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Found 8 results

  1. For better or worse, I have decided on 6.5 Creedmoor as my longer-range/precision rifle round. I've begun the reloading equipment purchase with a die set and new brass from two makers. I'll be doing a bolt gun in this caliber that I will share with my son. As a compliment to the bolt gun, I am exploring a semi-auto with a barrel about 20". Everything goes sideways when I pick this length. I see mostly large profile (.8"+ at gas block) 22" or 24" tubes. Lilja makes a 20" barrel that is expensive but it looked like it fit the bill. That is until I saw the spiral fluting! Wouldn't that reduce the flexural stiffness of the barrel more than flutes along the barrel long axis (e.g., discontinuities along the outer edges from spiral cuts)? I'm hesitant. Even if not a stiffness problem, it's an awfully expensive all-metal barrel. So, the question is: Would you please share recommended barrel makers for a 6.5 Creedmoor large frame AR (DPMS pattern)? I'm familiar with Rainier, Fulton, Proof, Black Hole (good price but worried about residual stress from hammer forging process), JP, and Lilja. I don't want a boat anchor and I don't need something hellishly long; the bolt gun would have a form factor more like that, you know? (ha ha) What part of the market am I missing? For this gun design, I'd be trying to maintain a modest amount of maneuverability compared to the 24-26" bolt gun. (I'd consider the 18"-22" range) Thanks, as always for your thoughts. :-)
  2. For many Tikka is the brand to go to when they want a rifle that is guaranteed accurate but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Many just don't like the simple stocks, and put them in any one of the many aftermarket options. Now, Tikka has a model with a modular chassis on the way. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/06/15/new-tikka-unveiled-t3x-tac-a1/ Not sure when it will be available. Finnish shops seem to expect it in a couple of months. Sako - Tikka should have it at Shot Show, in about 2 weeks.
  3. We will be having a Gas Gun match in Central Oregon on Saturday 2 April 2016. Match fee is $25 and you can register on Practiscore (see link below). After range fees are paid the match fees will go to the veteran charity The Red Circle Foundation. Match description is below. Where: This competition will take place at the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) ranges located approximately 24.3 Miles east of Bend, Oregon. Follow Highway 20 east out of Bend to approximately MP 24.3 and turn north at the Shooting Range sign on Highway 20. COSSA has over 800 acres of premier range facilities available and is well known for the John Nosler 1,000 yard range and facility. This competition will consist of 5 stages of DM precision rifle competition. The stages will be conducted over challenging and varied terrain. General: Pre registration is required. The maximum number of shooters and staff accepted will be 18. Once the 18 slots are filled, we will create a waiting list and make notifications when and if openings become available. The COSSA 200 Yard sight in range will be available for use prior to the check-in period (see schedule below). This range has target stands at 100 and 200 yards and steel targets from 250-500 yards. Bench rests are available for use. After range fees are paid all match fees will be donated to a veteran charity, The Red Circle Foundation. http://redcirclefoundation.org Register: (https://practiscore.com/oregon-gas-gun-match/register) Match Fee: $25. Match Fee will be due the day of the competition. Schedule: Saturday, April 2, 2016 7:30 AM Shooter check-in 8:00 AM Match begins 4:00 PM Match ends Safety Requirements: Chamber flags are required for this match. COSSA is a "cold range" and all firearms must remain unloaded at the event site except under direct supervision of an event official. Firearms must be transported from your vehicle unloaded, chamber flag inserted (for rifle only) and in a case (hard or soft), bag or pack. Rifles will be transported from stage to stage unloaded, chamber flag inserted and in their case/bag/pack. Handguns will be transported from stage to stage unloaded in a holster or in their case/bag/pack. Uncased/unbagged/unholstered firearms may only be handled at the safety table. Ammunition cannot be handled at the safety table. Safety tables will be clearly marked with signs. Violation of any of the above will result in a match DQ. Cartridge Requirements: No Ammo allowed that exceeds 3150 FPS. Absolutely no steel core or green tip ammo. We have magnets available if you are in doubt regarding the configuration of your ammo. If you destroy any of our steel with this type of ammo, you own the steel. After you pay us for it. Match Divisions: Open: 7.62 / 308, 260, 6.5 Limited: 5.56 / 223 Match Categories: Gas Gun Only Scoring: Scoring will be based on time with misses incurring a time penalty. Rifles: All Rifles must be in safe operating condition and have a functioning safety. Pistols: Pistols must be in safe operating condition. A minimum of 9mm caliber and maximum .45 caliber. No shoulder holsters or cross draw configuration holsters. Pistol holsters MUST cover the trigger guard of the pistol and the pistol must be secure in the holster. The holster must be worn on the belt, on the strong side of the shooter. Holsters attached to the front of tactical vests are not allowed. Remember, you may be running or moving out smartly with the pistol in your holster. If the pistol comes out of the holster and hits the ground, it’s an automatic match DQ. Pistol magazine pouches are highly recommended. Supporting Devices and Rangefinders: Only bi-pods are allowed. No pump pillows, shooting bags, or backpacks allowed for shooting support. Range finders are allowed unless noted otherwise in a particular stage description. Round Count: 50 Rifle / 30 Pistol Disclaimer: It has never happened but should fire danger become extreme BLM could cancel the match.
  4. OK folks, I need to borrow some brains here. I tripped across a steal of a deal in my local shop this week. I was looking to buy a used 700 to build on for a precision gun, the less expensive the better, and in left handed. What I ended up finding was one someone had already built, though with some different preferences (had 3 sight bases on the barrel, I guess for irons, and internal mag instead of detachable box), and less desirable to many people because it's chambered in .30-06 instead of something more fashionable like .300 Win Mag, .308, or 6.5-284. However, I'm not going to change the barrel because it's a Hart stainless 26" (or 28"...didn't measure yet) heavy contour 1 in 10" which is exactly what I would have picked. It would cost me almost twice as much to swap out as I paid for the whole thing. Yes, that's right, I got the whole rifle lacking only a scope base for $350 out the door. (Oh yeah, minus optic...but that's a given.) So, currently lacking another 600+ yard gun right now, I'm looking to go with this as it gets me up and running cheaply in F-class and possibly other stuff, and definitely teaching myself to do more. I'm going to thread the muzzle to be able to run my can on it because I VASTLY prefer suppressed when shooting anything with a substantial blast to it. Now what I need to figure out is what kind of loads I'm going to feed this thing. As I look at Hodgdon's data and Sierra, Hornady, Berger, and Nosler's bullets I see a lot of potential here, but not much really to go on other than just pick a powder, pick some bullets, burn some, and see how it goes. Researching other sites yields a lot of "yeah, but .308 and .300 Win are more accurate because 06 is a long skinny case...", but I don't think I currently have the skill level to outshoot its theoretical capabilities, and by the time I will it'll be time to swap the barrels anyway, right? I'm definitely thinking 180-210 grain stuff to take advantage of higher BC's and maybe to crowd some of that powder space to lessen that whole theoretical shortcoming of a long powder column. I know a lot of guys run 175's in .308 but that's said to be because longer bullets wouldn't have the case capacity which with this I have. Whatcha think, guys? Any concerns about powder burn rate with the can on it, or at that length should I be good with everything? Also, I will probably put it in a chassis at some point--will that significantly change what loads it likes, negating load tuning done prior to the change, or just POI shift?
  5. So I'm trying to figure out what sight heights to buy from Dawson Precision. I want the Glock 34 Gen 3 to hit POI/POA with 115gr bulk ammo (Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi, etc.) at 20-ish yards. From navigating Dawson's website, should I just get the Competition Fixed Sight Set? (Item 310-003) The sight set has a .205 tall front and a .225 tall rear. Will that get hits POI/POA @ 20-ish yards? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I have a STI Spartan 9mm – purchased new, runs great. I recently picked up a used STI Trojan 9mm, seems to run great as well but too early to tell. I ordered (2) Dawson Precision 10 rd magazines. Both work well in the Spartan but are too tall for the slide to close on the Trojan. I’m not 1911 savy yet – any ideas?
  7. After doing an enormous amount of snooping and skulking about online for information on the XL650 and Dillon in general for long range hunting / precision rifle loading - I got the press for Christmas and ordered all the various accessories last week. I was particularly interested in runout, OAL variation and accuracy of the powder measure with extruded powders. I ran my first box of shells through the press today - 7mm Weatherby Mag using IMR 4831 powder and barnes 140gr TTSX bullets. I am using standard toolheads, a standard RCBS two-die set, and the Dillon Belted Magnum powder measure system for this particular caliber. After some general fiddling and flailing trying to get it all set up, I threw my first charges as follows (looking for 73.0 grains of IMR 4831) 73.0, 72.7, 73.0, 73.2, 73.1, 73.3, 73.3, 73.2, 73.4, 72.9, 73.2, 72.8, 72.7. I was thrilled with that level of accuracy from an off-the-shelf measure with extruded powder and from there I just started cranking. I measured runout on the loaded rounds using the Hornady LNL dial indicator and found runout generally negligible in the +- .002 range, but most of the loaded ammo was dead on with less than .001" runout. For a $35 2-die RCBS set and nothing else fancy for this particular caliber - I was impressed. I noticed a fair amount of OAL variation in the loaded rounds (something along the lines of .0050"+-) and was initially a little concerned, but then I took a handful of bullets out of the box and measured them. the variation in OAL of the loaded rounds seemed to be consistent with observed variation in bullet length from the factory. I will check it again using a micrometer seating die for my next batch, but I am extremely satisfied to say the least. As far as setup goes I got the inline fabrication ultramount, ergo handle, shellplate bearing kit with low mass detent ball, and press lighting kit. I ordered the casefeeder (which works incredibly well) and polished the internals of the powder measures to a high shine. I considered the locking toolheads, but decided against them unless OAL/runout turns out to be an issue. So far it looks to me like its not going to be a problem.
  8. Hello Friends, I am considering trying out longer range rifle shooting this year. If that goes well, I would like to get a custom made rifle for long range work to 1000 yards. The most likely matches I would attend would be here: http://woodysmatch.com, in North Carolina My thinking is to try a Designated Marksman Match first and hopefully watch part of a precision match. I'd do the DMM with my 18" Criterion barreled 3-gun rifle. I have tried to avoid reloading, but I expect I will have to get into that to some degree if I do long range rifle competition. I don't hunt and have no interest in that. Rifle work is pure-play competition at all times. I have three questions to the group. Do you concur with the 6mm Creedmoor choice? It seems like the flattest shooting with reasonable barrel life. Given that I have zero experience with bolt guns would you recommend a custom bolt-action rifle or a custom made semi-auto rifle in your recommended caliber? What particular components or equipment for the custom rifle from #2 would you recommend that I consider in 2014? I will be consulting with a local gunsmith that has experience with shooting very long range rifle as well as building long range rigs. But, I still wanted to solicit your opinions as a means to keep my vision broad at first. I don't want to focus too much, too soon.Thank you very much for your ideas and recommendations. -- Mike
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