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  1. I went from a 550 which I hated because of the primer system, to a Square Deal B which worked well but it’s nothing special. The 650 feels amazing to me, I bought a little tool from eBay to disconnect the primer system and it works perfectly this eliminating the ski jump issue completely. Don’t see myself replacing this puppy any day to go back to the constant cleaning the primer station, 650 all the way for me.
  2. dspring

    The Steyr Revival

    I have been a big fan of the L9 for a long time. It’s a beast of a gun, very balanced and accurate, grip angle is perfect for me. The more my eyes age the more I appreciate the peculiar Steyr sights. The biggest limitation for me is the extremely narrow mag well. Very difficult to use in a match. Also, the grip texture is old school, not enough texturing. The new MF model hopefully will address these and other issues. I called Steyr this week, and unfortunately they are now saying the release is for the end of May. That said, can you please decode the trigger comments you have made for a non expert? Which parts did you buy exactly and where? I’d be very grateful. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. With the exception of the Sig P365, which gets hot no matter what, SP is NOT particularly hot for my guns and certainly not compared to TG.
  4. I Can unzip it, but it doesn't open with either Excel or Numbers on my mac, message says the extension is invalid. Would really appreciate a PDF file. Never mind, the second file opens just fine. Thank you so much Darrell, it's an encyclopedia worth of data.
  5. What app are you using at the range? I write my notes there and then input them on the Mac, but I would save a lot of time if I could input the data at the range.
  6. Have been using it for a few months. Meters well, and for me it has been way cleaner than TG. Smoke is somewhat less with coated bullets, a lot less with Xtreme plated. A great powder. Cheap and reliable.
  7. I own the Type B, I will post pics later today, working now.
  8. I was lucky and found one on a local board. The pistol in my opinion is outstanding, worth every penny. It comes with black rear FO front installed, 4 magazines and a nice range bag so there is no need to spend an additional $150 (mag plus sights) like most polymer guns. Outside and inside, the gun shows a high quality finish level, with a very good attention to detail. Full length rails on both sides. Feels very solid. It has a locking block mechanism for the barrel which reduces the barrel movement enormously. For clarity, this is not the typical tilt barrel Browning. It is a VERY flat shooter, the sights barely move from the A zone after firing the first shot. The barrel lock plus the very low bore axis combined provide an excellent shooting platform. I shot two local matches with factory ammo as my loads were a bit long for the short barrel throat (it works fine after loading some rounds at 1.100) and I won them both. So shooting a gun I never shot with ammo I am not familiar with, and had no issues at all. The trigger does not get hot, and it's designed to help with a straight pull back. The texture of the grip is excellent, very detailed and not painful. The undercut helps a lot, along with the beavertail. Being left handed, I was amazed at how easy it is to swap the mag release, I have never seen anything like it: inserting the mag backwards releases the button, which can then be swapped without tools while standing at the range. It's quite incredible and unprecedented. The Glock-like trigger safety is at the back of the trigger, not the front so while it provides the same level of safety it does not get in the way at all. So in conclusion I am really convinced this is the best polymer on the market. I have owned and shot a VP9 and the PPQ, own and like the P10c a lot, shot Glocks and M&P's intensively so I am quite familiar with the top polymer pistols on the market. They don't even come close in my opinion. I am sure I have forgotten plenty, happy to answer questions if there are any.
  9. What application is he using to get the repeat beeps? My timer doesn’t do that.
  10. dspring

    In a bind

    I only shoot outdoor, will wait for the temperature to increase then will leave some rounds in the sun, around here that sure heats up things some.
  11. dspring

    In a bind

    I hand loaded and tested 5 loads, 2 with Ramshot Competition, 3 with Titegroup. Results are posted below. My impression is that lube made a world of difference, particularly with Ramshot, which fills the case a lot more and was very prone to fly out when I was slamming the lever down to free the deprimed cases off the first position. The smooth operation of the press was clearly noticeable, the press shellplate was clean and powder free. Obviously hand loading ensured consistency, and I did notice minor variations from round to round, but in the .1 grain range. Here are the results, hoping to add something useful to the body of information available here. The loads were all with BBI 135gr, loaded at 1.095 which works perfectly in my CZ P10C. Temperature outside 57F, no idea what the pressure was. Gusty wind, 10 ft. from Cronograph (CED M2) Bullet Bullet weight Powder weight Powder OAL Pistol Speed Average PF BBi 135 3.8 RSC 1.095 CZP10 1022.0 988.0 133.4 996.3 996.5 968.6 974.1 1001.0 949.1 985.7 999.0 Bullet Bullet weight Powder weight Powder OAL Pistol Speed Average PF BBi 135 3.9 RSC 1.095 CZP10 994.1 1013.4 136.8 1003 993 1034 1010 1030 1030 Bullet Bullet weight Powder weight Powder OAL Pistol Speed Average PF BBi 135 3.2 TG 1.095 CZP10 945.5 939.9 126.9 931.4 919.2 939.2 939.9 964.1 Bullet Bullet weight Powder weight Powder OAL Pistol Speed Average PF BBi 135 3.3 TG 1.095 CZP10 946.6 963.2 130.0 964.3 960.5 972.5 957.5 958.1 985.6 966.1 958.0 Bullet Bullet weight Powder weight Powder OAL Pistol Speed Average PF BBi 135 3.4 TG 1.095 CZP10 978.5 970.7 131.0 958.4 965.1 974.2 945.9 979.1 957.6 980.7 979.2 988.4 Now, given that Ramshot is temperature sensitive, what kind of speed drop should I see when the temperature goes to 100? Finally, my impression of the 3.8 RSC was very good, and actually so was of the 3.3 Titegroup. Both accurate, both with a good recoil impulse. Thank y'all! EDIT: a question: since my chrono has a memory and review function, I tend to load a mag and shoot rapidly all the shots then I review them and write them down. Does that affect the result somehow?
  12. dspring

    In a bind

    Well, today I prepared 3 batches at 3.8, 3.9, 4.0 A few things learnt: 1) lubing is the s%$^, makes everything easier. No hurt shoulder, no spills. 2) hand loading is telling, there are measurable variations between drops. 3) hand loading is exhausting, but you learn to be very deliberate and precise. The only thing I forgot to do was hand picking the brass. In a way I am OK with it, this has to work with my courtyard pickings. When I go to the range, I will position the chrono farther, 10ft. Thank you for the kind repliesl this thread is teaching me a few interesting things. Will reports results.
  13. dspring

    In a bind

    No, have shot it through a P10C and a Sphinx SDP only so far. Wasn’t concerned about making PF with a longer barrel so I didn’t test it. The Sphinx is pretty though, and it fed fine.
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