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  1. Cool. Here is what the bottom looks like if that helps.
  2. Ha yeah yours too. Click the link and buy stuff to support BEnos I guess? I got model #578-683-411, but since I'm using the Boss hanger (and throwing away the paddle), any of the 57x (for long slide, standard width) would work.
  3. My Safariland GLS (long slide version) is open bottom and works great with my Stock 3. Bonus is that it has retention that you barely notice while drawing and it sells on Amazon for $35. Really the only downside was not having a straightforward way to mount to my Boss hanger, but that worked out fine using the Safariland plate.
  4. The link doesn't work well on mobile, but anything labeled Optima HP works with the 1301. My Comp came with an IC, which so far I've been happy with.
  5. I'm hoping (likely in vain) that they'll announce the VP9L at Shot Show...
  6. And also, a carbine buffer isn't a good idea in a rifle length receiver extension. See here:
  7. While a low mass, adjustable gb setup can work, I agree that if you're not in competition it's likely not worth the additional cost. That said, I'm planning a Grendel upper build for plinking and maybe hunting, and might just use my low mass carrier with a new bolt. Then of course I would get an adjustable gb, which would be the only added cost. Since I'm thinking a budget setup, a Wojtek agb is almost the same price as fixed. The carbine spring in a rifle length receiver extension is a no go. Just spend $15 and get a rifle length spring.
  8. My belt is ELS and it's great for placing and swapping equipment. I do wish I had a ratchet system with it as some guys at my local matches do, but I've never used one myself. I'm a big fan of the Safariland caddy and Ghost mag pouches (with my buddy's 3D printed adapter design). As far as attaching the hoster, I use a Boss Plus hanger and just an ELS fork which has been great.
  9. They're back in stock at BSPS now for $850, FYI. I'm trying to resist and save up, but my P30 just isn't great for competition.
  10. I like the look and the price. Any idea if these only fit the Match, or would fit on a Stock 2 or 3 as well?
  11. Here's what I went with, an old wheeled golf bag I got for $20 on craigslist. I don't love how the scope is resting on the bag opening, so I'll be sewing in a bottom for the AR muzzle to rest on. I do like how small it folds up for my car though.
  12. Go with the Safariland 771. Works fine. But, if you want to take the above advice and go with the Ghost pouches, I also ordered some of the 3D printed adaptor plates from here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XT4ZTHUZB/els-fork-for-ghost-360-magazine-pouch They don't quite fit perfect (not enough offset from the belt to clear the ELS fork) but removing the donut spacer made it work. Part of the appeal of the Ghost and bullet-out is to stack them close, which given the ELS hole spacing doesn't really work.
  13. I'm curious as well. There is one for sale for what seems like a really good price here but I don't want to jump at it with such sparse reviews. Also posting that link in the hopes someone is more brave than me and will report back on it.
  14. That looks great. I've been telling myself my 1301 is fine without an opened loading port, but I know I'll get it done eventually. Can I ask how much the loading port work cost, and what the turnaround was?
  15. There's a good discussion on this at another forum. One HK Sponsored VP9 shooter posted a video of using the trigger finger technique, but also says it has caused him to ND, so middle finger might be a good (if slower) option.
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