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  1. I can't find witness elite limited 9mm in 2017 catalog, is it being discontinued? http://www.tanfoglio.it/pdf/catalogo.pdf
  2. For model 51679 doublestack 9mm will a Wilson combat 9mm extended slide stop fit or do I need a 45 one since gun is doublestack?
  3. Just installed these grips, love the texture. Not too many choices for the witness elite match so I'm glad I found these for under $40. Installation wasn't too bad just had to make sure I pressed down firmly during install since screw holes weren't perfectly matched up. Hopefully they last a while!
  4. Are they making some for witness elite match guns too?
  5. Do they still sell them or am I stuck with these dumb looking plastic grips?
  6. Where can I find those rubber grips?
  7. I have a 2016 model, hopefully it's not a common problem. I love that pistol, fit and finish is real nice
  8. Will the slide of a witness polymer compact fit then?
  9. Damn was trying to make my match look like a sphinx
  10. Doesn't small and large frame mean grip size not slide fitment?
  11. Is it possible to put a rock island map midsize slide on a witness elite match frame? Would hope the front end sits flush and shorten the gun. Thanks
  12. It's just going to be a range gun for plinking with buddies. Everything I have is in 9mm so trying to keep it the same caliber.
  13. If only I could find an elite limited, buds has been out of stock for a while in 9mm
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