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  1. I just purchased a D60 in hopes of using it with my Scar 16 for a Carbine match. Magpuls web site states it is compatible, but when test fiting I had the same issue as a regular pmag. I filed the little bit off and now the tab that activates the bolt catch rotated around it not activating it and when this happens the mag will not drop free. Am I missing something here? Still works fine in a regular pattern AR, but the compatibility statement on Magpul website isn’t very accurate. Sure it fits but doesn’t function properly.
  2. That pins intact I remember it when I cleaned out that area.
  3. There’s an option for a XS rear sight on the Hayes but I did so well with out it I’m going to leave it as is. It’s really been a great shooter. As for the interceptor latch pin where would I find that?
  4. Didn’t have time too yet. It went down about a week before my first major 3-gun match so I decided to pick up a Hayes Custom Benelli M2. When I get a chance I’ll get the springs ordered and see if I can get it working. Then it will be on back up duty. I really loved the rear sight on it for slugs it was like cheating.
  5. It works fine with out a shell in it but when there is a shell with stock and ext mag it won’t move.
  6. I have the same model. I tried it in both stock and extended mag configuration with the same results.
  7. The spring is present. I can try replacing it and seeing if that helps. I don’t feel I have to many rounds through the gun but it’s a cheap fix hopefully.
  8. My FN won’t feed shells from the magazine. The shell stop doesn’t pivot when the bolt goes back. I have tried a new mag spring, a lighter mag spring, cleaning and polishing all with no luck. Any one have this happen before and come across a fix?
  9. Currently I have to stock recoil spring in my Shadow Shooting fiocchi 124gr at roughly 1200 FPS. I’m wanting to try some different reduced power ammo. Still shooting the 124gr bullet but pushing 980 FPS. Would I need to reduce the recoil spring weight or would this still function? Also curious about a 147gr at 780 FPS?
  10. Which part are you hitting with the razor blade? Im assuming the part on the hood as its easer to get to.
  11. I heard back from RHT and they echoed what was mentioned here. you can shave off some of the contact point to reduce the pressure needed. He did mention this does void the warranty on the hood. Also mention that the is hood more for duty use then competition this is why its is more more difficult to move, but also states if no mods are done will lose some over time.
  12. I'm waiting to hear back before I try any mods i really like the holster and the thumb screws for tension adjustment. I was just looking for anyone else input on ways they improved this, but apparently to some you can't ask questions like that even though there are hundreds. Thanks to those that were helpful and I will update what i hear from them.
  13. Typically companies don’t get back to you right away and they also have reps that monitor the board that can provide answers as well. i wasn’t looking for a “fix” but other expierences thank you for helpful reply though.
  14. I just received my level 2 holster for my shadow 2. The hood release is extremely difficult to release. I can’t have any sort of grip on the gun when I push the release for the hood out because of the force required. Does this loosen up any over time or am I doing something wrong. I’m disappointed at this point in time with the holster after all the good reviews I have read.
  15. The gun ran fine for about 4 months after the lifter mod using the same ammo. It was seriously a sudden event. One weekend it ran fine then the next weekend this issue started first shot and has been continuing.
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