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  1. I feel bad with Dillon. Am dyslexic and sometimes I think something is broken, call them and they send parts only for me to realize later that I had done something wrong and finally rectifying it. They are great. Me? Not so much.
  2. Used to load with Titegroup, switched to Sport Pistol a year ago and would not go back. It’s softer, cooler, cleaner.
  3. Thank you for the replies, I have a 650 with a bullet case feeder and primer upgrades that has completely eliminated the ski jump issue and am very very happy with it. The ability to disengage the primer system is the best upgrade for this machine in my humble opinion. I do not plan to upgrade/change the 650, it's an amazing press for me. My original question was out of curiosity, with no action plan attached to it: since I consider Dillon a serious company I was curious to see what people with experience in both thought of the upgrade. PS I clean my primer tubes with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol regularly: they fit perfectly in the small primer tubes and pick up a lot of gunk. Push them down with the primer rod.
  4. I do not eat anything at all before matches, but I do intermittent fasting every day so that’s my normal regimen. As long as I drink plenty of water I have no energy issues at all, I see people snacking all the time and it doesn’t bother me but I just feel better that way. Agree on the waking up early to take care of business, the lighter the better.
  5. A question for those who have bought the 750 already: what are your impressions and how does it compare with the 650?
  6. I went from a 550 which I hated because of the primer system, to a Square Deal B which worked well but it’s nothing special. The 650 feels amazing to me, I bought a little tool from eBay to disconnect the primer system and it works perfectly this eliminating the ski jump issue completely. Don’t see myself replacing this puppy any day to go back to the constant cleaning the primer station, 650 all the way for me.
  7. dspring

    The Steyr Revival

    I have been a big fan of the L9 for a long time. It’s a beast of a gun, very balanced and accurate, grip angle is perfect for me. The more my eyes age the more I appreciate the peculiar Steyr sights. The biggest limitation for me is the extremely narrow mag well. Very difficult to use in a match. Also, the grip texture is old school, not enough texturing. The new MF model hopefully will address these and other issues. I called Steyr this week, and unfortunately they are now saying the release is for the end of May. That said, can you please decode the trigger comments you have made for a non expert? Which parts did you buy exactly and where? I’d be very grateful. Thank you very much in advance.
  8. With the exception of the Sig P365, which gets hot no matter what, SP is NOT particularly hot for my guns and certainly not compared to TG.
  9. I Can unzip it, but it doesn't open with either Excel or Numbers on my mac, message says the extension is invalid. Would really appreciate a PDF file. Never mind, the second file opens just fine. Thank you so much Darrell, it's an encyclopedia worth of data.
  10. What app are you using at the range? I write my notes there and then input them on the Mac, but I would save a lot of time if I could input the data at the range.
  11. Have been using it for a few months. Meters well, and for me it has been way cleaner than TG. Smoke is somewhat less with coated bullets, a lot less with Xtreme plated. A great powder. Cheap and reliable.
  12. I own the Type B, I will post pics later today, working now.
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