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  1. LOL, I've been pondering a 357 Sig in a PCC. I'd love to see these more common
  2. I'm running an exps2.0 on mine. I have the 4 or 5 other premium brand red dots on other rifles but I prefer the eotech on my PCC for size of glass/field of view and speed of target acquisition and love the dot circle for this.
  3. and just to mention it, my AR15 has almost no muzzle rise compared to this and I can double tape with it a whole lot more efficiently. And the 40 yards is not something I work on. It was just at the range we were messing with things at the last time we shot.
  4. I just checked the compensator. Forgot about that Aircooled, but it's not hitting. Next time I get a chance to go to the range, I'll try pulling the weight. But does that sound about right for the distance of the ejected shells to land about 15' at the shortest? That's where they landed, not where they bounced to. I'm 6'2. Seems to me that this is very strong ejection, but I'm new to the PCC's. I don't have a video shooting it. I live in the city. I just can't pull it out and shoot. I have to go to the country or local range
  5. I checked my order and it is a carbine length JP spring that they recommended for my build. Now, when I said recoil was bad, I was talking about compared to the 9 mm pistols I shoot. Not as in like a 308 or 30-06! I did not have a lot of time to shoot it yesterday. But, at 40 yards, double taps were a good 24" high with the second shot when I pulled the trigger as fast as I could. As reference, I shot Expert in IDPA when I used to shoot it. I'm not speedy gonzalez but I'm not in slow motion either. If I had to guess, muzzle is jumping a good 3" with not a rock solid hold, but a firm more relaxed hold
  6. My PCC recoils quite a bit with lots of barrel jump. I'm running the Blitzkrieg AR-15 9mm Hydraulic Buffer with their recommended recoil spring, Spinta precision 9mm bolt, 16" barrel and comp. Initially I shot it a few times without the comp. Everything runs great. But recoil for this thing is severe in my opinion. People talk about their dot hardly moving. Mine jumps all over the place and seems to be getting a little worse than better now that I have a comp on it. Does the hydraulic buffer have any hydraulic tension on it when you collapse the piston? Mine seems to not have much tension or resistance. It doesn't just slide haphazardly when you tilt it, but there isn't much resistance at all. Wondering if I have a defective one? My empties are ejecting approximately 15 feet between 3 and 4 o'clock. Power factor is running about 135 on these loads.
  7. I love mine. But I'm glad I have place for my shooting bag and a small 6 pack cooler
  8. they'll be selling so fast, everyone will be sold out. There will be a production back log
  9. about the time they get the wait times under control, they'll pass the hearing bill, making silencers legal, and there'll be a 8 month wait for cans!
  10. I must have missed something. The one Max originally posted was 25 lb rated load http://www.smalley.com/wave-spring/cs100-h7 Heres one at 12 lb for those wanting lighter and still 1" OD https://www.amazon.com/Multiwave-Washers-Stainless-Spring-Capacity/dp/B0085ZP0CU/ref=sr_1_2?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1504054480&sr=1-2&keywords=multiwave+washer%2C+1"+diameter
  11. how about this? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085ZOZFI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. doesn't the heat from brazing the spring take the temper away from it causing it to not hold tension?
  13. ROFL! Age old bitchfest! Seems the same thing happens in every sport when rules are modified. Any organized sport or function will have the long-termer's unhappy for the most part when the rules change. Sometimes their complaints are verified, sometimes, not so much. Time and tolerance are the only things that allow things to settle.
  14. so you put it together without the buffer retainer? I would imagine if that is the case, your only option is to unscrew the buffer tube and take the pressure of your buffer.
  15. I'm sorry, meant to include that. I'm running a Spinta blem bolt and a Blitzkreig hydraulic buffer and the 308 recoil spring that comes with the package.
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