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  1. There are accommodations next to the pond or closer to the road (house) that I would recommend, I would not recommend the metal pole barn bunkhouse. Stayed in it in June and during the day it was about 125-130* inside with all of the air conditioners running 100%, didn't cool down until 2-4 am in the morning. Couple of hotels about 10 mins from the range if you can't stay there.
  2. Check with your hotel to see if they accept packages and will hold it for your arrival. I've always shipped mine to the hotel.
  3. Not sure about the airport. If this is your first time flying to a match I would ship my ammo at least 1 week prior to ensure it arrives (usually 2-3 days) this gives you a buffer to ship additional ammo if it doesn't arrive. Clinton House is a large property, you will be driving to the different stages. There are 3-4 bays but everything else is spread out like Peacemaker and Rockcastle. Good Luck
  4. I read that it was canceled this year and now I can't remember where I read the post about the cancelation. There was also a comment about refunds being sent to those who paid already.
  5. jackson923

    PCC Recommendations

    Ranger Trace please see above comments from Foxtrot Mike.
  6. I don't have the Colt pattern but I do have his Glock lower with not one single issue with mine.
  7. jackson923

    PCC Recommendations

    Did you contact paul@fm-products.com? I'm sure he would like to know this and is the kind of guy who makes things right as he wants the best product on the market. I can tell that at 3 Gun Nation Nationals last November they had rifles in a demo bay where he ran 8K rounds of either Wolf or Tula ammo through them over the weekend without a single malfunction.
  8. jackson923

    PCC Recommendations

    Look at the Foxtrot Mike rifles. The new billet lower style is the one I have. I like it for the forward charging handle which is ambidextrous as I’m a lefty. Excellent rifle for the money! Look for them at Primary Arms or Brownells
  9. jackson923

    CMC launches new 9mm PCC trigger

    Yes it’s modeled after their 3.5 lb straight drop in trigger. This PCC trigger is also 3.5 lb with a slightly longer hammer if I remember correctly. Awesome trigger for the money. Chris Wiesemann did some testing and evaluation with no issues on this before CMC put it on the market.
  10. jackson923

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    I have a UM Tactical and a Foxtrot Mike comp. Check out the Foxtrot Mike comps at either Brownells or Primary Arms. Great comp for the price. May be listed as FM Products for your search.
  11. Check out the Foxtrot Mike bolt at either Brownells or Primary Arms. It may be listed as FM Products. Best value bolt on the market in my opinion. I know they ran 8K rounds over the weekend of either Tula or Wolf 9mm at 3Gun Nation Nationals last November without a single malfunction
  12. Great match again this year Dean, looking forward to next year.
  13. To echo what Tucker said this should be a great match based on the feedback that I heard from multiple shooters at the Florida regional this past Feb. Tennille, Larry and Chris are great folks and I'm sorry that the dates didn't work out for me this year as I've shot 3GN matches the past three years. Regarding drama there isn't a sport out there that doesn't have its share, for 3 Gun a lot of it is self induced by prima donna shooters. The MD Larry is one of the nicest guys I know and his intentions are to put on the best match possible for the competitors.
  14. Great match and a must shoot for 2019. Stages were awesome from the location of each one to the high round count and distances required to shoot them. Thank you to Jeremy and all of the RO staff and to Bill for cooking all weekend. Looking forward to next year!
  15. Awesome thanks for the info. Looking at flights and wanted to find out.