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  1. Bryan, I think some of us would like a Garand division once in a while. I'm feeling we got something going on for at least once a season. We are going to try it at Owensboro, with a heads up to the MD. Just a thought.
  2. For me, I love to shoot iron sights. But, as alluded to earlier, if I cannot see the targets, I would rather leave the heavy gear at home, and shoot TacOps.
  3. It may be because I'm not very skilled, but after the beep, I can't tell the difference between 24" or 26" barrel. But getting the stock to fit correctly, that's huge.
  4. Here's my take on it. They just don't feel right....
  5. It truly doesn't matter to me at what range the targets are, just so long as I can see them with the naked eye.
  6. +1 for the Super Nova. And I think Patrick Kely was fooling around with the Stoeger pump gun. Maybe he can chime in as well.
  7. I'm no expert, but I think you should consider how your shotgun fits you. My advice is worth what you paid, but for me some shotguns just feel right. My JM Pro was just awesome to mount, and the bead was right where I needed it. But I'm not going into what ever became of that gun. Enter the M3000. Felt horrible, long LOP, had to really concentrate every time I shouldered it. Lopped about 3/4" off the stock, and it became a joy. BTW, I'm sight focused, too. Probably why trap is tons easier than skeet or sporting clays for me. Patrick Kelly also has a great article on shotgun fit.
  8. Tactical Optics Division rifles may be equipped with no more than one (1) optical sight. Looks like it is allowed to me.
  9. For matches where I shoot AR stuff, I like the typical CR Speed belt set up. For heavy metal, I like a battle belt with suspenders because, well, it's heavy. I'm going to investigate buckling the battle belt in the back though. As CJW said, real estate is limited.
  10. If the hammer fell far enough to strike the primer, it tripped the shell release. There is either a mechanical issue in the shell release/ shell latch interface (gunk or burrs), or the end of the latch where the shell rests at the magazine mouth is rough (it is a cast part), or it has excessive magazine spring tension. The last is not likely if the failure occurred with a partially full magazine. There really isn't any trigger technique you can use that will prevent the shell release latch from functioning. If the hammer falls, there should be a shell on the lifter. Period. After trying unsuccessfully trying to recreate the malfunction at home, and shooting another match with the same lot of shells, I have come to the conclusion the malfunctions were due to an unfortunate planetary alignment, coupled with an unusually strong lunar tidal pull, and major match bad luck.
  11. I just followed the instructions that came with my Miculek comp. Works great.
  12. I don't know where you are in Indiana, but if your are in the south, Borden IN, has regular HP and CMP matches. Google Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club
  13. Here is a source for 100 yard reduced targets. Nice thing is they fit on regular 8.5x11 paper. http://bisonballistics.com/downloads
  14. Woo Hoo! And crap all at the same time! Guess I'm going to need to get my gear out and practice a little. Nah, no need to practice...Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
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