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  1. Did you try the Gen. 4 rod for the G35? It’s a little longer than the G17 rod
  2. PM replied to. Updating the site to add the Gen. 5 G34 rods, thanks!
  3. What guide rod would you recommend for a 17L?


  4. Contact me I’ll make it right.
  5. Yes, the rod for the 17 also fits the 34.
  6. CCF Raceframes rebranded? I still have the buffered recoil assemblies I developed for them to stop the rails from cracking.....
  7. Not for the Gen. 4, our captured rods are specific to 17 or the 34. Slightly different lengths.
  8. Happy New Year Everyone!! Couple of things for the rest of January: 15% OFF ON ORDERS OVER $100 FOR BRIAN ENOS FORUM MEMBERS! (CANNOT BE APPLIED TO BARRELS OR MAGWELL ORDERS). Use Coupon Code BRIAN18 Compensator overstock sale, PRICES SLASHED to $54.95!! And, we have Gen. 5 guide rods for G17 and G19 IN STOCK!!
  9. Check sear engagement. Try racking slide slowly while pulling up on slide with trigger depressed. If sear engagement on striker leg is inadequate, the striker will release when you release the trigger. Have you live fired without going full auto?
  10. I know they can be a little tight at first, but only in some guns for some reason. This helps too. Once the finish breaks it installs easier. On the .270 larger rods I made sure to have the ID on the bushing a bit larger, have not had any feedback on those. I just made a new rod, the larger .270 diameter but uncaptured and extended. Someone want to try one and tell me how it runs? Please contact me by email, not on the boards much. Thanks, Billy
  11. Hey guys and girls, Finished another run of guide rods, and made some new Heavy Extended rods for the Gen. 4 G34/G35. I'll create these on the site shortly. I have the Heavy Extended G34/G35 for the Gen. 3 back in stock as well, along with the Polymer Gen. 3 G17/G34 that was also out of stock. Strikers in stock (Finally) Best run yet, I refine these each run. Fully stocked for the season! Also updated the site to show the latest generation RTS2 sights, didn't realize the open kit description still showed the STS which I no longer carry. The latest RTS2 are spot on, and held the price at $599.95. So if your thinking Carry Optics, with an option to go full out Open, you can't go wrong with this package. FREE SHIPPING to my buddies here on the forum through end of march, use code BRIANENOS147. Been away from shooting for a few years myself, been a busy few years in LE NYC. Finally gonna blow of the dust and shoot the Sig Sauer Optics Nationals! Hope to see you there! Billy
  12. Sounds like inadequate striker/trigger bar engagement. Check sear engagement with cutaway cover plate.
  13. Hi All, We've redesigned our Glock Compensators to have an angled front wall in the first port, making the comp even more efficient. So to promote these, we're running a 20% OFF sale! Our compensators still follow the profile of the slide, with serrations that match the rear of the slide. (Pardon my photography skills.....) To say thank you to all BE members, ADDITIONAL $5.00 OFF on all orders through the end of the month. Just use Coupon Code BRIANENOS at checkout. Thanks, jager
  14. True. That's the advantage of a Glock. Trigger work for my STI goes out, but anyone can drop in parts for Glock trigger work. To an earlier post, the lightened striker makes running the light striker springs more reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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