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  1. 2mikes

    Holster Wear

    To me it looks great! It looks like it's been practised with. All Glocks should look like that...
  2. Dawson and Taran Tactical. I use both and think that they are equally good.
  3. I feel the same way with 13# for major loads, so 15# here.
  4. 2mikes

    Heavy mag-well why

    Get the Dawson Super Heavy if you are getting it for Glock.
  5. I have JP in my G34. It's OK. Planning to install one to my G35 too. Can live without it though.
  6. Your #3, ofcourse. :-) You can shoot reloaded ammo with glock for sure.
  7. I'm posting this with Tapatalk. I use Tapatalk every day and I think it's great.
  8. I had .245 front and my gen 3 G34 with Warren Competition rear was hitting low about 4 inches. Changed to .215 and now it's dead on.
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