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  1. This pretty much sums my opinion on the brand. There are better choices at any price point.
  2. Have been loading Federal for years, not continuously but periodically, in the tens of thousands. Never had an issue with the SDB or the 550. With the 650 I get the occasional sideways primer. I also listen to what the push is telling me. As a sidebar, I have found that regular Q tips work perfectly for cleaning primer tubes. Dip the head in alcohol and push it down with the rod. They come out green.
  3. I have changed out my dies as recommended here, and am VERY happy. No issues whatsoever with the rounds I am producing (bar the occasional primer sideways which happens on the 650) and flawless quality. Thank you, the money spent on changing up the dies was very much worth it.
  4. Sphinx SDP mags fit it and work well, they stick out some.
  5. I shoot a Sphinx SDP regularly and love it, and would be very interested in the standard version of the Redback. Is it available in the USA?
  6. Thank you for writing my post, lazy day.
  7. Allow me to thank everybody for their suggestions and input on my request. I have taken two steps recommended by some 1) increased OAL 1.150 minimum. this decreased the problem but did not eliminate it. 2) purchased a Hornady seating die (no crimping) These two steps seem to have eliminated the issue in a speedy economical way and for that I am very grateful. Really like the Hornady tool-free adjustment knob by the way clearly superior.
  8. The camera cleaner is the same as the Giotto I mentioned earlier. Also don't forget that the gun powder you pick up from the table can be reused as a fertilizer in your plants even if not clean enough to be used.
  9. Rather than canned air I use a Giotto air blaster, which does a good job at cleaning without dispersing stuff around. Use Q-tips and alcohol and some paper towels. The air blaster is the only cleaning I do regularly, the rest when I see the need for it.
  10. Haven't gotten anything yet, but have increased OAL to 1.140 - 1.1145. Rejects are less, but are still there in annoying quantity.
  11. Thank you all for the replies. Just to clarify, my question was focused on 9mm which is the caliber I load the most. Is this the for those who recommend Hornady as a better alternative for seating? https://www.amazon.com/Hornady-044144-Bullet-Seating-355/dp/B003D75LR4/ref=sr_1_2?crid=298DCJEQ8YK1O&dchild=1&keywords=hornady+seating+die+9mm&qid=1594658538&sprefix=9mm+hornady+seating%2Caps%2C168&sr=8-2 And for crimping? https://www.amazon.com/LEE-PRECISION-90860-Carbide-Factory/dp/B000O7HCK0/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=hornady+crimp+die+9mm&qid=1594658676&sr=8-4
  12. Time ago I bought a Lee undersized die to replace my Dillon sizing die based on recommendations from the Forum. It works well, I would say better than the OEM. A few days ago, I opened a thread because of an issue with bulging rounds and I received the recommendation to replace the seating die with a Hornady custom. Now, before buying it, is there something else I should replace? The crimping one? The powder? All of them? in other words, I am used to think of Dillon as top of the line (I use a 650 and am very happy with it; in the past I have owned also a 550 and a SDB and both were excellent) but it seems that it is not true of the dies that come with it. Thoughts?
  13. I will get the Hornady, see how that goes.
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