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  1. Thanks, that's more what I'm asking. I understand the safety thing, but I was more interested in the competitive aspect
  2. I'm new to pcc and when watching YouTube videos, I noticed that most shooters carry the gun with the muzzle down when running between arrays. For some reason, I naturally hold the gun with muzzle up when moving. Is this something I need to work on or does it matter? What's the advantage of muzzle down?
  3. I have their billet lower. It's well made and I've had zero issues. There's a lot of YouTube videos showing FM products. I've not seen any complaints and their customer support is supposed to be outstanding.
  4. Yes, I added mine to a Taccom upper.
  5. I have his lower and have no complaints. Seems very well made
  6. Spray some case lube in your comp to keep it cleaner
  7. When I recently bought the Taccom buffer system it came with an optional short stroke spacer. It is just a Delron spacer with no spring. Taccom also offers a short stroke spacer with a wave spring. Is there much difference between the two?
  8. That's good to hear. Are you able to manually lock the bolt back?
  9. Same here, I went with plan B. Took 2 minutes.
  10. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I spoke to FM on the phone. If you pull back on the bolt release button to raise up the bolt stop and then look at the bolt stop from the right side of the gun, you will see a hole with a small set screw. I'm told that there is actually 2 screws, one on top of the other, as one locks in the other? They said once screws are removed I should be able to remove LRBHO. One other problem. Screw is loctited and can strip if forced. They suggested heating bolt stop with torch to soften loctited. I'm not excited about taking torch to my lower. I tried holding a hot soldering iron to bolt lock but no luck. I'm deciding if I want to try the torch. Plan B is the dremil with cutting wheel.
  11. Trying to add Taccom extreme feed upper to fm9 lower. The activator on LRBHO comes in contact with feed ramp on barrel. Fm9 has video where LRBHO is removed by just pulling it off with no tools. You just pull on bolt release button. This isn't working for me. I've emailed foxtrot mike but was hoping someone here could help. Thanks in advance.
  12. A word of warning. You will have to remove the activator for LRBHO as it hits part of the feed ramp on barrel
  13. OK thanks. I'd be very interested in your final conclusions. Please keep us updated.
  14. Did you put in the taccom buffer system also? Curious how it felt
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