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  1. Good info I am I. The same boat setting up a 38SC open gun
  2. Adam is building some me of the nicest pistols out there
  3. I use the chest rig and love it I personally don’t like to run more then 12 on my belt so use Carbon Arms for my belt setup and for larger shotgun stages go right to the chest rig
  4. Check out XLR Industries TAC Lite can not say enough good about it is is pricy but well worth the money
  5. I have had great luck with with Wilson CMC Geselle Hyoerfire but it just switched to the new Elf 3 gun and hands down the smoothest trigger I have ever run and will not use anything else going forward
  6. I love my Jp
  7. Both great options I personally would go with the MRO out of those two the PrO is nice but big I use an Aimpoint MICRO and if you can swing the extra money it seems to be the industry standard
  8. For the people that do a lot for dry fire to you find it help to use reduced sized targets or you you just pick points to an at
  9. I must be luckily because I had no problems feeling need my one in 9mm now if I can just hang in to this one
  10. I am in the market for a new pelican case for my open Gun I was just curious what model people are using would like something big enough for the gun and mags
  11. Thanks and I am pretty dedicated and will come up with a set schedule for training dry fire is easy as like most people don’t always have time to get to the range as much as Inwoukd like but can always make time to dry fire at the house
  12. Thanks it is a bit of a learning curve
  13. DClass

    glasses for trap

    I swear my my Rangers
  14. DClass

    Trap gun?

    Beretta 391 is a excellent gun would just stick with it if you like it and it breaks birds
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