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  1. Has anyone heard what's the story with the double alpha ARC I've been expecting it it was supposed to be out mid 2019 but still nothing..
  2. Stay away from that classifieds unless you're ok with being broke and own lots of cool guns! Lol
  3. Has anyone seen that speer has a insert in there book that says 147s are not recommended in barrels longer then 10inches but gives no explanation as to why! Any clues?
  4. 115 SNS 4.2 GRN TG 135 pf soft accurate shooting i also use 147 sns 3.1 grn tg 130 pf extremely soft zero recoil all thru a psa 9mm ar
  5. My other load is the same oval 1.125 147 sns 3.0 tg
  6. So i guess i should have been a bit more specific my round chambers and shoots fine but is stuck when i try to unload and show clear i cant pull the bolt back both of my loads are 115 sns 4.6grns tg oval is 1.125 it doesnt make any sense to me either ive seen no one else have this issue im wondering if i need to ream the chamber it is to short. Thanks for the rest of the info i will talk to you at the match next week if you get a chance im not going to shoot it again till i get this sorted out.
  7. Thomas i have the same psa rifle also and i am to trying to stick with my production load but my bullets are getting stuck and my oval is 1.125 im curious i tried my 115s they did the same my 147s and equally as bad whats your oval? And also curious what your mag extension set up is? Thanks
  8. Die'n aint much of a livin!

  9. Sorry somehow the comment i meant to say is on sarges message.
  10. Wow i cant get my 34 to take a 1.15 do you have a stock barrel? The rest of your formula seems about spot on thanks for the reply thats great to know your getting 133pf!!
  11. Ya i sure hope that going down just that little bit doesn't affect it i was drilling A zone head shots at 15yds at the match today. Is that a common problem with a 1.12? What is your oval on your XDM?
  12. Hey i finally chronoed my 147 grn 3.5 tg 1.13 oval thru three guns g34 1911 9mm and xdm 5.25 9mm i had a spread of 138 pf in the 1911 as the lowest at 138pf and the g34 and xdm were about the same at 147 a bit high so im gonna back it off and change my oval to 1.12 they just stick a touch in the xdm my conclusion is that im probably going to play it safe and use 3.3 or 3.2 of tg and call it good should still be well within power factor.
  13. You want a good solid 132 PF load so you never have to sweat chrono like so many often do yes exactly what im shooting for i went minor once shooting major never again
  14. chadxr650

    17L vs 34

    agreeded good way to start!
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