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  1. Does anyone know the conversion needed for a CZ SHADOW 2 to shoot 9mm Major?
  2. I was wondering if anybody knew if the Cz 75 Shadow Orange Custom qualifies for USPSA Production and/or IDPA SSP OR ESP?
  3. The short magwell for the CZ 75. However, it took a lot of grinding down to get it to fit.
  4. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    Thanks 45 Raven, was thinking that model also.
  5. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    I was thinking that if you could just change out some springs for a lighter SA pull then your golden.
  6. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    Does the Shadow feel the same as your CZ 75?
  7. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    It comes with night sights and I am thinking that it would be huge to start half-cock in Production
  8. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    Correct. Have you ever shot the tactical?
  9. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    What do you think about the CZ Tactical that has a decocker? That would let you start at half-cocked
  10. Gundad73

    Competition CZ help

    I want to shoot both IDPA and USPSA with a CZ. which CZ is best for that?
  11. Your right the T is aluminum. I have the P120. I put an aluminum magwell on it and it weighed 49 oz. with empty magazine. ESP for IDPA is max 43oz. with empty mag. I took off the magwell and will shoot it Production USPSA. It’s on the Production list
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