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  1. Shoot and shoot alot not just matches go out and practice. Dryfire is good to fix an issue youre seeing in live fire. It is not a replacement for live fire practice. Drills drills and more drills the crap ya see in classifiers is basic gun handling and fast accurate shooting.
  2. Wellni got this new Limited blaster and i feel i need to beat the snot out of it for a year or so.
  3. Zack add me back in limited please A78528 Started shooting lim again
  4. Is that enough powder to even work the compensator?
  5. It's funny cause you speak of race guns.........they make up a small portion of shooting sports. Save money???? Shoot production use a glock buy discount ammo ride with a buddy that shoots and look for deals. FTW and I don't mean for the win Hacks lmao
  6. man i have totally forgotten about these threads lol
  7. There a website? I am glad to see another range opening up in a decent driving distance from me!
  8. Well shit Eric. I guess infinity is all screwed up they been angling comps backwards for I dont know how long. Go tell Brandon he is screwed up and doing it wrong.
  9. so what you're saying is holes = a shorter barrel which is going to require more powder to make major? Well no kidding you don't say. Yes that statement is correct but what is the reason there are popples then? Is it to enhance the comps? Maybe improve gas flow? Soften the pulse? You tell me since not all barrels and comps are awesome.
  10. Man that makes me wanna buy a new one and I just got mine in July, and that was just a rebuild
  11. Trunk are ya gonna have one built or you gonna hold out for a used one?
  12. The advantage is brass. That is it. They are snappier, more violent recoil, dot tracking is less predictable but yep it's the better cartridge. Good call
  13. Oh they are taking over? Where all the major matches I shoot at and locals I see none. It's my opinion. 38 is far superior to 9mm. Your opinion is different than mine.
  14. If recommend 38s over 9mm all day everyday and then some. The 9mm is a very snappy major pf with some ok powders. There are a lot more powder that will utilize a comp better in 38. 38 is far superior to 9 major in everyway except brass cost. And you can still find decent deals on 38. the trade off for cheap brass is not worth it in my opinion.
  15. Patience... The season is over and tax time Is coming. A lot of quality guns are gonna be for sale decently cheap
  16. 170mm 30+1 140 24+1 Also 38sc svi tubes all TTI pads and guts I don't run max cap in my mags though
  17. 6 procedurals. Like shooting while out of the shooting area or taking extra shots on Virginia count stages or mayba not reloading a mandatory reload
  18. Alright last match was still 5 misses which for a new shooter isn't to bad at all..... What were the procedurals? And on average you are about 5 seconds off the top shooter/ stage.............. You shot 140 something A 18c 5d This match is telling me stop missing......... It's probably rushed shots you are accurate enough to maybe sacrifice accuracy for speed a touch. Go out to the range and learn what you're doin during recoil. Again drills drills drills!!!!!!
  19. Well..... Lets see on avg per stage you're shooting about 15-20 seconds slower than the top shooter in production and you have a bazillion misses with several 0 pt stages What do you honestly think you need to work on? Your accuracy isn't good enough to shoot faster And your too slow for a points jump over the other shooters. You need to work on fundamentals of pistol shooting maybe go to the range run a few simple drills see what you need to work on. Like run the bill drill, Blake drill and so on. Another huge downfall is you're using a g19. It's purpose is for what and was designed for what. I promise ya it wasn't to compete in uspsa.
  20. Man I have slacked off on this thing. Since last November I have shot 4 major matches Fl Open DQ!!!! Area 6 Championship 4th A, 27th Open Sc Sectional. 2nd A, 11th Open Nationals. 2nd A, 40th Open Still an A class shooter at 82%, lets see what happens this year!!!!
  21. kosh79

    9mm major?

    Both have thei advantages and disadvantages Most notably the recoil is different and the pulse of the shot feel completely different. The availability of components vary depending on powders and brass Try them both out before you make a decision the 9 has a snappier feel to it that 38 but with right setups both are good all depends on your preferences. 38 super brass is notably harder to get than 9 brass but you can still manage. Powders are another issue for both.
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