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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Frankford-Arsenal-Universal-Automatic-Reloading/dp/B00BQ6A3Y0 Quite a bit faster than pecking.
  2. I'll volunteer as a 3d printer/tester if you need. I have an Ender pro, and print a lot of stuff. I'd be happy to help out in printing different versions or parts if you need. This is an AMAZING project! Fingerblaster are you posting this anywhere else?
  3. The only gunsmiths I personally know work on just about anything, but they don't manufacture or cnc, for the most part. None have any suggestions on this so I thought I'd try here. I want an AR lower that will take different magazines. Some companies have teased it over the years, but no results. I am confident in my design abilities (I mostly work in fusion360 and solidworks, but can use several others) I know ZERO about the business side of prototyping, and I don't have any relevant machining experience. Is this a common thing in the ffl/manufacturing wo
  4. I almost exclusively pocket carry (99% of the time) a P365 in my front right pocket. No way that would work with an optic on it, and that my absolute favorite style of carry.
  5. I’ve gone back and forth from irons to red dot in uspsa for several years, and have always been frustrated with red dots because I’m almost always slower, both subjectively, in that I feel slow, and objectively, as my uspsa/3gun performance is universally worse when shooting with dots. soooo, after reading this thread, I put tape on my g34’s vortex and spent 10-11 minutes drawing and presenting. First slow, and gradually speeding up. The next day I went to the range for live fire practice. Again, painters tape over front lens. When working on patterning
  6. This is such a neat little press; I’ll be greatly surprised if it isn’t around for a very long time. I think it hits a sweet spot of utility in many ways. i bought one on a whim, and will keep it for various uses. I actually like it far more than my turret press!
  7. thanks for all of the replies! My primary motivation is having a seperate powder check station. I know, lots of ways to work around it, but I have been dissatisfied with that particular aspect of the 1050 since I added a bullet feeder several years ago. Likewise, my bench isn’t big enough to permanently mount 2 progressive reloaders, so I only rarely -twice- have used the super since I got it.
  8. I currently have an RL1050 running a Mk7 Pro, and a Super 1050 manually operated. I reload anywhere between 30k and 70k a year. Most of my loads are 9mm, .40, 45acp, long colt, 556/223, 308, and 6.5 grendel and creedmoor. I have 6 tool heads- all of those calibers except long colt are set up, so it's easy to swap calibers.... I only rarely set up the super 1050- most of the time I will swap toolheads/priming systems and keep the rl1050 rocking. I'm so spoiled by the autodrive that I hate using the super manually. I think I could sell both my 1050s and all of the a
  9. That event, much like setting off primers in the feed tube on the press, is something I would rather not personally experience.
  10. HOLY CRAP! I didn't know that about one shot. I mostly use dillon, but I do have 2 cans of one shot that I will randomly, for no specific reason, use instead.
  11. I see people talking about having to lube in bags & such... I just dump brass into my casefeeder and then spray liberally with dillon case lube. The rotation of the feeder plate seems to spread it enough to take care of it for me. Of course, this all goes back to my goal of using the fewest possible steps, and streamlining those steps as much as possible... and since I'm using a Mark 7 pro, I'm not too worried if lever effort is higher than if I took time to lube them better.
  12. I've quit using pins, too. I now use water and about a capful of Brass Juice. 30-45 minutes in my thumblers tumbler cleans about as well as 75-90 minutes with pins... LOVE this stuff!! (not affiliated with the company, at all, btw) Big advantage to me, besides no straining of pins, is that the water and brass juice solution can be reused at least 5-6 times, so there's one more step cut out of much of my reloading chores.
  13. The smartass in me says I've never known of any regiment even owning a 1050, let alone cleaning one The helper in me says I vacuum it or blow it off with compressed air (I have an air compressor plumbed into my reloading room) about 1-2 times an hour while running, more often if I have a powder spill or problem, and lube it and wipe down at every caliber change. I do a deep clean once every 6-9 months. Several of my shell plates, case plungers, and primer bars are Robar NP3+ coated, and that seems to have helped a bit with both friction, and with gunk sticking to vari
  14. I'll be the lone dissenter: I won't pay more than 60% of dillon prices for a machine in good condition, and 50% if it's rough. Used Dillon prices are all coming down, imho. Pressure from the top side due to Mark 7s...evidently causing people to dump 1050s, which in turn is putting pricing pressure on 650s and 550s, too. In the last 6 months I've definitely encountered more sub $1000 1050s than at any time in the last 10 years.
  15. That's why I'm asking: On the one hand, it seems kinda simple...but on the other hand, I really didn't think there would be a lot of people dumping a $2k machine after purchasing a $5-12k machine... I have 4 1050s, 2 are now rocking Mark 7 pros. I want a revo, but if and when I get one (not happening any time soon) I'll keep the 1050s for processing and for loading lower volume calibers. I thought that the Revolution's primary customers would be high volume reloaders, not people likely to only load one caliber, or to only load virgin, new brass.
  16. About 8? ish years ago, I bought a used RL1050 for ~$800. At the time, it was a smoking deal... 3 tool heads/powder droppers, 4 case feeder plates, multiple dies. About 2-4 years ago, Supers and RLs were basically going for $1200 for good deals, and 1400-1500 on average- all used, of course. January of this year I bought 2 more supers for less than $1000- one of them had 2 extra loaded tool heads. (one for me and one for my brother) Now it looks like overall 1050s are running right about $1000 in local sales on craigslist and also sometimes on ebay (4 supers sold for
  17. WOW!! Good Catch! I've been having the same issue, just went and looked at mine, and while it's not as severe as yours on the left, it's definitely worn... I'll be replacing it ASAP.
  18. I had problems and problems with upside down bullets... thought I'd tried everything... Finally, at the suggestion of someone on facebook, I changed the angle of the feeder...tilted it up by about 1/2" on the high side (raised it) and it went just about perfect after that.
  19. Thank you for posting this: I have had these sorters for years and love them... but never thought of permanent spacers... I use a 5 gal bucket on top of an old vibratory tumbler, and it works great, but I can definitely see spacers making this a much faster/easier process.
  20. Then I routed a space in my workbench top and mounted my Inline Fabrication Baseplate... Took me 3 hours... route out a rough opening, clean up with chisel and rasp... after about 2 hours of that, the plate fit, but was about 1/4" proud of the benchtop.... SO... Went at it with the router again, then the rasp, then the chisel... in the end, it was worth it, but lord was it nerve racking!
  21. I installed my Inline Fabrication Inline Rail...since no holes matched my studs, I first put up a 1x4" and secured it to the wall using 2 4" screws per stud. Very nice... Turns out my wall is exactly 96 1/4" wide, so I'm going to order a second.
  22. Neat! Semi-automatic And only $120/140 w/the feed chute As long as it will sort of keep up with a 1050/Revo/whatever, or at least not hang up, I think they will sell a TON of them. I'm going to order one as soon as they're in stock. Is it just me, or did anybody else hear "Bras" when he said brass? My wife is pretty well endowed, don't see her boobie catchers fitting in that thing.
  23. search face book for "Karl Bibb reloading" stuff and join his group. He sells them (with licensing permission, so he's legal) for ~$200 each, or less than $100 w/motor and a few other bits.
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