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  1. Yeah. Stupid of me, I forgot to secured the lock lever on my DAA holster. Front view:
  2. I never had any problem with my RTS2 (v4 i think), but suddenly this happened. Ops ?
  3. Try to cut 1 loop of the ball spring under the shell plate to reduce some tension. I did this on my dillon 650 and im loading 9.0 grains of 3n38 for 9major without a problem. Alvin
  4. Christmas is around the corner, Santa came early this year, I must have been a very good boy. Thanks to my wife for letting me buy this amazing blaster. And I´m so proud to be the first person to own a Limcat in Norway ( I guess). Order now and get your Limcat @ www.Limcat.com
  5. Im using sti magazines 140 and 170mm in my 9major, grams spring and 38s follower. Mine run 100%. But i have to load 1.1889" to run it without spacers. I did had some trouble when i was using 9mm follower. But since i switched to 38s follower it runs 100%. Alvin
  6. This is my custom build 9mm major.
  7. Here is my test on 9mm major.
  8. Im running 3n38 9.0g behind 124 cmj. 1.200 OAL. Federal SRP. 9major Full length SVI hybrid barrel with 3 popple holes/titanuim comp gives me 174 pf. I have tried the Hs-6 same amount of powder gave me 181pf :-) Alvin
  9. Hi Percy. I am also a Norwegian shooter. I got mine build from scratch of a competent and well known smith in Haugesund. I did get most of the parts from US and here in Norway. I will put all the list that are in my 9mm major open gun. Grip/Frame. Bought it from Pvas.no SVI Slide, Hybrid barrel and Titanium comp. Bough it from capsicum.no Parts bought from speedshooter.com Aftec extractor Cheely custom setback cmore mount Dawson Ice magwell Complete tri-glide trigger group (except for sear) Extreme ultra mass sear EGW oversize firing pin EGW tungsten guide rod EGW reverse plug EGW Long Ejector EGW hammer strut Ed Brown Slide stop Ed Brown firing pin stop Ed Brown Grip safety Ismi recoil spring 9lbs Koenig low mass hammer Predator tactical slide racker STI Pin set Swenson ambi safety No fancies but only the best parts. I already put 3-4k rounds through it and I didn't had a single failure after i got it. I had to ordered parts from speedshooters several times, since they have a limit on total amount that you can buy and ship international. Which is clearly state on their website. Picture below!
  10. Im running 3n38 9.0g behind 124 cmj (9major). Full length svi barrel with 3 popple holes/titanuim comp gives me 174 pf. I have tried the Hs-6 same amount of powder gave me 181pf. Without signs of over pressure :-) Alvin
  11. For 124g Frontier. 8.5g 3n38 30.7mm gave me 162PF. 8.5g HS6 same length and bullet gave meg 172PF. Big difference but same amount of powder-
  12. I just tested HS6 powder today. The result was. H&N 125g HP, 8.5g 30.7mm gave me 173PF. Full size Svi hybrid with 3 popple holes and brazos Thundercomp 2. I compared the HS6 to 3n38. I had to put 9.0g to make the same PF. same length and bullet. Alvin
  13. I just want to share my experienced on my first Level 3 match, I finished 2/3 stages on the first day of the match without having problem with my gun, and then on the last day of the match (first stage) I had a hammer fall, but the Rang officer didn't noticed anything. And then i moved to the next stage, suddenly hammer fall strikes again, this time the Range Officer stopped me and he DQ'ed my gun (Luckily he only DQ my gun and not me :-). A friend of mine borrowed me his back up gun (same spec as mine), but my ammo did not work on his gun. so i gave up on the last 4 stages. The only reason causing the hammer fall is the small screw on the trigger, I had a very tight overtravel on the trigger, it was like 0.5mm. First thing i though that the hammer causing the problem, but it wasn't.! Everything was my fault, I messed up with that screw a week before the match without knowing what i was doing. Lesson learned. Alvin
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