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  1. Hi Guys, Here's a new coupon code to kick off the season, JAGER21 15% off guide rods, strikers and compensators. Sorry, can't offer the discount on buyout items like barrels and red dot sights, but hopefully this gets the season started! Now if I could just make some more ammo.... Check out the new compensator to mate with the bullnose slide, really looks and performs great! Thanks again, and have a safe season! Billy
  2. Happy New Year guys! Yes, I worked with CCF for a little while and developed a CCF specific guide rod system to help with the frame battering problem with the .40 S&W. I looked around my shop and I found one. basically it was a polymer rod with an extra thick head at the back, a soft nylon bumper and flat wire recoil spring wound specifically for the system. This allowed the recoil guide rod and bumper to take about 50% of the load from impact due to the "almost" short stroke. It worked, and frames no longer suffered the battering using my rod. CCF folded, and I learned a lesso
  3. Sorry, my contact form is not working. There’s an email address listed on the contact page, that comes to me. Yes, I’m Gen. 5 the guide rods we have are the same for the 17 and the 34.
  4. You got some good advice above. try a few spring weights and do some double tap drills and bill drills to confirm what works best for your setup. later, billy
  5. Anyone else pay for a Krytos TI slide and never hear from them again? Seemed like nice guys, met at NRA convention in 2017. paid for slide, and gone.....
  6. Hello all, Let's kick off the re-opening of our country with a 15% discount coupon code, good for anything in the site except barrels and red dot sights. Use code BACK2WORK Thanks, Billy
  7. Coupon code - BACK2WORK for a 15% discount on anything on the site (except barrels and red dot sights).
  8. Sorry for late reply, rarely on the forum. We think it works best with 9 major - slower burning powder with a larger powder charge as opposed to a fast burning powder and smaller charge.
  9. Hey guys, Looks like I goofed up. somehow some of my Gen. 5 rods (either G17G5CS or G17G5CSH) slipped through without the proper heat treat. Some, not all. You'll know immediately if all the color comes off. My greatest apologies, and I'll replace them if you were unlucky enough to get one of these from me. Just ship it back, and I'll include a recoil spring of your choice to cover the shipping back. Sorry...…. Thanks, Jager
  10. premature with the title, webmaster working on my coupon code - coming soon......
  11. Hi Guys, I have some new guide rods and compensator designs in stock. I've made a comp that fits the bullnose slides really well, and the finish is really close to stock. These will fit any of the Gen. 3, Gen. 4 or Gen. 5 bullnose slides. Also have some guide rods that were being requested - Gen. 3 uncaptured in the .270 diameter, And of course we have all of our gen. 3, Gen. 4 and Gen. 5 guide rods in stock in both the standard diameter and the .270 diameter. Thanks guys! later, Billy
  12. Hi Charlie, Sorry for late response, I rarely sign on lately... For Gen. 4, my captured rods are slightly different in length when comparing the G17 and G34 rods. For all other Gens, they are the same. Glock likes to maker my life miserable.... I have some new guide rods, Gen. 3 G17 and G19 uncaptured in the heavier .270 diameter. Not listed on the site yet - thanks webmaster...... Also created new comps for the bullnose slides for Lone Wolf barrels and KKM barrels. Again, I have them but not on the site yet.... You can email me direct at jager1147
  13. Did you try the Gen. 4 rod for the G35? It’s a little longer than the G17 rod
  14. PM replied to. Updating the site to add the Gen. 5 G34 rods, thanks!
  15. What guide rod would you recommend for a 17L?


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