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  1. I just scored a few pounds of wst on powder Valley. Fyi
  2. I also have a Dan Wesson PM9. It is my favorite gun to shoot. Stock adjustable rear sight and front fiber optic. I just put a techwell on it for single stack. Unfortunately I have not used it in a match yet. I cannot wait.
  3. I swopped out my striker spring on my glock 34 and had problems with the wolf primers. Went back to the standard spring and the light strikes went away. Once i finished the wolf primers i switched to winchester and back to the lighter striker spring and the glock ignites every one.
  4. I had my dan wesson pointman 9 lock up on me very early in its round count i was not properly lubricationg diring break in. My gun was all stainless. It sure sounds like given the slide lock problem that your rails were dry.
  5. Marvel has a loader for the mags? I need one of those. I would shoot more rounds if my fingers were not raw from loading.
  6. I bought a used unit 1 on gunbroker for $275 with 2 mags. I love it. Loading the mags is a pain and you have got to keep it clean and lubed. I use blazer bulk ammo and it runs well. I have it mounted on my Dan Wesson PM-7 fame and it mimics my PM-9 perfectly. I will have to try a kimber mag or 2.
  7. Bill I recently picked up a used unit 1as well. I have not shot it yet but I asked a lot of questions on another board. Evidently the guide rod needs to be tight on the slide stop pin. Snug that thing down and try it again. I just got mine on Friday and need to sneak away this week to see how it runs.
  8. Yes, You know it must have been something weird. I ran 100 rounds of S&B brass today with no problem. Perfect. I glanced at the trouble makers very quickly and now wonder if they said 9mm Kurtz. I really like the press. However the round per hour estimates do not take into account loading primers or case guaging your rounds. Still 100 rounds start to finish in around 30 mins is faster than my turret. I need to get my 9 year old guaging while I crank. That will speed it up.
  9. I just tried the slower stroke trick and it does definitely help. I cranked out 60 rounds just to work on the feel. Pretty slick. Definitely less of a workout than the turret. 4 pulls per round produced adds up. Plus the silly primer punch was wearing me out. It would stall if there were only 2 in the chute and they only recommended loading 50 at a time. Definitely need a flip tray and and more primer tubes.
  10. I am loading 4.0 Grains N320 under MG 125JHP at 1.130. N320 is a definite filler and when I load with Titegroup this is not a problem. The same thing happens on my turret on the downstroke. I do lube my cases a bit before getting rolling. It helps a lot.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I did actually have one 380 slip through and even get a bullet stuffed in. I found it when case guaging. It looked really odd with a 124 grainer sticking out. Seems like I am on the right track. I really ran the press with mixed brass just to see what it would do. I normally separate by headstamp so I know what things feel like.
  12. I just picked up a NIB SDB for a steal on craigslist. I have previousely reloaded on a lee turret. I have done around 250 rounds so far but have a few questions. 1. I have a bunch of S&B brass and some of it pops out of the locator button when priming. I have heard that it has tight primer pockets but this seems more like a smaller rim. Do I need different locatator buttons to remedy this? 2. For powder drop calibration i was running up in postion 2 an then pulling in position 3 repeatedly to test weights. I that the best way to do it? 3. Flare seemed way too much from factory. i adjusted it a bit perhaps too much but my old lee setup seemed to do a little better. Some of the shorter brass like S&B and fiocci do not flare enough. 4. Do you leave powder in the hopper? It seems like every old dillon I see has a black stained powder hopper because is is a little involved to empty it. 5. On high volume charges like N320 with 125 Grain bullest the powder nearly spills on rotation. Is there anything I should do to combat this? Any help or expertise would be very welcome for my foray into progressive reloading. So far it went pretty well. I am still getting the hang of it. Priming on every stroke is new and the feel is a little different.
  13. If you still have some of the Atlanta Arms stuff I would love to know what OAL thay are using as well. Thnks,
  14. They have a few in stock right now. I figured I would post in case anybody was looking.
  15. I got my new 13# recoil spring the other day with a steel captive guide rod. I put it in and went to the range. To me it seemed to print much higher with the steel rod and 13# spring. I found this to be strange so I switched back and was happier. I did not notice any real difference with the different spring. Since my problems I have ran 500 or so rounds without a problem. I will not try the reduced striker spring without a new striker even though it worked at the range. I also had lots of jam clearing parctice at a match and did not like it very much. My 34 does not seem to shoot the 147 grain MG cmj as well as the 124 grain JHP. I think I am going to stick with those. My 9mm 1911 loves the 147 grainers so i wil have a load for each gun.
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