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  1. I run a 17 gen 4 for production and find that at the end of the day my right palm is sore from the nubs on the grip. I grip HARD. I built a limited gun on a 22 gen 3 and much prefer that texture to the gen 4.
  2. Don't know how far you are willing to travel or how long you are willing to wait, but there is one in Missoula, MT August 13th. That's a looong drive just to shoot classifiers though.
  3. Damn clickbait title! I was sure you DQ'd and was mentally groaning - I've been following your other thread.
  4. I built one last fall on a police turn-in 22; haven't had a chance to compete with it yet but recoil isn't bad. I don't have any weights on mine. The block is threaded onto the barrel with a dab of loc-tite, and then a set screw comes in from underneath. More loc-tite there. Kind of doubt it's going to move.
  5. Yep, could very well be. Bad habits are easy to acquire.
  6. Try this: go to your safe, and get out a non-race handgun - and practice reloading THAT. I dug out my old Browning HP about a week ago and have been practicing going from looking at the sights, drop the mag (catch it, or strip it with my left hand), take it to my hip, put it back in the gun and back up to the sights. Holy crap that gun is hard to load smoothly! But today I grabbed my limited gun with its huge magwell and I couldn't miss.
  7. I shoot L10 when I'm feeling the urge to shoot my Browning High Power.
  8. I shoot in every division except open and limited, and my limited gun will be ready soon. I try to commit to a division for a year, but it doesn't always work out that way; I am shooting production this year but my 625 is calling to me.
  9. I am sure it's been stated before, but I'll say it again; Make sure you have the correct magazines for your pistol. A P228 magazine fits nicely in a Beretta 92, but it is too short to feed...
  10. Every time I have watched anyone do it that way (mag to the right, pointed into the gun) the shooter has screwed it up and taken longer to unscrew it than if they had just picked the gun up in their right, mag in left, and loaded. Yah, it might be faster if you can pull it off - and I'm sure some people do - but it's a train wreck waiting to happen in my experience. My opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it!
  11. So, here's a not-very-good picture of my $400 limited gun. Totally usable as is, but I'll be spending some money on +5 magazine extensions next.
  12. Ain't no "later" about it. As soon as I have the dough saved up Taylor Freelance will be providing a barrel, sight block, +5 baseplates and a magell unless I can find some used gear on the classifieds. I already have a decent set of fiber optic sights in my parts bin so that's covered. The whole rig should fit on my production setup so I won't need a holster or mag pouches right away.
  13. Gulf States Distributors had mine, but G22's are all over GunBroker. Just have to find the one you like.
  14. That's why the sight block is going to be part of this. May jury-rig a frame weight as well (think weaver scope mount with a chunk of steel rod clamped in it).
  15. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is and just won a gen3 g22 LE trade-in at Gunbroker for under $300. Already has an extended slide release and mag release, and came with three magazines. Some judicious perusing of the classifieds found a G24-length barrel (I am going to put a Taylor Freelance sight block on it) for a good price. Should be an interesting project.
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