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  1. That thing is also something I like. But what's the thing with the tongue? And what's the round thing beside it? And if you just added a couple of more bands to the back and to the seat of " The Thing I Like" I would like it better...and maybe in a different color...or I know take the vinyl bands off of " The Thing I Like" and see if " The Thing With The Tongue " will eat them like it did to " The Round Thing " and then put a Real Nice Rifle on " The Thing I Like " and I will take it!... unless " The Thing With The Tongue " is guarding it ?
  2. Ok after much investigation I finally came to the truth of the picture. It's the same old story . This poor sap meets a girl and I am told she was a real PIG but our hero didn't know that at the time. After he had spent the majority of his life JUMPING from place to place he was ready to share his PAD with this PRIZE WINNING piece of meat and they would raise a family, have a couple of kids one named TAD and the other named POLE and they would all live high on the HOG. Long story short he caught her with another man, It wasn't hard to catch her because she was SLOPPY , S
  3. That is obviously OPIOD overdose! Notice the gaping mouth........The location ( he is obviously laying in the gutter) Shame on you. I believe we have two Florida boys backing each others stories! Go to dinner with each other much? Make fun of Yankees together much? Talk about how its not cold down here in December much? I'm on to you guys.
  4. I have faith that the new season will get back to what it once was. I have so much time in it now I cant just stop............lol
  5. NUFF SAID! That's right Grumpy we are still waiting!
  6. 5 Years and still no toasty Frog upload ??? Not Cool!
  7. Nice guns I know.......But not a Caspian! Have you ever shot one, incredible recoil absorption, seriously different. And they fit my short fat sausage fingers and hands. It's a preference thing I guess. And CZ's are nice.
  8. By the way Rich is the guy to do this !!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting a chant ..........rich rich rich rich rich ! Coolest gun ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Mike, Jump on this full dust cover train with me! For all the people out there who have never shot a Caspian wide body gun or even held one, who don't know how sweet that frame is, we should band together and have at least 2 of these done !!!!.......lol think about it in Titanium........DAMN!
  10. Monkey Plague, Why ? 1. aesthetics 2. no one has one 3. nothing fits my hands anywhere to close to a Caspian widebody 4. full rail gives option for lights 5. Caspian doesn't make a full rail 6. want
  11. Rich, I have talked to Gary in the past to see if Caspian would do it and got a quick NO!.... but my dream gun is a Caspian widebody with a full length dust cover / Tactical rail I would want to be able to mount a tac light to it. Think about how cool a Caspian double stack would be with a full length dust cover , Tri-topped, Butler cut, RMR ready with co-witness night sights in 9x23.. That is my dream gun.........I find myself smiling just thinking about it! OHH!!!! Titanium.........Wow I have to stop now I am way to damn giggley to be an old man and at work....
  12. Does anyone know of a gunsmith who can or has installed a full length dust cover on a short dust cover model ? I am serious in the pursuit of having this done to a Caspian widebody!!!!
  13. sounds good!

    What upgrade is it getting ?

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