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  1. (Disclaimer: I searched for threads where this was already asked & answered. Apologies if I didn't look hard enough). I’m a Norwegian IPSC-shooter looking into getting a Race gun for Open div (I already shoot Production). Experienced race gun owners I’ve talked to here at home all say that getting a custom build is the better way to go. Even expensive ”production” race guns like the STI Trubor or GM will need some type of work before full satisfaction is achieved. So I'm trying to make an eduated decision as to what parts to get from where, and have the gun built here by a reputable pis
  2. A 9mm ejector is slightly bent inwards, compared the straight-ahead pointing ejector that sits in a .40 cal frame. I wonder if there's a potential issue with a 9mm ejector working with .40 S&W rounds... ? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v79/hotrod9mm/3-Ejectors-1x.jpg
  3. Adjusting dies with full stations has been suggested by many, and it seems to have done the trick. On the other (unrelated) hand, I'm now noticing that the shellplate center screw tends to loosen up, even though I've tightened the smaller set screw locking in from the side. Thanks for the help anyway.
  4. Bullet: 124 grs Frontier CMJ RN Case: S&B, Win, Geco, GFL I'm running 9x19 Lee carbide dies (including the Lee Autodisk) on my 550. I adjust the seating die to OAL 1.147", but the final rounds end up being 1.153" - 1.157" If I run them through the seating die again separately, they'll adjust to the correct OAL. Through process of elimination, this problem only occurs when the sizer-die is a part of the 4-stage operation. Any suggestions?
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