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  1. But what is the round count before maintenance? Still around 20k?
  2. SLB from Finland https://viranomainen.fi/en/SLB-Custom+Recoil+Spring+Guide+Rod+SS+5.0?_tu=85220 IPSC store also has one. ITAR is really biting European shooters. Good thing is that we are kicking up our own production instead of using USA parts
  3. Nope Gen II changes were related to swivel hardware. Locking mechanism is identical between generations. Copy is a copy.
  4. They havent copied the gen II yet. Everglades is a copy of gen I SLB. First ones were without magnets. I have all theree types.
  5. No they were made by SLB holsters in Finland and everglades just made an exact copy. This is gen II that is currently in production. https://heavylightstore.com/SLB+Gen2+IPSC+Holster?_tu=83923
  6. Well any real world tests yet?
  7. Everglades is a copy of original Finnish SLB holster.
  8. Cause winter is long and dark here I use headlamp with iron sights. It really helps. Dunno if that is allowed during matches
  9. I have broken 3 and they all failed around 5-6k on 9mm open major.
  10. RTS2 is fine, but they just don't last.
  11. Just received my RTS2 from warranty run and they even didn't replace broken battery cover. Wtf man. No more C-More for me. I just keep printing these then: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2989643
  12. My Gen I was POS. This Gen II that I received from warranty is so good that I am thinking of getting a second one. Too bad that local dealer is not even returning my emails. Hat's off for mr. Dawson and others for returning the quality of STI guns.
  13. Carbon from dirty cases?
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