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  1. Why are you assuming that degraded powder is the only possibility? Did you load them all at roughly the same time with the same components? Did you store them all together in the same environment? If so, why would only 20% (based on your sample size) be affected by the storage conditions? It sounds like they are performing as you would like, which suggests the powder is doing its job satisfactorily. Just saying that you need to consider EVERYTHING when trying to figure this out. Other than some clumping, does that powder show any other signs of being degraded, like a rusty color or an off smell? You might have some clumping simply because those rounds have been sitting for six years. Could your problem be the source of your brass at that time? I've seen roll sized 9mm brass give the same outcome you are experiencing when reloaded to major pf. It doesn't make your challenge any less, I'm just saying it might not be the fault of the powder. Good luck with your issue!
  2. I watched the end of your video (the last failure when the hammer did not follow) several times. While the video is not crystal clear, I thought I could see a slight shadow around the left frame rail at the rear of the slide that seemed to not be there after you racked the slide. It also appears as you tip the pistol to begin your tap rack that you can see that the front of the slide is not flush with the front of the frame, which also seems to disappear after your rack. This would indicate that the pistol was not in battery, and would certainly cause the trigger sensation you experienced? As easy as the slide appears to rack, are you running very light on the recoil spring? Making matters worse, it looks like your thumbs could be dragging a bit on the slide (espeically when amped up under the timer). That type of failure might disappear with a couple more lb's on the recoil spring. Good Luck!
  3. For those using the large dillon tumbler: How does it handle lesser quanity of brass? I already know I can overload a smaller tumbler and kill the agitation, but is it possible to underload the larger tumbler with the same result? I've only used corn cob and walnut media, no stainless. Thanks!
  4. Flitz Tumbler and Media Additive. Safe and works great with (in my opinion) no oder issues. Find it at Midway USA.
  5. Jeff: I believe this is the post you are referring to. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5485&view=findpost&p=918573
  6. Office online has templates that may be helpful. or maybe not http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT101172541033.aspx
  7. I made Open M the year my twin boys were born. As classifiers go, I've shot far less of them, and most have been too low to count since that time. I've shot a few good matches since then, but shooting has definitely taken on a different position of priority since I became a Dad. You decide what's important, and then push to excel. You've just got a new factor to include in your decision process. Best of luck.
  8. While it hasn't been perfect (I'd venture a guess that nobody is), I've been happy with the Norton/Symantec product in both my personal and professional computing environment. It is possible to stop the auto renew feature of the virus definitions. You'll need to log into your norton account and do this. Assuming you've got 2006 version, clicking on the icon on your task bar will bring up the control panel. Inside there you will see an entry like "Norton Account" listed under 'Quick Links'. This will get you to a log in screen to your Norton account associated with your current subscription. After logging in, you can select your subscription and disable the auto renew function. It will advise you that this can be dangerous, go ahead and live dangerously! Unless you're set against continuing with Norton, I'd recommend upgrading to their latest antivirus product. The 2007 version actually seems to run more efficiently than the 2006, which is nice because usually the opposite is true as you upgrade to the latest and greatest. Getting the latest version of the program is intended to provide you with a more effective and more stable product, and it's not priced that much more than a basic subscription renewal for what you get. I also typically don't recommend going with the whole Internet security thing, unless there is specific reason for wanting to do so. It adds much more complexity than just the antivirus solution, which slows the computer down, and often times interferes with other computing functions that many home users are not able to efficiently manage on their own. A hardware router like linksys or netgear etc along with the antivirus does a nice job, especially as long as your not having too much risky internet. Good Luck.
  9. I agree that the market support would be difficult, especially if it was only marketed only as something to have on hand for a rainy day. You'd need the potential to make it the only target and paster combination a club would use. Production volumes would then help the per target cost. But even with that, if it's not "close" to the normal target and paster costs, it probably wouldn't fly. Sure do hate those bags though.
  10. I found what your looking for at Midway http://www.midwayusa.com The junior ear muff is part number 276106 The junior eye protection is part number 117171 I just bought two of each earlier this summer for my twin 3 year old boys. I know,,,, I'm starting a little late compared to you Both muffs and eyewear fit my guys very well. Not sure about a one year old though. That's a pretty wee sized face and head to fit. There's a lot of time, and maybe you want to wait until he's at least capable of telling you if something like the muffs aren't working like they should. Believe me, he'll get there faster than you think!!! Good luck.
  11. Tom Balko


    Glad you followed up on it Kirk! Sorry to give you case of the jitters. I went through the same thing when SP2 dried up. Fortunately, your episode ended on a happier note
  12. Tom Balko


    Word, as I heard it, from a retailer is that not only HS7, but HS6 as well.
  13. Something to maybe consider from the STI web site FAQ's page: Q. Why does my new TruBor not cycle properly? A. As you know, STI guns are fit very precisely. Because most purchasers of this model intend to use it in IPSC competition, shooting major, we factory test them with approximately 170 power factor ammunition. Seldom does factory ammunition meet this criteria, and frequently match hand loads do not either. We recommend that hand loaded ammunition at about 175 power factor be used during a "break in" period. This may take 100 - 500 rounds. Many purchasers have simply used 9X23 factory ammunition during this period. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Why does my new "GrandMaster" not exhibit the same symptoms? A. Part of our service on this model includes providing a "sight in" target and firing until "broken in".
  14. I've never found them online. When I needed a replacement set of instructions, I simply called PACT, they sent them to me, no charge.
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