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  1. The import/export option isn't there on the nook simple touch. I don't see a way to update the app anywhere. A fresh install maybe the easiest option.
  2. I have an xtreme. If I were to do it all over again, I would buy a regular Stock 2, buy the parts I use for my guns and have the gun finished in the same colors. It would probably save a few hundred dollars. There's nothing special about the xtreme.
  3. I have one. I load ibejiheads coated lead flat points to 1.14 and they work and fit the xtreme fine.
  4. Xtreme stock 2. Just noticed it because of this thread. Thanks a lot. Haha It doesn't look as bad as the pic. I caught the light just right for the pic.
  5. I re-read your original post. The sear is new. Look at the trigger bar where it contacts the sear.
  6. What do you mean "both sears"? Look at the interaction between the trigger bar and the sear. Look for any wear or modified parts. Look closely at the left side of the sear (as it sits in the gun) lower leg. It comes to a flat spot that contacts the trigger bar. If that has been shortened, the sear won't rotate far enough to clear the half cock.
  7. I use CCI primers with stock hammer and the xtreme light hammer spring and FP spring. I tried the Wolff hammer spring and it stacks too much. I wouldn't recommend them at all. Always use the same weight springs together. Example, use the light hammer and light FP spring together. Don't mix and match with the medium and light. I also have an extended FP. I believe that is a must. I have the one piece sear and other work done to it, but that won't affect lighting off primers. The one piece sear will take 8oz off the trigger pull. After you do all the work, make sure the FPB still works.
  8. Someone could have altered the left lower leg on the sear. Not allowing the sear to rotate as far as it should. What disconector does it have installed? One wing, two wing, or maybe the CGW T3 disconector.
  9. Considering that the lim pro was offered with a single sided safety, then a single-sided safety on a Lim Pro is SSP legal.
  10. Right, I know swapping to a single sided safety from another production gun is fine. Based on the the rulebook, I don't think you can just take the right side off an ambi safety and be legal. Hence why I asked if there was a somewhere stating that you could just remove the right side safety per waktasz's suggestion. Is there a Production gun that comes with that configuration? If there is then I would say, "game on." The Lim Pro used to have that setup. Alex Gutt uses the safeties off a Stock 2 on his Lim Pro
  11. Maybe the Lim Pros at the time only had the single sided safety?
  12. This is how I shot mine at the one IDPA match I have shot since the DQ happened. And just like yours, my Lim Pro fit the box from IDPA with ease all around, except for the lid.
  13. It depends what division you want to shoot. If you want to stay in SSP, than you must use a safety from another EAA SSP legal gun. The only one I see that is SSP legal is the witness. Its a single sided safety. If you want to shoot ESP, than you can use pretty much any safety you want that fits in the box. The Stock 2 safeties should work fine, Just make sure they fit the box. Some dont. Or you can just remove the right side safety and run it that way. As far as it feeling "mushy", thats the way it is fit to the gun, and sear. Any safety you get, you should fit the sear to the safety.
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