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  1. Yes, the "little" spring is in the striker assembly. Anyone know if this trigger bar will work on the SFx: (From APEX Gun Parts)
  2. I spoke with Freedomsmith about this, and they had the following response: “ordinarily this is a plug and play installation. Unless there have been some type of modifications or damage done during installation. Such as lighter weight springs that might preclude proper reset. Or bending of the action bar during installation (common when using the non removal of action components method, which is never recommended). I will seek other opinions and perhaps someone has heard of”
  3. The trigger resets, that's not the issue, the gun shoots. The issue is that the striker is not resetting when you rack the slide while holding down the trigger. The striker ONLY resets if the slide is racked WITHOUT holding the trigger.
  4. I just picked up a used Canik SFx a few weeks ago that has a re-set issue. The gun came with a Freedomsmith trigger installed. The issue is that the striker will not re-set when racking the slide as your holding the trigger down. The gun WILL re-set the striker “every time” when the slide is racked and the trigger is not being depressed. And, interestingly enough will re-set the striker while holding the trigger BUT ONLY if the slide is pulled back all the way to end of travel. However, it will not re-set the striker is the trigger is being held and the slide racked to less than 90% of it’s rearward travel. I though it might have been a spring issue so I did replace the existing springs with a new Galloway Precision Reduced Power spring kit, (blocker and trigger return). This is not resolve the issue. Anyone can give me a suggestion, would be appreciated.
  5. What spring is recommended with the W74 tungsten guide rod? I've heard 1911 Commander length is this correct?
  6. @zzt Yes I have read the HP disclaimer. In a nut shell, I am a big fan of HP triggers and prefer the Radian safety. I have two PCC's right now. both have HP riggers, one is an older 24ECL model and it works with the Radian safety, the newer HP "Hipertouch trigger is s slightly different design and will not work with the Radian safety, doesn't allow the trigger to function at all. I was just curious since I'm building a third gun and trying to hunt down a safety that I like as much as the Radian.
  7. The specs on this gun call out a Hyperfire Eclipse with a Radion Talon safety? Those don't work together, how is that?
  8. The specs on this gun call out a Hyperfire trigger with a Radion Talon safety? Those don't work together, how is that?
  9. Same here, it's all about what's hanging off the front of the upper that makes the diff.
  10. @TRUBL So your Delayed Blowback Recoil System is the speed demon of the bunch? The name is misleading...
  11. Agreed, I have the Brekke/Max 10.5" barrel comp system, and in corresponding with Max about optimizing the setup, he prefers the weight in the bolt and the added weight from Blitz. I'm running the Blitz buffer, and altogether my "tail heavy" setup is much softer and has less dot movement than most of the other blowback PCC I've tried.
  12. I also run the same bullet same powder 3.8gr and I too think they cycle faster, my Bill Drill splits come in around .12~.13 (4" groups). Just curious about the bolt weigh, why take it out?
  13. I been testing the MBX 2 Stage against the Blitzkrieg running 115g bullets at 130 pf. (MBX using the middle spring weight. The Blitz system using the weight). Just recording split times with zero points down on a standard bill drill, my splits were consistently better with the Blitz. I have not tried using the weight on the MBX system, that my next project...
  14. Is anyone running this JP bolt with either the MBX or Blitzkrieg buffer systems? Im currently using the Taccom extreme bolt and I'm looking at a second option to try.
  15. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077KC8D8Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Been using this one for 6 months now, and was comparing numbers with an RCBS beam scale and another digital scale. This thing is dead nuts accurate!
  16. FYI, my issue is not related to bullet profile, I’ve actually seen where the brass is catching on the edges right off the feedramp, about 3:30-4:00 o’clock area assuming the feedramp is 6:00 to 5:30. That is where I added a bit of relief and polish. I will definitely look you up next time I’m in Rio, I’m planning on shooting the JP match in Feb...
  17. Thanks for posting, I’m surprised no one has jumped on this yet, seems to be an issue, particularly on the Gen2, I just finished mine today, mostly polish with a small amount of relief to the sections just above the feed ramps:
  18. Makes sense, I have a friend who shoots production, he also wants to shoot PCC every so often and wanted to have one load for both, not much luck there, but I’m sure it’s possible if you really work at it. Luckily I shoot Open 9major, so no chance
  19. I'm curious, why so heavy? Most guys I know, myself included are running 115g bullets in the MPX, it seems to do better with more gas
  20. ILWT has a great spare parts kit, otherwise call Sig anyone has anything else to add concerning reduced power recoil springs?!?!?
  21. Anyone heard of this or have anymore details, other than the obvious: " explained the feeding trouble I had experienced earlier in the week and he patiently went over his modifications to the MPX, including rounding of the edges on the magazines and barrel extension. I remarked that I hadn’t had a malfunction yet and that it seemed OK. He wished me luck and left the stage. Of course with these words spoken Murphy just couldn’t resist. Halfway through the stage, I suffered a major malfunction that required complete stripping off the magazine and some beating of the rifle to clear it. I luckily was able to complete the rest of the stage in double the par time with a near the bottom finish. I limped through my last stage of the day gingerly shooting slower than normal in the hopes the malfunction wouldn’t appear again. I had a big decision to make that night. Take Greg’s advice and dremel my nearly $2,000 gun without test firing it first at a major match or hope and pray another catastrophic malfunction doesn’t occur. I decided that no matter what I couldn’t risk more malfunctions and I quickly did the easy rounding of the steel feed lips to the magazine. I pulled the MPX barrel off and saw exactly what Greg had been talking about. For whatever reason, there is more metal on the left side of the MPX barrel extension and it is common to have a malfunction on this side, especially with the hollow point ammunition I use. I followed Greg’s advice and felt where the rounds were catching on the brass lip and began to slowly round the edges off until the rounds feed buttery smooth. I reassembled the gun and hoped for the best the next day." http://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/duel-in-the-desert-the-2018-uspsa-area-2-championship/recreation-leisure
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