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  1. I may shoot it stock for a while. That is what I did with my current production pistol (Glock 34) and I was able to better grasp what I wanted to change. The other thing I am contemplating is should I try the SP01 or just sell it and get a Shadow 2? The only reason I got the SP01 was because I was in California at the time. Now that is no longer an issue I am tempted to just get a Shadow 2. I was considering a Tanfoglio Stock II but some people have told me that the Shadow 2 is a better option.
  2. I would probably stick to a factory barrel.
  3. Awesome. Also had a buddy that owns both to test it. He says some fitting but shouldn't be complex. He advises sending it to CZ Custom which I probably will do.
  4. Does anyone know if a Tac Sport barrel will fit in a standard CZ75 slide (minor fitting ok). The reason I ask is this barrel should extend past the slide enough to get proper threading on. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/barrels-complete-upper/cz-barrel-40-s-w-tactical-sports.html I know you can put a Tac Sport slide on a SP01 with some machining so I am curious if you can fit that barrel to a CZ75b slide in .40
  5. If I miss the catch its gone forever. It's not worth the possibility of the damage to the gun or more importantly damage to the individual.
  6. True. I shoot Production currently so I have been getting good at reloading lol
  7. hahahahahahhahaha Yea due to miscommunication between myself and the shop I worked at I ended up buying a used SP01 and a new SP01 but with a combined price of under $800 I decided to take them both lol. One I plan on keeping for Production and one I have been wanting to make into a Limited Major gun. For the Limited gun I was going to put on a Tac Sport .40 slide and a kitchen sink sized magwell and make it SAO. I guess I waited too long and now I can not seem to get a Tac Sport .40 slide but I do have a spare CZ75B in .40 so I can move that slide over, get a threaded barrel, a
  8. It would be similar to the new 2011 grip modules that are metal. Would be interesting but it would be so niche that I doubt who ever made them would turn a profit unless Zev made it and offered it. They should do it like the 320 and either infuse tungsten or add weight modules inside the grip.
  9. So I run HSGI pistol Taco pouches modified to work with a Safariland ELS belt. I shoot a lot of different handguns inside and outside of USPSA so the Taco pouches work great for the universal aspect but they are a little tall. HSGI now makes a kydex option in a "mini" format that is a little shorter which I am going to give a shot after Georgia State this weekend. I don't want to change anything before a major match. Not the time to try new things lol.
  10. Is there a build thread for this gun? I am very much interested in going this route to build a CZ SP01 Limited Major gun. I was originally going to slap a Tac Sport .40 slide on it and call it a day but like I previously mentioned they seemed to have disappeared.
  11. With the OZ9 I am just waiting to see if someone is dedicated enough to make a brass grip module lol
  12. RIP Uncle Mike. You have saved me from starvation at a ton of matches because I am a clown and skip breakfast before matches sometimes. You were an absolutely a staple in the SoCal USPSA community and will be missed.
  13. This is super cool! Is this a store bought item or something you have machined yourself? I would love to get my hands on one since I can not seem to find a Tac Sport slide in .40 to make my SP-01 into a limited gun.
  14. So the Gen 3 weighs more that the 4 & 5 due to the newer gens having smaller cavities inside to allow space for the interchangeable backstraps.
  15. So to follow up on this thread a buddy of mine who doesn't shoot USPSA wanted my 10 rounders and offered a one for one trade for black Wilson ETM magazines. Now to see if any more pop up for sale. I usually like having 10 mags in my possession (not all on my belt but in case I need to rotate one in). If anyone knows someone off loading any (I will make a separate post in the Classifieds about this) black 8 round Wilson ETM magazines please let me know! Also I saw someone selling some 8 round Wilson ETM for a compact 1911 and it looks like the only difference is in the basepad? Can
  16. I made sure I bought all of it lol. It was from a buddy that had a UMP so he bought a ton of ammo for it. One thing led to another and he ended up selling the UMP and selling me the ammo.
  17. So with ammo costs getting wild I can across a steal of a deal of .45 ACP at .20 a shot and I bought a fair amount. My 1911 hasn't been shot since I got a stage DQ when I had a sear slip mid reload. I was transitioning for one target to another and doing a reload. RO physically saw my finger out of the trigger guard (I usually ride it high where it is pretty much on the slide) and when I slammed my magazine home the sear slipped and the hammer fell. The gun went off into a berm so it wasn't crazy but very embarassing. Fortunately a friend had the exact same gun (just bone stock) and I was all
  18. It this the armorall you are referring to? https://www.armorall.com/products/wipes/matte-protectant-wipes
  19. I am thinking about going with Taran's so that if I shoot a class that isn't USPSA oriented I have 21 rounds in the magazine. Might as well give the space some purpose. I just hope it doesn't keep the same issue because it is lighter due to it being hollowed out to accommodate the additional capacity.
  20. So as everyone comes to know Glock magazines are extremely light and sometimes don't drop free as quickly as we would like when empty. What is everyone running as production legal base pads? I am thinking about some Taran ones but they look pretty big on the bottom. I don't own a magazine gauge so I am not sure how much space I have to play with from the OEM magazine.
  21. So it might have partially been my grip. I may have always been pushing up on it and the spring just got too week to resist my grip. I say this because my grip has relatively not changed but this only recently started happening. In a nut shell I stole a new standard slide stop from a spare Glock 17 I had lying around and now the issue is gone.
  22. Maybe it is a blue label gun that they have because they are a blue label dealer. I used my 1 certificate already lol. If I buy a complete gun I will run an OEM barrel but if I get the Spinta slide I will just get a KKM barrel.
  23. Sometimes I think how much further I would be if I took USPSA more seriously when I first started shooting matches 5 years ago instead of just the last year or so. I am starting to dry fire on my off days and I have my sights set on getting better. Not going to lie I was a little upsetti spagetti because I did pretty well on that stage but again it doesn't eat me up. Just got to focus on the next state match next month.
  24. I am thinking of sending the slide to MAC Defense to get cut so he can probably fit the slide. If not I have a buddy that is coming out to me that is a gunsmith that would be able to do that.
  25. That is true. I guess $169 isn't that bad of a price to pay to find out. I am putting a KKM barrel in it so I guess that can transfer over to an OEM slide if this turns into a dumpster fire. There is a shop here in Georgia that has some for sale but for some reason the tag says LEO only and it is dirt cheap. Did Glock put 24 out for blue label or something?
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