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  1. Does it mean that we get BORED with a Division? Jerry Miculek shooting that revo (6 reload 6) in 2.99 sec, STILL sticks in my head!!
  2. OUCH. ON the slide makes it tough on 'em, fer sher.
  3. I heard Stoeger say, it's how to JERK the trigger really fast without disturbing things...
  4. Good reminder --- move the eyes FIRST.
  5. Really good basics. Thanks for all the typing!
  6. VERY good intel, gentlemen. Many thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hubba, hubba, Paul! I am trying to think past the, "I WANT ONE OF THOSE. I NEED ONE OF THOSE!"
  8. ... but is one considered faster than the other? How about 'better' from a results POV?
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