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  1. They lost me when they stopped putting sights on their m4s... Like 4years ago... Dumb. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. I have a Hansen barrel from b.a. on my m4. It's very accurate and very very light. I'm puzzled by the extreme weight of the b.a. creedmoor barrel...it's nearly 5 lbs at 24 inches...that's an awful lot of mass. My bhw creedmoor maten goes about 7/10 on a standard silhouette at 1400 yds at my local range with factory hornady ammo. It cost a whoppingredients 329 bucks. I wouldn't hesitate to use one again. It's a standard hbar profile and remains manageable for field use.
  3. Not sure I understand the claims of frame damage. The original 1911 designs had square fps radii. They were allegedly tweaked for the a1 models for cavalry use because of difficulty with single-handed racking by cavalry officers. I do perceive less recoil. The amount of total energy imparted to the platform is the same, but more of it is consumed by overcoming the reduced mechanical advantage on the hammer as it compresses the mainspring. Your milage will vary of course but a square fps and a 14lb recoil spring in my duty piece runs GREAT and very manageable bounce with no dip.
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