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  1. I have 4 medium flat rate boxes (3000 count) of processed 9mm Range brass for sale. Brass has been roll sized on a CasePro 100, sized, de-primed, primer pocket swaged, and polished. $120 delivered. I take PayPal F&F or money orders. Thanks for looking Bshooter
  2. I have been processing some 9mm brass on a Dillon Super 1050. Anything that binds at the bottom of the stroke gets checked. X-treme brass has an extra thick web and gets separated from the rest. Any stepped brass gets tossed. It is a little time consuming but when I am done with it, it goes through a press like butter. Check out by dealer forum, Bshooters Brass.
  3. Was on the bubble as whether I would renew my dealer membership or not. So many "non-dealer" brass sales, it was hard to justify renewal. I guess I am good for another year. I usually have a good supply of processed 9mm range brass on hand. This has been roll sized on a CasePro 100, resized, deprimed and primer pocket swaged. Finally wet tumbled and polished to a bright finish. I know everyone might think it might be pricey at $40/k plus shipping but it will go through your press like butter. PM me for your needs. Thanks for looking Bshooter
  4. I have one medium flat rate box (3000) FC 9mm range brass for sale. This has been roll sized, deprimed, resized and primer pocket swaged. Then pin cleaned and polished. It is all the .fc. brass. Asking $165 delivered. I take PayPal F&F or USPS money order. Thanks for looking. Bshooter
  5. Still have plenty of this brass available. Processing more all the time. Get stocked up before the winter reloading season. Thanks for looking. Bshooter
  6. A new batch of processed 9mm range brass is ready. This brass has been roll sized on a CasePro 100, deprimed and sized, primer pocket swaged (done on a Dillon 1050). Then stainless steel tumbled and polished. August is time to renew my dealer option on the Brian Enos Vendor page. Getting some of this sold would make it worth my while to renew. This is super clean brass. $135/3k brass delivered. I take PayPal family and friends or USPS money order.
  7. I still have one box of processed brass left. Assorted head stamps. Bshooter
  8. I have not sorted by head stamp. If the price was right, I would consider doing some. What head stamp and how much would you like?
  9. Sorry David for the late response, been out of town. I should have this ready to go Monday. I will PM you and cbrconst the details. Do you both use PayPal?
  10. Got you down cbrconst, will let you know when I have it ready. Thank you.
  11. This will be completely processed 9mm range brass. Sized, deprimed, primer pocket swaged, roll sized on a CasePro 100 and cleaned and polished. A medium flat rate USPS box will contain 3000 + cases for $135 delivered. I should have 3 available by June 4th. Don't miss out on this fine looking brass. Bshooter
  12. I am looking for a Springfield Armory XD 40 Tactical slide. Prefer a complete slide but will settle for a stripped one. Please PM me with the price if you have one. Thank you Bshooter
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