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  1. You have to understand that getting spare parts in Europe is very complex, legislation restricts ordering from other countries and getting parts from USA is almost impossible cause of ITAR. And there are many companies like STI Staccato that don't send any parts to Europe or fix their guns even if warranty is not expired.
  2. ATF + motoroil mix for the winter. Soon it's getting below -20C. Oh I am not shooting open, all my STI slides are cracked.
  3. Ouch this reminded me that I am sill waiting STI warranty to call
  4. Kema


    Just buy if the price is right.
  5. Generally I don't recommend using N310 but we live difficult times. Pressure and inconsistency(accuracy) are the issues here. Maybe polymer coated bullet helps here, but keep safe and switch back to a little slower powder when available. Quicload is usually very optimistic about speed, so I hope that you make minor PF.
  6. Switch to other rings like hornady? https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/hornady-sure-loc-lock-rings
  7. CR2032 is a wrong battery anyway. Spring loaded 1/3N would be better.
  8. I am pretty sure that all of these have same failure points coming from same factory. Electronics design and recoil protection is just bad.
  9. Single stack is hard, that's why its not popular.
  10. What is the best die for swage station? Hitting some .22 cases inside 9mm time to time and original one seems to mold them to 9mm case... Currently running 9mm - Dillon decap, size - Dillon original swage - primer, none - powder, with DAA expander - MBF - Dillon seat - Lee FC
  11. Still no warranty reply, timetable from STI / Staccato, whatever. However I receive these spams emails almost daily "Made in America, Staccato offers a lifetime Warranty"
  12. Some local small matches have two entry fees - 5 EUR, competitor commits to patch, help with stages and clean things up - 20 EUR, you can sit on your ass Works in both ways and makes clear what is expected from you.
  13. 147gr is easiest for your hands with minor pistol loads. Sure you can have a nice 115gr load if PF is not an issue.
  14. It's love when you have fully dialed MBF and autodrive with right amount of case mouth expand on every case. What I have learner - With mixed range brass more expand is better than less(some very hardened cases, nontox) - If bullet does not seat, it's usually a cracked case - Toss almost all stackable plates out of MBF when using 9mm bullets - Regularly check if bullet has slipped off from feeder plate to interfere with bullet rotation - Use rubber band on bullet drop die
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