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  1. Yes. The DAA holster just holds onto the trigger guard and has additional support from the body laying against the frame of your gun.
  2. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Most people never shoot out to 25 yards with a pistol ever. So why zero the pistol there...
  3. 10.5 of 1680 under a 220 Everglades plated RN. Cycles at 850 FPS out of a 10.5 AR. Locks back as well.
  4. Heat it up... Take it off... Clean the threads and crown... Reapply locktite... Let sit for 24 hours.... shoot. Long term, get some set screws added to ensure it doesnt move even if the locktite breaks free again. Red breaks free regularly IMO. I would go with a higher temp green such as 620 or 609.
  5. Mixing some in? Great. Entire match? Lame.
  6. Looks like a company set up just to gouge people.
  7. Glass popped out within 500 rounds for me.
  8. Ive yet to find an optic that doesnt break. They all suck.
  9. You can try, but that wont change anything. Just box it up and get it out a day earlier to get it back earlier.
  10. Box it up and send it in for warranty work. I just sent in 3 units. 2 of them lost zero and wont re zero similarly to what you are experiencing. The other one had a very dim dot regardless of cleaning and new batteries (Checked with voltage meter for quality).
  11. I roll brass for people locally. I charge $40-50 per 5 gallon bucket depending on caliber. I have 2 Commercial roll sizers. I feed one with a MA systems feeder and 1 with a hotrodded Dillon. If you have a group of large volume shooters at your club, you could offer this same service to them. You could also group buy the larger unit and pass it around as needed.
  12. Aren't case feeders $300 (Now) not $500? 3 years ago it would have been closer to $260-$270. The cost of a replacement motor shouldn't be too much. Ive burned them out in less than 3 years. You could take it apart and find a comparable motor for under $40.
  13. Minor doesnt make you more accurate. It allows you to get away with sloppier second sight pictures and a bad grip. The D/C/B crowd is more likely to blast 2 shots off a single sight picture. Minor allows easier recoil, thus possibly better hits. The issue here isn't Major Vs minor but rather the skill set to actually "See what you need to see" instead of blasting without regard to your sight picture. As you progress into A/M/GM, you cant just slap off 2 rounds without regard for accuracy. The top guys call every single shot, regardless of speed. Math says Major is better than minor, unless you shoot 99% of points 100% of the time.
  14. Math says Major is better than minor. This argument has been had thousands of times.
  15. If a barrel moves while locked up... then accuracy suffers. Loose fitting drop in parts will cause this. Drop in parts by nature have loose tolerances so they will work 100% without fitting.
  16. A part that is so important for lock up and accuracy shouldn't be that easy to just drop in. If it is, then accuracy suffers.
  17. IMO.... jack up match fees and pay the ROs and staff more. To the point of having paid resetters. But thats a whole different convo.
  18. The best way to be cheap about ammo is to buy in bulk with friends. Order pallets of projectiles direct from the manufacture. Find a person willing to do bulk primers with you (Maybe a smaller ammo manufacture). Buy powder from powder valley/similar by maxing out the hazmat. You will need to buy a ridiculous amount of powder to get any sort of worth while price break there.
  19. Seen a few broken locking blocks already. Back to the OPs question... Shoot the configuration you will shoot in the match all the time. You will not have the same recoil impulse if you dont hav the same barrel/comp with the same load.
  20. Good news... ADs ignore stuff like this. Especially A5...
  21. That hazmat and shipping was included in his "$89". Primers are listed at $43.95. 5 units left as of right now (Yes, still very high). https://lohmanarms.com/product/cci-small-pistol-primers-no-500/ Their hazmat fees are pretty standard for most supplies.
  22. I was able to snag 20K off Everglades last night. Just keep looking. eventually you will find a stash. When you do, buy as much as your wallet will allow. This shortage is going to last a while. Im also located in Northern IL. Every local store who used to sell reloading components has either stopped or severely reduced their stocks over the years prior to the most recent panic buying. I suggest sticking to buying online in larger amounts. Powder Valley, Everglades, Grafs, MidSouth Shooters Supply, and the like.
  23. Was able to snag 20K CCI 500s off everglades last night. Supervel made a post about them being in stock on IG. Jumped on ASAP. They were gone about 1 hour later.
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