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  1. jackson923

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Wonder if they cover purchases made through Brownells? I have the .308 flat coil spring with my buffer so hopefully I do not have issues.
  2. jackson923

    Foxtrot Mike uppers

    You would be correct sir there is a pencil thin barrel from Foxtrot Mike. I have one and haven't had the chance to install it yet but I plan on getting it in my upper. I agree with greatlakes08, you can't go wrong with the Foxtrot Mike uppers or their lowers. Paul over at FTM had two different style lowers. I currently have the billet lower on my rife and love. NOT ONE ISSUE! Memphis Mechanic I'm a lefty also. The charging handle is ambidextrous. You will need a 9" or longer 3/16 allen wrench (think that was the size) to loosen a set screw on it then just flip it over. Paul designed a new smaller charging handle for the uppers as well. Think he is offering them for free you just cover the S&H which is $10 but I may be wrong. You get three different charging handles to choose from and one is two sided and can be used by both left handed and wrong handed shooters.
  3. jackson923

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials for PCC's?

    That's awesome! I have no complaints with mine and have never had a failure to feed or failure to eject with my rifle. The only issue I ever had was due to a new mag extension I was trying out. I run 124 gr. reloads in mine along with factory 115 and 147 ammo. My reloads are the same that I use in my STI and are really soft.
  4. jackson923

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials for PCC's?

    If cost is a factor you can't go wrong with the Foxtrot Mike complete rifles or Uppers and Lowers. They are cost friendly and flat out run! Brownells, Primary Arms, DTF Industries and the Glock Store carry them. Check out the pricing as I know Brownells, Primary Arms and DTF had sales this weekend.
  5. jackson923

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Giving my experience based on the use of 4 different red dots. I really like the Vortex Venom and here is why. Small (which I wasn't crazy about at first) with a generous field of view and fast target acquisition with both eyes open. 3 MOA dot and 6 MOA dot if I remember correctly, I use the 3 MOA dot. Seams very durable, used it for this season and never had and issue plus it has a lifetime warranty. The dot is easily acquired through the sight, I've had trouble with other brands locating the dots.
  6. jackson923

    Debating a new PCC

    Not sure if it has been mention or not but the Foxtrot Mike PCC rifles are reliable and on sale right now at Primary Arms and Brownells. I run one and have zero issues. The y have great customer service and are very quick at answering questions. Check them out.
  7. jackson923

    2019 VS3G

    Thanks Jeremy for the update.
  8. Registration on Practiscore? Link to the info?
  9. There are accommodations next to the pond or closer to the road (house) that I would recommend, I would not recommend the metal pole barn bunkhouse. Stayed in it in June and during the day it was about 125-130* inside with all of the air conditioners running 100%, didn't cool down until 2-4 am in the morning. Couple of hotels about 10 mins from the range if you can't stay there.
  10. Check with your hotel to see if they accept packages and will hold it for your arrival. I've always shipped mine to the hotel.
  11. Not sure about the airport. If this is your first time flying to a match I would ship my ammo at least 1 week prior to ensure it arrives (usually 2-3 days) this gives you a buffer to ship additional ammo if it doesn't arrive. Clinton House is a large property, you will be driving to the different stages. There are 3-4 bays but everything else is spread out like Peacemaker and Rockcastle. Good Luck
  12. I read that it was canceled this year and now I can't remember where I read the post about the cancelation. There was also a comment about refunds being sent to those who paid already.
  13. jackson923

    PCC Recommendations

    Ranger Trace please see above comments from Foxtrot Mike.
  14. I don't have the Colt pattern but I do have his Glock lower with not one single issue with mine.