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  1. I learned a lesson today. I processed my brass as usual except I used Lyman Quick Slick to lube my brass before depriming. I wet tumbled with the same formula as I do when I lube with Hornady One Shot. The brass came out dingy. Guess I will stick with One Shot.
  2. Also looking for a holster, something like a Kydek. Thanks
  3. I purchased a Baby Rock for my grandson to start shooting. The recoil spring is a little too much for him to cycle. Does anyone make a reduced recoil spring for this gun?
  4. I have been processing some 9mm brass on a Dillon Super 1050. Anything that binds at the bottom of the stroke gets checked. X-treme brass has an extra thick web and gets separated from the rest. Any stepped brass gets tossed. It is a little time consuming but when I am done with it, it goes through a press like butter. Check out by dealer forum, Bshooters Brass.
  5.  Hello Bshooter ...

    Would like to get one of those "flat rate USPS boxes" of 40 S&W Range Brass (2600 count) $120 shipped if they are still available.

    I have a PayPal account ... just checked it out to see what it took to "send a gift".

    Give me your info to use in PayPal and I will see if I can get this done!!



    Terry Campbell - pete627

  6. It is with great sadness that I report that Don Foster has left the range. Don was an active shooter, RO and hard worker at Hansen Range in Punta Gorda, Florida. A member of SWFPS and Naples Swamp Rompers, Don enjoyed shooting both Open and Limited. He told me he always cleaned his guns after every match. Rest in Peace my friend. See you at the range in a better place.
  7. Kevin, we have 3 Sunday matches a month and a 4 stage match every Thursday at Hansen Range just south of Punta Gorda.
  8. What part of Illinois are you from?
  9. Send payment ($105) to my Paypal account: davejohnson25@comcast.net and I will ship out Monday.

    Thank you

  10. I may be interested if you still have some 9mm brass available.



    1. Bshooter


      I messaged you, maybe you didn't get it. I have 9mm available. If you use PayPal, send payment($105) to davejohnson25@comcast.net and I will ship out a flat rate box of 3000 9mm.

      Thank you


  11. Do you have any 38 SC brass available?

    If so - how much do you have and what is the cost?





  12. I loaded some 200gr SNS coated bullets with 3.9gr of Ramshot Competition thinking it might be a little light. Chrono showed 173.4 power factor out of my STI Trojan. Needless to say the 4.0gr and 4.1gr were a little hot. Guess I will try 3.8gr and still be on the safe side. Was using VV320 at 4.1gr and getting about 166-167 power factor. Competition is a lot cheaper too. Bshooter
  13. I have an XD Tactical in 40 that I would like to mount a sight on. The rear sight is a dovetail so it should be easy to remove. I have been told the Delta Point is the one to go with. Suggestions.
  14. I started shooting competition at the age of 41. I am now 67 and shoot USPSA and IDPA local matched every week. I can usually keep up with most of the young shooters but it is getting more difficult. I had a good year in 2015. I placed 1st Super Senior at the Single Stack Nationals, the Production Nationals and the Limited 10 Nationals. I also shot the Revolver Nationals and the scores combined with the Single Stack Nationals placed me 1st Aggregate. I was honored with a 2 page article in the latest Frontsight magazine. I was high Super Senior at the Florida State match, the Factory Gun match
  15. I have a small frame 40 S&W Witness and 9mm Witness. I have a 38 super upper which I would like to shoot. Do I need the larger frame like the 45 acp to accept the 38 super mags? If so where can I get just the frame and some super mags?
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