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  1. Carbon from dirty cases?
  2. 28 with my own basepad and follower.Tried extremely low follower and decided that 28 is all it can do if mag is no longer than IPSC 170mm limitation allows.
  3. I believe those are metric M4.
  4. ty, didnt notice the belt clip. My pact is acting on cold weather so I need new for a wintertime. Any European dealers?
  5. Finland, Finland, Finland I will check with speedshooters. I ordered a lot from them before new ITAR limitations. And thanks for the offer!
  6. I was trying to get Atlas mount, but they are not shipping overseas. All my RTS2's have failed around 6k so I am looking for alternatives during wintertime. Trijicon SRO is very interesting but at the pricepoint of 800 EUR you can buy two 510c and I already have one at PCC, which I really like.
  7. And when I put one to open it lasts max 6k. I dont believe in Unicorns anymore.
  8. 8.4-8.6gr and you should be at major PF depending on the bullet.
  9. Yep, I am using dawson toolless and progressive 9lb.
  10. If we leave the gun on the holster for a while and just try to focus on eyes, I usually try to focus objects in long distance, like treetops, then focus back to closer range and do this for a while. Blink your eyes, clean your glasses and stay hydrated. Dryfiring is beneficial, but when you arrive to the range on training day, check your first couple of draws and first shot times. That is usually the best you can do on the match.
  11. Comp cracked both sides, thumb safety machining(without resting thumb over safety it sometimes engaged), timing, some cracks near extractor tunnel.
  12. I have to agree with you partly. Most of STI's bad reputation is based on guns produced after 2010. My matchmaster was POS and needed full overhaul by guru, bought new DVC open when it was released and it was a catastrophe. This GenII seems to be working
  13. STI, You need to buy 10 to get 1 working.
  14. Just bought 510C for PCC(and really like ti), but didn't took mount of so what is the weight compared to RTS2/DPP? Little bit worried of the mount beating itself to oblivion with open gun. Well getting any parts from US to EU is PITA anyway.
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