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  1. I read through the manual cover to cover and didn't see an explanation (or even a name for it). I have seen pictures of 650's that there is a spring attached to it - it looks like it has something to do with returning the charge bar to some known position.
  2. Yea I surmised as much, and kudos to Lafe for doing both (supporting the shoots and creating something useful and trying to make money from it). On the latter, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a little better and more accurate communication though - especially when you order and it forces you to acknowledge a 5 week wait time. Just change that number to 8 or 10 or whatever.
  3. That's the quoted lead time - mine was longer. I will say that I would still get it even knowing the delays. Quality is good and it works as advertised. Just be prepared to be in the dark on it until it shows up.
  4. if it makes you feel any better, I had the same lack of response to my inquiries. But I did finally get it and I like it a lot. I had a RHT before that that did fit my *thumb rest [generic]*, but I liked the idea of the GX Vise holster. I'll probably be putting the RHT up for sale soon.
  5. It runs okay out of my X5 Legion but groups horribly.
  6. Do you know why he machined them out of stainless ($$$$) vs something cheaper but still corrosion resistant like brass ($$)? Just had it laying around or there was some physical reason for it?
  7. LMS

    X5 competition load

    Magnum primer intentional or just using what's on hand?
  8. I have one and it's nice - fits the Legion with the aftermarket thumbrest. The GX appeals to me though and I'm going to try it and likely sell the RHT.
  9. For me it's less about the walkthrough and more about assisting with resetting the stage - especially bending to reset poppers or picking up plates, etc.
  10. LMS

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Will be very interested in the range report.
  11. Yes - poor groups. Ammo fed /cycled / ejected fine.
  12. I don't reload, so my suggestions will be about off the shelf ammo. 124 grain seems to be the best. Aguila and Federal American Eagle grouped the best for me. I have some Freedom Munitions 135 HP and it's very close to those. Oddly enough, the Federal Syntech 124 was not consistent at all, and I am still scratching my head as to why. I'm bummed because I bought a bunch of it before I got my X5 because I had such good luck with the 150 Syntech in my CZs. Anything in 147 or 150 is lousy for me (Syntech, Freedom Munitions). I wonder if the Barsto barrels like the same ammo?
  13. Ha - not blasphemy. I have two tuned Shadow's (one for prod and one for CO) and recently bought an X5 Legion and I sure like it so far (after I modded the frame, did the trigger job, etc). Sure, the trigger is not as good as the CZ in SA, but it's good enough for my skill level. Because of COVID I haven't shot a match yet with it, but in my practice sessions so far, it's a good blaster.
  14. They sell out quick - I missed twice so far and decided to just be happy using the GG one I have. The emails saying they are in seem to show up late in the evening, so might want to check before you hit the hay.
  15. You might hold the record. None of mine lasted more than 7k without a visit back to the Leupold.
  16. Relatively new to USPSA and you'll have 3 legions? Damn!
  17. Read a disclaimer? That's a good one!
  18. haha - yea me too, but glad we know the truth now.
  19. they have m4x.7 screw in small quantities and various lengths at the national chain home centers. I am unable to say anything good or bad about the quality. When I was struggling to keep my DPP attached to my CZ's, I ended up doing some experimentation with longer ones, so bought a bunch from McMaster Carr, but you have to buy in quantity (100). On the face of it, sounds wasteful, but you really aren't spending that much money.
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