquer for improved longevity and smoother feeling generally.
  13. Sure, it would take about an hour of drawing and maybe 2-3 iterations to reproduce I would like to have some space to solve possible issues compared to ammobrass design. At least pokey pokey hole But I have a daytime job..
  14. Not my design but somebody has already designed smth. I am fine with original and dumping primers time to time https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3507205
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