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  1. Perhaps first try disassembling everything and polishing everything just as you would for a trigger job. Maybe a rough surface somewhere causing friction.
  2. Is it the mag release or is it the mags? Does the mag release have the same level of tension on an empty or partially loaded mag as a full one?
  3. Ive always loved how modified guns looked. I think they would be fun to shoot and just sketchy and awesome. If youve got cash to blow and it makes you happy. Blow it.
  4. Turned all the way up the SRS dot is pretty big and bright. The field of view through the lens probably isnt as large as a Cmore but its pretty close. And it doesnt seem to hold Mr.Esuebo back much.
  5. I understand rules are rules and all that jazz. Of course we all understand how arbitrary and unnecessary some rules and laws are. However. From a non rules based viewpoint. How unsafe is it to drop a gun that was just cleared under the supervision of an RO, and how unsafe is it to pick up a just confirmed empty firearm? Other than the Firearm Safety rule of "Guns are always loaded" that we violate everytime we do dry fire practice. I dont understand how this was actually an unsafe act.
  6. Kyle7735

    KKM Barrels

    I stand corrected, however, your terminology was wrong. Both the hexagonal and octagonal rifling are considered "Polygonal"
  7. The counting and shooting when the time is up is what got my splits consistent and fast. And now im down to my consistent .19s all day with my stock G34 trigger.
  8. These two videos were two of the biggest helps for me when i was first trying to get bill drills and multiple shot strings consistent. The way Mr. Avery breaks down the finishing flat of the trigger press was the lightbulb that let me figure this stuff out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azb3q8wOrV4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h9rKDEXPvM
  9. Due to the way the backstraps are done on the M&P it is drastically more difficult to do than a glock. However. Sometime in the near future Stephen Pineau of M3 strategies is coming out with an adapter piece (Basically just a metal shroud to hide the recoil spring) that allows full sized slides to be placed on compact frames.
  10. Kyle7735

    KKM Barrels

    45 Glock barrels use traditional rifling and its not necessary to replace them to shoot lead bullets.
  11. Kyle7735

    G26 for IDPA?

    As long as you dont care about winning. Absolutely.
  12. All 5 mags doing the same thing? Perhaps its what you are putting In the mags? OAL and Bullet Profile?
  13. Because the human mind is a strange thing. #Zenthread
  14. I think there are starting to trickle out of the factory actually, a buddy who is keeping an eye out keeps getting in stock notifications,but gets to the order page too late. I am not an IDPA competitor, I just have no interest in it. -- If you were getting into the game fresh for USPSA i'd reccomend a 627 with 5"+ barrel , or wait out and get the new 929 when they come to market. I love my 625's ,but they are going to be doing alot of sitting in the safe, sans a few matches a year, due to the barrel lengths ( non idpa legal ) and the 8 shots are getting all the love these days. I do want an 8 shot. Just like everyone else. And i do want a 929 just like everyone else. And to be honest im willing to wait for it.
  15. I hadnt seen one of those before. It weirded me out when i searched 929 on there.
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