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  1. Some local small matches have two entry fees - 5 EUR, competitor commits to patch, help with stages and clean things up - 20 EUR, you an sit on your ass Works in both ways and makes clear what is expected from you.
  2. 147gr is easiest for your hands with minor pistol loads. Sure you can have a nice 115gr load if PF is not an issue.
  3. It's love when you have fully dialed MBF and autodrive with right amount of case mouth expand on every case. What I have learner - With mixed range brass more expand is better than less(some very hardened cases, nontox) - If bullet does not seat, it's usually a cracked case - Toss almost all stackable plates out of MBF when using 9mm bullets - Regularly check if bullet has slipped off from feeder plate to interfere with bullet rotation - Use rubber band on bullet drop die
  4. Good to hear! Sooner we get this s#!t past we can go back to normal.
  5. Here in Finland we have removed chrono cause of COVID(person collecting ammo and handling them). Interesting that you are not taking any precautions, but maybe it's freedom
  6. I actually like the Shadow 2 OR slide better than normal S2 almost triangle top. Just wish that would add serrations to back from factory. S1 style would be preferred than more "stylish" modern big block design.
  7. Magtech SPM or SP dont work with V2 or V1 plate, too many upside down primers. Cant get anything else cause of covid so thing is pretty much useless.
  8. Well it was a local match, RO has to make a decision, RO sees angle better than bystanders and mayby thay all learned smth. Believe me when I say that I score local matches already with loose standars. Some shooters just try to get away with everything(cause they shot perfectly) and sometimes it becomes personal. I would rather not be RO cause it would be less work and whining. My call Mike, next shooter...
  9. Kema


    5.1-5.2gr should be close. I have been disapointed with n340 on 9mm. Sticking with n320.
  10. It takes heroism to buy Staccato 2011. That is unacceptable answer.
  11. I would rather check perceived dot movement than double tapping, cause double tapping is rather random between shots if not done by robot.
  12. Well 100 usd price is capitalism at work Primer shortage is a global thing.
  13. I believe that is anodized aluminium coating over brass case. Lemishine, vinegar or citric acid will lead to problems mentioned in first post.
  14. Paris fashion week starts 28. September so might see new models then?
  15. I would just buy Ender 3 V2 which has updated board and screen. Use left over money towards quality filaments, use PETG(or ASA) instead of ABS. For model hobbies they are filaments containing carbon fiber and special light filaments for RC planes. ABS is a tricky thing to glue anyway. Printing ABS can be tricky even with enclosed consumer 3D printers. Printing ABS also creates smelly toxic fumes and consumer models don't have filtering or active venting.
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