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  1. It depends where the carbon is building up. Personally, I scrape the excess off with something suitable (screwdriver, pocket knife) & then put the bronze brush in my Dremel & take it back to shiny. No doubt someone will say I'm doing it wrong, but she's got 5 years worth of heavy use & has always cycled with no issues.....
  2. Where are you based? I have some stuff you can have Can post or I'm in Kentucky at the end of the month
  3. There is a Typhoon USA group up & running on FB Technically it's an F12 group but pretty sure they'll know all about the X12 as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/2585443418137955/?ref=share
  4. I've seen it in IPSC but not in 3 gun. Strong hand is great when space is tight or loading when moving towards the weak side & weak hand is useful when doing empty gun loads & loading towards the strong side. Again, I tend to see it in IPSC matches where waist real estate isn't so much of an issue rather than in 3 gun. I'm a much better at loading with my weak hand & while I can load strong handed, the big improvements in my game aren't going to come from cutting a tenth or 2 off a load..... I'll be sticking to weak hand
  5. Hard to say with the random element & low ready as it's not an IPSC start position. But...... At 12 yards, 1st shot around 0.5 - 0.7 & target transitions around 0.2 - 0.4 More time at further distance
  6. My 1301 used to do this. The problem went away when I started investing in good ammo rather than any old crap. That said, I can run any old crap if I put the rounds through a crimp press to round off the edges before I use them. Easy answer? Look for a nice rounded crimp (from the side) rather than a square top Don't do this with a Dremel. Ever..... Also don't ask me how I know......
  7. In a word, yes. Unfortunately you're going to be limited by the roll pins that hold in the shell catch
  8. Velcro. Lots & lots of velcro. I wear a standard velcro inner to stop my trousers falling down & a modified weight lifting belt (modified with velcro) that I attach the caddies to. I also have modifications for attaching tekloks so that I can use them when I shoot 3 gun.... Yes, you're right. 28 max. I was getting mixed up with the 32 max hits. No idea on the condition 3 max round count
  9. I've used & still own just about every type of quads. A lot comes down to personal preference.... I never really got on with the AP custom type. I found the shells were too far apart for a consistent grab & it only took one episode of the steel sprung part that holds the shell in place going under my finger nail for me to stop using them for good. I used the original Taccoms pretty successfully for a long time. They're great. Great price, great retention, the shells are close together & they're able to handle different length shells without adjustment. The down side to them is method that they hold the shell. Because they grip the top of the top shell & the bottom of the bottom shell they have a tendency to "V" in the hand. This can be mitigated with (lots of) training I leapt enthusiastically at the magnetic Taccoms but could never get them to give consistent hold on the shell. Probably down to my ineptitude more than design. The newer generation of European based quads are all very similar in design Ezload, Magload & the gen4 Kings all locate the bottom shell & hold the top in place with a good magnet. I've used them all & I still own most (I'm a caddy magpie.....) Honestly, there isn't much between them. They all need adjusting if you're changing shells although some have designed ways of to soak up small amounts of variance. I'm now using the gen5 Kings & really struggle to find anything bad to say about them. They aren't cheap, but then quality rarely is I predominantly shoot IPSC based matches in the UK (Yes, we're allowed some guns) so my rig is angled towards that. My rig holds 28 & I preload from a separate 8. A long IPSC course of fire is going to be a maximum of 32 rounds, so 36 should be plenty....... should be....... Recommendations? Given you shoot a match or 2 a year & don't want to invest Kings money, I'd suggest the Ezload or the Magload. Because of the design they won't "V" like a Taccom even if you have small hands. Obviously you should save up & get some kings though....... ?
  10. I'm one of the Brits Dan is talking about. I still own every Taccom that has ever been released, Invictus, Ghost, Magload, Ezload & the gen4 Kings... some of those have been in my belt at the same time. They have all been retired to the belt I let newbies train with so they can judge which is best for them. I let them use my gen5 rig if they're nice & pay me in beer. I'm now exclusively using the gen5 from Kings. Price might be an issue, but for me it's like tyres on a race car. Would you put remoulds on a Ferrari? Anytime any of you lovely people are heading to the UK, give me a shout & we'll see what we can do about getting you into a match
  11. We had this problem on a gun a little while ago...... As the group is only held in with 1 pin, if the tolerances are out, the trigger group can pivot on the pin. If it pivots too far forward, the lifter pops out from under the shell catch & locks the mechanism. The fix is to increase the material at the rear edge to stop the trigger group pivoting too far This isn't mine but it explains it well. With the added bonus of having it described in an awesome Irish accent http://www.practical-shotgun.com/beretta-1301-double-feeds-carrier-lock-ups
  12. I'm the Brit! The caddies I had on my belt were from http://www.kingcompetitionproducts.com while my friend had caddies from www.ezload.co.uk Simply put, it doesn't matter whether you load with your weak or strong hand, which hand is it? That's the caddy you want (as 12bravo said) The reason they are different is to do with the offset of the shells, allowing the cartridges to be as close to each other as possible while preventing the rims of the cartridges from catching on each other by making sure the 1st pair are lower than the 2nd. (The logo was a Cobra. Not relevant to the caddies in any way what so ever but I thought it best to put your mind at ease ?)
  13. I've had mine 2 years, put approx 15k through in that time, 5k in the last 3 or 4 months or so (I do a case in practice most weeks & another in matches most months. November was pretty heavy usage. 4 cases for practice & 3 matches required a couple more) She's cycled everything from 25g clay loads to some crazy powerful slug that broke the charging handle on my mates Versamax after 3 shots. She eats everything I throw at her, mainly 28g - 32g but some 36g buck & slug when I can't find the stuff I like Only modifications are the usual (nordic tube, loading gate & lifter mods) and polishing the living shit out of anything that is remotely metal on metal. Haven't bothered with cutting down lifter or latch springs. She gets cleaned a week before majors, lubed with the Red Neck Tactical mix before taking her out for a spin a couple of days before to make sure I have put her back together properly. Nothing has broken yet. Well, the mid bead fell out but after locktiting the replacement in there have been no problems. Only other issue is that the aftermarket choke has a tendency to undo itself. I have found a website for spares, they are in Italy but don't know if they'll ship to the US (no problem shipping to us in the UK) if you Google omps2 you should find it
  14. I'm a weak hand loader. I like the way the gun is under more (from my experience) control as it's wedged under my strong elbow & I like the way it is pointed directly ahead of me when loading on the move. I also like the way it keeps my hip clear for a holster. I've looked at (& tried) strong hand but I'm not a fan of burning myself when loading, have seen more barrels snagged on range netting & have seen ND's from people coming on to target from strong loads than weak. That said, as long either method is trained properly in practice & the majority of the loading is done in between target arrays then both methods will get the job done & nobody goes home early
  15. Thanks Dan. I was thinking more longer term if I'm honest. I can pay rent if I can find a job though ?
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