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  1. No, I got a Howa 1500 in 308. It was $500. It shoots into half a minute with Hornady 178 eld-m with 41.6gr of IMR4064. I'm very happy with it
  2. All caps. Its case sensitive... ENOS10. I just used it
  3. Seriously it's always something... My rear sight came loose right before the last classifier. The time before that, front sight came loose. Before that, had a magazine get stuck randomly even though all of mine have always dropped free... No explanation and it never did it again. And before that it was reliability problems that have since been ironed out with my current setup. Rofl
  4. Yea like I said. At least it would shoot. I love my S2 And it is easily the most accurate gun off the shelf I've ever shot. And it's good looking too. But it was not even reliable in factory form til I had the chamber/throat reamed. And the trigger was terrible. Literally off the chart of my Lyman gauge in double action. New York cops aren't even cursed with triggers that bad.
  5. That's pretty bad. But I bet CZ would take care of that. My experience with EAA has been, let's be kind, let's say less than ideal.
  6. They QC guns at tanfoglio? Could have fooled me. My chamber was out of spec by like a 1/4 inch... Not even lying I couldn't plunk 115 gr Winchester white box
  7. Nonsense... No better time to smith something out of reliability than right before a match. It's not like waiting would give me any better luck on the classifier, a meteor would come strike me down before I could run a clean classifier.
  8. Too bad the machining is garbage. I wish they made these like lambos... Italian styling, German running gear.
  9. Tanfos aren't popular enough yet to have local classes I think. It might work as a weekend course that really interested people could fly to or something.
  10. Do like a FaceTime or Facebook messenger video call. Shouldn't be too hard. But time is money. You aren't going to get any actual gunsmith to stop building actual guns for customers who pay money, to do a FaceTime of building your own gun for free fiddy.
  11. Yea sarge... Totally correct. One track minded on my S2 today, sorry guys. Have a big event coming up at the end of the month and I have been on it daily.
  12. I ran Atlanta reloads for a long time. They all function 100%. Except one particular one on my last range day that even a glock wouldn't light. Must have been a bad primer To my knowledge, Atlanta uses CCI for their reload white box stuff.
  13. In a USPSA stage, usually it specifies that your first shot is from double action. Some may not, but I haven't seen any that are. You just lock n load and decock it , there are stages where the gun starts empty, which obviously means your first shot is single action. With your fingers holding the hammer and pull the trigger, ride the hammer all the way to the slide so as not to fire the cartridge, re-holster and start the stage I don't carry my tanfoglio. I carry one of my 1911s or my HK P2000 with a DAO LEM trigger. The HK has zero safeties (aside from a stupid heavy trigger) and I carry it every single day. I prefer a carry gun with no external safeties to disengage. If you have to draw and fire your pistol, the simpler, the better. My 1911s are cocked and locked. If I carried a double/single, I would carry it with the hammer down on a loaded chamber, probably safety on, I ride the safety on 1911a and high power/cz designs, including Tanfos. Once I get my shooting grip, he safety would be off anyways and under my thumb so it would not re-engage.
  14. Safety measure. If the gun drops or the sear otherwise slips the hammer, and the trigger is not depressed, it will, or rather should, catch on the half cock hooks... And I mean cock in a non-sexually explicit way, just for moderator clarification. Further clarification... Half cock is only really useful as a safety measure from single action cocked. I know the thumb safety engages when in half cock. But I don't know a single person that carries like that in any pistol. Like I said, unless we are loading a flintlock, which we arent, half cock is considered by most as a safety mechanism.
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