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  1. I'm thinking about getting the coolfire system, but I also need a shot timer. What timer are you using that picks up the coolfire well? Thanks!
  2. I would guess the problem was bullet profile vs rifling, rather than case dimensions.
  3. This thing exists, both as 3d printed and aluminium. https://www.bragginrightsprecisionreloading.com/product-page/budget-powder-drop-lock-plate-for-hornady-ap-press I don't have one, as I usually have crap in the way keeping it from turning (bullet feeders usually). I do have the alignment kit from him and it works.
  4. I second the cam lock bullet puller from hornady. Easy to do several hundred per hour, and bullets usually are still good enough to use again.
  5. I use this on coated bullets with no issues that I know of so far. But then again my crimp just removes any bell and is super light otherwise. What problems have been caused by using this on coated bullets?
  6. I need to do some work on my SFx as right now I shoot my stock elite combat executive way faster. The ECE has a 507GR, so that's the first thing going on the SFX. But the gun still moves a lot on me shooting minor loads (147FP). I just shoot local club matches, and this gun I can either run in CO or Open. Strangely my club doesn't define those specifically. I'm guessing USPSA rules. I guess I could go open, I don't care if I win much I just want to shoot faster and get better, but I don't really want to deal with a comp. So what is my optimal config to reduce muzzle flip? W74 guide rod and the TF brass kit (is that a must, though?)? What about springs?
  7. I finally had a chance to "hypodermic bevel" the decap pin on my hornady die. Doesn't seem to make any difference. Ugh. And I hear people get pullback with the dillon die as well. Has anyone had success with the mighty armory TNT die yet?
  8. I find myself interested in this unit... seems like a real upgrade from my LNL, but man my only interaction with FA service was over my dead vibraprime... and it took them more than 2 months to even respond to my inquiry. Has anyone else actually used FA's service and support before and had better luck? Maybe they just blew me off because it was just a vibraprime?
  9. Nothing is easy to come by right now... especially if it has any relation to 9mm anything. Since I'm waiting on stock, I'll try to bevel the decap pin in the hornady die later tonight and see if that works any. I found another thread on here from 11ya where people were saying that they were getting pull back with the dillon spring dies, and dillon had told them to put a hypodermic type bevel on the pin. I'll run a couple hundred tonight like that and see what happens.
  10. Anybody have one? i love my hornady tc size die, but having a primer flicker would save me a bunch of headaches at the press. mighty armory has TNT die that has a decap flicker kit, but it’s damn expensive... too much to blind buy and hope it works. Anybody use this die?
  11. I shot my first bulk processed batch of the 3.5gr n320 (1.140” oal) brazos 147fp. Definitely a winner in my guns. I may order more soon.
  12. I ran ladders with my Brazos 147. 3.5gr n320 at 1.140 works out really well for me.
  13. I just got my brazos order in today. They look good. The coating could be a little thicker, but they're all 100% coated. No defects in the 1 15# batch I looked through. Worst I saw was a few that had slightly different color. I took 10 out and weighed them. They're a little more than 147. They averaged 149.82gr, and SD was only .63gr. I measured the dia on the same 10, and every single one was .3565 (I don't have the best calipers). No problems for me, imma chootem.
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