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  1. Where do you trim/ remove material/ sand/ polish around the Glock follower to make it silky smooth? These past few matches when I manually unload the rounds off the mags at the end of the day, it nosedives, creating a salt shaker. Thanks
  2. OP, I have exactly the same setup for this year season: green 510c and green 206 -I have mine 6 o'clock near the comp. I have yet to smash the laser into a barricade; it always the comp that take the brunt. You make a valid point though, as I feel the "wings" (on/off switches) of the 206 are fragile if given a good whack. -I didn't look though the 510c; but instead looked on top of the 510c when I really needed the laser -In all honestly, I think have only benefited twice using the laser this year: the sun washing out the 510c and and extremely impossible hard lean
  3. i know right? Stage 1 was our first stage: that prone and low port was not good for the knees, hehehe. By a long shot: did I talk to you in the parking lot before the match? Hoping the clouds would clear out as the day goes on?
  4. OP, Production shooters is deep and very competitive in our area. We're ducking the trend; CO has been stagnant over the years but I've seen it's picking up this year. No problems switching from Production to CO in your Accushadow.
  5. Greed, get non-Shadow SP01. Plentiful and cheap in our state and feels exactly like your Accushadow. Add some CZC or Cajun parts and you've got a sweet shooting Production gun. I bought a used SP01 for $500. I added about $200 in Cajun parts. Some elbow grease and polish polish polish, holly molly I've got a CO gun that has an awesome trigger.
  6. Ditching cable at the end of the month with YouTubeTV. On Demand plus live network channels
  7. Local club matches, I hand it over to the RO. Big matches, I put it in my front pant pocket; keyring inside while chamber flag (I have the short one) danggling out the pocket. I find it easier to grab it the right way the first time instead of having the whole thing inside my pocket.
  8. Thanks guys. I was leaning towards what I had in Limited and Open; 3 pouches. I just want to see what other CO shooters run. TY!
  9. CT 206 green here also. It's light enough it stays on my pcc all the time. It absolutely saved my one time in a L3 match at SUPS, Utah. The sun was setting just above the hills and my red dot is absolutely washed out and cannot see a thing. I turned on my laser and aimed just like I would aim with the dot except my eye level is just above the hood.Got all my shot and had a great stage score to boot. It was a short course with two positions only.
  10. Thank you guys, looks like orig 85c is on the way
  11. I think I might take a break from PCC and dust off my CO piece. Is a 4th mag pouch for CO overkill? Is 3 pouches more than sufficient?
  12. Though the stock sp01 trigger does not pinch the bottom of my finger, I do not like the stock trigger 'cradling' my entire finger at all. What is the least curved in the trigger out there in the market? TY
  13. My go to is 147gr Blue Bullets, 2.7gr Titegroup @ 1.110. Makes 134pf. But my world shook when I tried some 124's recently at a LIII match; I'll try to play around with 124's.
  14. Congrats on the new PCC!
  15. No DQ, about ~45% of the top shooter in Production that day.
  16. Signed up, shooting AM/PM/AM. Coming from SF Bay Area via long road trip.
  17. I have an NFA upper with LRBHO. It works fine with standard buffer and spring, extremely hard (manual racking only) with taccom 3 stage buffer, and impossible with a short stroke on top of it.
  18. I felt a significant difference switching from stock buffer and spring to a taccom 3 stage buffer. I upgraded to a taccom short stroke. I haven't shot it that much, I would say the difference is subtle at best.
  19. It all started with SW M&P 4.25" in production. I've bounced around all divisions except Revolver and now shooting PCC for the 2nd year.
  20. Excited for this weekend to try out 510c greed dot for the first time. I shot with a 503c last season and was very satisfied with it. The glass difference between 503c and 510c is like playing PUBG on a 32" panel (from a 24") for the first time; window is much bigger! I don't know how I feel yet whether I like the greed dot more than the red or they are just about the same, we shall see.
  21. I have never ran dry on a 32rd stage using 31+10. Sometimes, local matches spill to the 34-36rds and I still never run dry. I run TF's 17+12 on my belt and I like plain-Jane 17 for classifiers. Any outlaw, UML, or PCC only matches, that's where I bust out the 57 Mega, then 31+10 on the belt...
  22. I thought the #1 bullet weight for Production would be the same for PCC I was surprised the #1 bullet weight for PCC is 124/125gr.
  23. I have Kaw Valley barrel, load 147gr RN Blue Bullets to 1.115 OAL. I would not be surprised if some of them make to 1.120. Thanks for the replies guys.
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