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  1. Hey you just call them range princess and carry on.
  2. Has anyone got interference kit working with 220V Dillon case feeder? Installed as instructed and micro switch stopped working right away. Installed just one RC filter and things were fine for a while, but then case feeder started to spin slowly all the time. Took filters off and went back to Dillon originals and still using them without problem. Seems totally useless modification.
  3. Spikecross, less sand in shoes, nice grip on wood surfaces and they actually seem to last more than year.
  4. Yep, lot's of talk, but reality is a little bit different...
  5. Well they are not even replying to warranty request anymore, so that's kinda naughty. Yes, I am overseas with two cracked slides
  6. Use Lee Factory Crimp as a last die with coated bullets, if they seem to be a problem.
  7. Kema

    SP-01 barrel wear

    Change it when rifling is gone
  8. It's better to use https://cults3d.com/en Thingiverse legal is a joke giving right to remove item's to persons who do not have any legal rights.
  9. Well STI warranty is next to nothing overseas. I have matchmaster and dvc open with broken slides and they dont even answer me. Don't get me even started with staccato lineup... Check http://www.gunmaker.de/e-index.html Maybe even BUL or SPS. CZ is also on option if using minor ammo.
  10. My vote goes to DAA medium and trolley.
  11. Well I thought rollsizing has some effect to primer pocket size / head size, but maybe I have thought wrongly.
  12. Do you rollsize with primers on? Does it affect decapping? Really want to buy a rollsizer but it's a bit pricy. I just like the idea of decapping with mark7 and tossing those cases directly to rollsizer case collator.
  13. Yep, cracked two STI open slides during one week. First went the STI MatchMaster, then STI DVC open that havent even been shot a lot. Warranty case pending. Not having high hopes that they will ship parts to country representative in next 10 years.
  14. I have found that playing with crimp and using magnum primer is the solution here. Probly all the powder is not even burning.
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