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  1. No my mis-speak sorry I was thinking of a different die. The Redding uses the Ogive. What does "Production or Open" have to do with using the Redding Comp Die?
  2. I use 3.6 under NG 147g and 4.4 under 124g MG JHP and it gives me 5 extra PF. You could go 3.4 & 4.2 if you want to be right on PF. MP 5".
  3. Great light lube and oil for EDC wear you don't want oil or great on your clothes, but I would use grease instead of oil for high volume shooting and practice. I shoot 300-700 day 3X week and only use Slide Glide grease weigh depending on tempature. Very little wear after 1000's of rounds. I found oil and high round count resulted in lots of wear, especially rail wear in Sigs.I had metal slivers at one point.
  4. Which SIRT are you having troubles with? The 110 Glock or the new 107 MP? I know NLT has been swamped trying to get the new 107 out but it has been hard to get ahold of them. I usually leave several messages, maybe a Facebook post, and someone does call back usually the next day.
  5. +1 for Slide Glide and Frog Lube. I clean and use SG on rails after every use, usually 500-1000 round/day 3-4 days week. Never an issue. Same with Sigs and HK's.
  6. I think there all up but from what I understand they are just around the corner to be released.
  7. I don't agree with PO in production, bad idea, but I do support Trigger changes and grip stippling. Stupid to have to use sandpaper when stippling does the same thing plus it makes for being able to use the same setup as EDC. Not sure on grip reductions. Thats seems too much like full modification in a "stock" production class.
  8. I didn't say anything and I didn't know that Laser Lyte made a weapons model specific trainer? Glad your happy with it. I was just asked to do the Beta testing and I know several are shipping out for testing. So far I would say it swill be worth the wait if one wants one in an MP format. I need to verify a few things today and will report back as ion as I have more time to review. The few small things that I noted is that it appears to be a great copy of the standard MP and that the trigger mechanism in now solid state electronics so all of the trigger functions are no longer adjustable. Only the trigger weight which is adjusted with a hex screw in the back of the trigger mechanism once you remove the slide. Mine arrived set at #4-12oz. Mine came with metal slide, a red take up laser, and green shot laser. Factory mags work as do most holsters I have tried, Raven, Blade Tech etc....as long as they do not use the chamber to lock into like my Safariland.
  9. You may want to get one of these. Just arrived for Beta Testing.
  10. Just arrived today, MP SIRT for Beat Testing. More to follow shortly.
  11. The Myth...... Just arrived for Beta Testing. More to come shortly.
  12. I use them every caliber I load including for .556 & 9mm and they work great on my 650. I find the variances are operator induced with pressure at the bottom of the stroke and in variance in the de-prime cases. You do have to watch which plunger you choose. Try each and see which works best.
  13. Funny how folks think N320 is so expensive when it is less than a penny a round or $10.00/1000 more than TG. What you pay in haz mat, bullets, and shipping are far more expensive in the whole equation. I know, I know, this has all been hashed out before, I just find it amusing.
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