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  1. Shoot and shoot alot not just matches go out and practice. Dryfire is good to fix an issue youre seeing in live fire. It is not a replacement for live fire practice. Drills drills and more drills the crap ya see in classifiers is basic gun handling and fast accurate shooting.
  2. Wellni got this new Limited blaster and i feel i need to beat the snot out of it for a year or so.
  3. Zack add me back in limited please A78528 Started shooting lim again
  4. Is that enough powder to even work the compensator?
  5. It's funny cause you speak of race guns.........they make up a small portion of shooting sports. Save money???? Shoot production use a glock buy discount ammo ride with a buddy that shoots and look for deals. FTW and I don't mean for the win Hacks lmao
  6. man i have totally forgotten about these threads lol
  7. There a website? I am glad to see another range opening up in a decent driving distance from me!
  8. Well shit Eric. I guess infinity is all screwed up they been angling comps backwards for I dont know how long. Go tell Brandon he is screwed up and doing it wrong.
  9. so what you're saying is holes = a shorter barrel which is going to require more powder to make major? Well no kidding you don't say. Yes that statement is correct but what is the reason there are popples then? Is it to enhance the comps? Maybe improve gas flow? Soften the pulse? You tell me since not all barrels and comps are awesome.
  10. Man that makes me wanna buy a new one and I just got mine in July, and that was just a rebuild
  11. Trunk are ya gonna have one built or you gonna hold out for a used one?
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