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  1. I've been loading on a 550 for years, and I decided to upgrade to a 650. I too ordered mine from Brian and was also very impressed with how everything was handled. It shipped yesterday, and I can't wait for it to get here. I just can't wait! Thanks to Brian and Jonie (hope I spelled her name right).
  2. I've wondered that too, but there has got to be a way to mark brass so you can identify it in the dark.
  3. Erik, I have been wondering if it would be an advantage at night. I shot my first IDPA match about a month ago- half was during the day and the other half was at night.
  4. Has anyone tried using a glow in the dark marker with their brassmaster?
  5. I've been reloading for several years now. However, I've been frustrated when I check my old records and find that I didn't document something I wished I had. For example, where did those bullets come from, which primer did I use, etc. In an effort to be more thorough, I've come up with a reload data sheet and would greatly appreciate it if you would comment on anything that I might have missed. Thanks. DATE ___________ CALIBER ___________ Bullet ___________ grains _________ shape _________ diameter ___________ manufacturer Powder ___________ Charge ___________ (Source of Information _________________) Brass ____________ # of times fired ____________ Primer ___________ Magnum ___ YES ___ NO OAL ___________ (Source of Information _________________) CRIMP ___________ (Source of Information _________________) Machine Used to Reload ______________________ Dies Used to: 1) Size and DE-PRIME _______ 2) Charge and FLARE ________ 3) SEAT ________ 4) CRIMP ________ Were the Caliper's ZERO'd ___YES ___NO CASE LUBE ___YES ___NO __________ Manufacturer Comments: _________________________________, etc.
  6. Just starting using the Lee FCD. Won't ever load without it again. I had a lot of failures using the Dillon Crimp Die. Now no problem after several thousand rounds. You don't have to use case lube, but you'll work a lot harder without it.
  7. I'll second the iosso case cleaner. I bought a thousand rounds of 45 acp brass that was filthy. Tumbling didn't do the trick- even after hours with polish. I tried the iosso case cleaner, and it worked like magic. The only down side is cost.
  8. Great Post! I am a surgery resident and feel the same way. I always give veterans special treatment.
  9. I don't know of any 'testing', but I have been using Winchester primers for years because they are not as soft as federal primers. I have read in this forum that some have had problems with ignition of federal primers (during the reloading process) because they are softer. However, most of the guys in my IDPA club use federal primers without any difficulty. I can say that I have had several primer failures using Winchester primers, and I plan to switch to federal when my stock of Winchester primers is gone.
  10. Kevin C, I've have been using the FCD and have not noticed any change in accuracy or precision. I love the Lee FCD and wished I had started using it sooner.
  11. I use a Montana Gold 115g RN for 9mm and 200 g FN for .45 in front of VV N350 and love it. I've thought of switching to cheaper powders, but I think you get what you pay for.
  12. I have had this problem before. When this happened to me, I took everything apart and cleaned everything. I also took the powder assembly apart and cleaned the powder bar. After reassembling everything, I always make sure to tighten the wing nut so that as I'm seating the primer the spring above the wing nut is almost entirely compressed. I have never had an issue since doing this.
  13. I went to a local gun show this weekend. I ran into a vendor selling Fire Dragon barrels for Glock, Sig, etc. Has anyone ever heard of/used these, and if so, what do you think of them? Thanks! (BTW, I tried a search first and ran into difficulty)
  14. All you have to do is lubricate the outside of the cases- and it doesn't take much.
  15. This is one of the reason why I don't care for homersexuals. Within the last eight months, I've had to remove two foreign objects from a queer guys rectum. The first was on valentine's day. His lover put a juicy juice bottle up his rear end and it got stuck. The second guy had constipation and thought that using a vibrator would help. Then he "fell on it". Yeah right! This kind of thing happens all the time. I hate my job sometimes.

    Mac Attack

    I've hated Mac's since 1990.

    Short Film

    That was a riot! Sick- just like I like it.
  18. That's pretty slick. I was wondering if it cycles smooth enough not to leave any divets at the tip of a finished round?
  19. It's either emu or mink oil and it is white.
  20. I know that everyone here is already quite familiar with Dillon's customer service, but I just couldn't resist. A little while ago, I broke the wing nut on my Dillon tumbler. It was entirely my fault! I over tightened it. Anyway, I called Dillon Precision to get a replacement. I told them that it was my fault and that I would gladly pay for it. They wouldn't take my money. They said they would send me a replacement and it arrived today in the mail. Those guys are awesome! A friend of mine is going to be buying a press to begin reloading 45 long colt. I told him that if he ordered anything but a Dillon that I wouldn't help him. I have come to realize that not only does Dillon's customer service make loyal customers out of all of us, it passes on to every one we come into contact with. You just have to love a company like Dillon Precision.
  21. Several years ago, I ran into a guy at a gun show that was selling some case lube in little plastic buckets (like the kind butter comes in). Anyway, he talked me into trying some. It was really cheap!- $4 dollars and I haven't even begun to use a fraction of it. I put my brass in a bowl, rub some of this lube on my hands and knead the brass like you would bread. The results have been incredible. I asked this gentlemen what exactly it was, but wouldn't tell me. He went on to explain that he had a supplier for twenty years that went out of business before telling him exactly what it was. I told him that it smelled a lot like mink or emu oil that you use to waterproof leather shoes. His response was," don't you ever tell anyone, please". I'm not sure which it is, but the stuff works incredibly well. Has anyone used an animal product like this as a case lubricant, and if so, what is it?
  22. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson: Those that give up liberty for security will, in the end, lose both and deserve neither (or something to that effect)
  23. Wow! This is an incredible post. I wonder if it was a coincidence that this tragic killing spree happened on Adolf Hitler's birthday?
  24. I have a lot of Speer brass in .45 ACP and I have also noticed this 'cup'. Although, I have never had a problem with speer brass.
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