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  1. I have a CZ 75 Compact that I want to use for IDPA in the CCP division. I have changed the grips to get the pistol within width limitations. Everything is good to go and it will fit in the box and now I would like to add a magwell. If I add the springer precision magwell and trim the sides of the magwell I can get the gun with magwell to fit in the box. The problem is I can't find a magazine and base pad combination that will work with the magwell and still be within height limits for the division. Has anyone managed to do this.
  2. Glad I saw this post. This is exactly what I was needing. I called Rick on Tuesday and and it was delivered today. Great service and a great piece of gear. Now I will be able to easily share the bullet feeder with my 650 and 1050.
  3. Where they 9mm. On the website I don’t see 9mm. I see a 40 and 10mm.
  4. I checked Ben’s site. He has a stock 3 but no stock 2’s.
  5. Could you tell which vendors have them. I have been searching but unable to find one.
  6. Yes. I know. That is how I concluded that stock 2’s are the more popular gun. My question was not between a stock 2 and 3 but stock 3, stock 2 xtreme and stock 3 xtreme.
  7. Based on the responses so far it looks like either a stock 3 or a limited pro. If I get either of these guns, what are the parts I need improve the performance.
  8. I can honestly say I have never bought a gun based on what it’s resale value would be. I do understand not getting what you paid for. Are the internals of limited pro the same as the stock 2 and 3. Sine it is a discontinued model can you still find any parts that may be specific to the limited pro model of any.
  9. No one has commented on the Xtreme versions. These guns seems to be easier to get. What is it that steers folks away. Is it just the cost or are they an inferior gun.
  10. What is it about the limited pro you like better. I can’t get my hands on any Tanfoglio around here so my decision has to be based on others views.
  11. I went to their site and saw some adjustable sights. I sent them a message to make sure which is the correct sight. I guess they made something with Dawson Precision.
  12. I figured I would have to do upgrades to a stock 2 or 3. What about the xtreme guns. Do they need as many upgrades.
  13. I am not much of a used gun buyer. I like to know how the gun was treated and cared for. I can only know this if I am the only owner of the gun
  14. Why is it that you would never recommend S2x.
  15. I have been a Glock shooter for a long time. I purchased a CZ and I love how the gun feells and shoots. I am looking to add a Tanfoglio to my collection. Based on reading the many posts it seems the Stock 2 is the preferred gun for USPSA. The problem is it seems the Stock 2 is hard to find. I have been able to find a Stock 3. I have also seen the Stock 2 Xtreme and the Stock 3 Xtreme for sale. I have read the Stock 3 has a problem with the finish coming off and then rusting. My question of the 3 Guns (Stock 3, Stock 2 Xtreme and Stock 3 Xtreme) which one would you advise to purchase. Looking for 9mm to be used in USPSA Production.
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