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  1. I have a Redeye Tactical holster made for the frame weight and it works pretty well.
  2. I made it to the range yesterday with the two previously mentioned 200gr TC BBI and 200gr RNFP BB loads plus a third load using the 200gr BB and my new Redding Competition die set. I fired about 100 rounds for each load and had over 30 failures to feed. Most of those occurred while firing the Blue Bullet loads, although the Black Bullets malfunctioned in the same way. I've only got two practice days left before my next match and I fell as though these malfunctions are too distracting during practice. The previous owner of one of the Glocks reported similar issues with it, so I'm certain this isn't unheard of. I started shooting Limited with an STI Edge that reliably fed everything from the Speer and Winchester ammo I was issued at work all the way out to 1.200 hand loads. I'm going to switch back to the Edge until I can figure out how to make the Glocks run reliably... If anybody is loading major power factor 40 S&W for competition use with a Glock and has any insight, I 'd love to hear from you. I'm still getting a lot of OAL variation, even with the Redding dies. The ram is going all the way up and the dies are locked in tight. I believe that I'm pulling the press handle as consistently as possible, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
  3. I did do the plunk tests with dummys of both the 200gr TC BBI and 200gr RNFP BB because I didn't want to waste the powder. I got kind of surprising results out of it and learned something new. Both bullets passed the plunk tests in all three barrels, at 1.150 OAL, but the Glock magazines seem to be the main limiting factor. The dummy got stuck in the mags at different OALs. ETS mags accepted bullets loaded a few thousands longer than than the Glock mags did. In the end, I was able to load the Blue Bullets to 1.135 OAL and the Black Bullets to 1.150 OAL. At those lengths, they all fed and ejected by hand from the Glocks, but so did the shorter 1.125 OAL Blue Bullets. The real test will be Monday, when I get to the range. I also noticed that my Dillon 650 and Dillon dies produce I would call a pretty high standard deviation in OAL. Some rounds come out up to eight thousands longer than I set the seating die for so I purchased a Redding seating die with a micrometer and Whidden Gunworks machined toolhead to tighten up the tolerances. To your other point, the powder I'm using is VV N320. I've fired about 700 rounds of the original 1.125 OAL load and haven't seen any overpressure signs.
  4. The malfunction occur with all three barrels I have for the two guns and the feed ramps are smooth. I have a few 200gr Black Bullet TCs so I'm going to load some of those at 1.125 and 1.135 OAL and see what happens. Blue Bullets are extremely popular with Production shooters that use Glocks so I find it hard to believe they would sell 40 caliber bullets that barely function in Limited guns. When I shot Limited with a 2011, I was advised to load long cartridges to avoid these type of malfunctions and to increase accuracy. I chose this load because it made major. But when I zeroed the guns, the G35's groups were about six inches wide and the G24 had about four inch groups at 25yds.
  5. Recently, I purchased a Glock 24 and a Glock 35 to shoot limited in USPSA. The G24 came with the original barrel and a KKM barrel, and I've used both in practice. Since I previously competed with a 2011, I had to work up a shorter load for the Glocks. I've wanted to do this for a while anyway because the agency I work for issues 40 S&W Glocks. I'm using 200gr round nosed flat point Blue Bullets with an OAL of 1.125. I went with 1.125 OAL because that was what some Speer Lawman training ammo that I'd been issued measured. Both guns have had a ton of failures to feed. Mostly the bullets nose dive into the ramp, but sometime the slide didn't even pick up a new round. Both guns were well used so I replaced the magazine springs and recoil springs, but bullets were still getting stuck on the feed ramps. Most of the mags I purchased with the guns were early generations so I bought all new mags, but the bullets are still getting stuck on the feed ramp. Now I'm going to try increasing the OAL to 1.135, but I'm wondering if the round nosed flat point profile of the bullets may be the problem? It seems that more manufacturers use a truncated cone profile for 40 S&W. Do truncated cone profile bullets feed more reliably than round nosed flat point bullets in 40 caliber Glocks? Has anyone else ever run into this issue and how did you solve it?
  6. I used to shoot Xtreme 180gr HPs, but switched to BBI 200gr TCs when I noticed that people were saving money with coated bullets. I recently tried Blue Bullets 200gr rnfp because everybody raves about them. The residue that comes off Blue Bullets is kind of messy though so I might not buy any more. Does anybody else feel like they are messy?
  7. I'm trying to put together a G24 for Limited, but I can't find an aftermarket G24 slide anywhere. Caspian and Lone Wolf apparently don't make them anymore. Does anyone know who makes an aftermarket long slide?
  8. I found another thread on here that talks about the version without the *thumb rest [generic]* at length. It bolts onto the accessory rail.
  9. Does the SJC Frame Weight require any permanent mods to the frame?
  10. I purchased an STI Edge last about a year ago to move from Single Stack into Limited. I like the STI, but lately I've been thinking about shooting something more like my work guns. So I've been considering shooting Limited with a Glock 35 or 24. I know that this subject has probably been covered previously, but I couldn't find a thread that really laid out the pro and cons of both platforms. I see a lot of lightly modified G35s at local matches, but it seems like the pros that run Glocks prefer the G24. It also seems like most of G35s I see being used by pros have a lot of added frame weight, like SJC frame weights and such. I'm looking for the pros and cons comparison of both Glocks.
  11. For those local to San Antonio, is there any place that sells VihtaVuori N320?
  12. Thank you Brazos Custom! I ground down the part of the bow that stuck out, just like you said. You've got a customer for life!
  13. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
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