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  1. Yes. It's seven years old now. But you made me look. You may now punch me in the arm. Update complete. Squirrelcop
  2. If I recall correctly Richmond has a required??? Course you have to complete to their standards prior to being able to sign up for their clubs matches. Go to the website and confirm this as I am working from a feeble memory that goes along well with my feeble body and skillset. Sign up for the course and get all your questions answered by the people you will be shooting with. As an added benefit you will be with people who have also not done this kind of stuff before. Meet people with similar interests and maybe meet some new shooting buddy's. I shoot at least twice a year at richmonds bigger shoots and the people there are great to us out of towners that they don't know so I am sure they would be just the same or better with new shooters. Don't tell anyone but even all these big bad evil gun guys want new shooters to join the sport and have the same kinds of fun they have. Squirrelcop
  3. I just get em. Lol. I'm always finding I need more so when I see them I grab them. Drives my wife nuts but now she asks before she tosses anything like that.
  4. I run mine even longer. I looked up 38 super lengths in the manual and attempted to duplicate that with 124 grn jacketed rn in order to solve nose dive issues on a non ramped 9 barrel with great results. Ymmv good luck Squirrelcop
  5. Just spent two hours today looking for some magazines for a 1911 I put away about a year ago. I have spent at least that long over the last two weeks looking for them as well. So after running out of ideas for the third time today I started over...again...starting at the place where I should have put them, in the mag pouches on the top of the safe in my office, the big cordura ones that hold 8 mags. The kind they used to like to put in prize packages for mid level shooters like me. We'll guess what. There they are. Right where I put them...and looked for them...at least 8 times, at least that many. I hate me. I learned a long time ago it is easier to put it away than to look for it. Now I can't even blame the usual culprit around my house, my wife, my child or the dog...I hate getting old. I hate me. Squirrelcop
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