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  1. Yeah it usually makes the little difference between fitting and not fitting to gauge.
  2. Kema

    Staccato C2

    Quality and warranty of these guns is not great so I would pass.
  3. It's mainly solid electronics and not having cheap microchip based logic. 1/3N battery in a slot also helps.
  4. Oh noes. I get these with Dillon already.
  5. Will there be a kit from dillon 1050 autodrive to apex?
  6. Are you sure that you can handload for Staccato guns? It will void warranty: 5) Fired with handloaded, reloaded or improper ammunition (excluding Open guns manufactured specifically for major power factor ammunition, however if it is determined that the damage to your Open gun is directly related to overcharged, double charged or unsafe ammunition, it may effect warranty coverage).
  7. They should make them crappy shooter's and then sell aftermarket parts.
  8. Sell your STI/Staccato and get anything else. It will crack a slide or compensator(probly both) and then you are in trouble cause they dont have any warranty.
  9. Yep his videos are good but commercial without any criticism.
  10. It's a fairly simple mechanical device anyway. Just buy what you can get.
  11. Still cant replace mine on warranty and someone had 10 It's been almost a year I always wonder how their Open team can keep on shooting? Maybe they have gone Atlas/Bul with Staccato stickers on slide Any idea how Bullesteros are handling the strain?
  12. Problem is that you cannot do 10K review cause compensator os slide will crack
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