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  1. Just bought one of these, blade tech holster with his custom hanger. It clamps to the belt with screws, so if you don't have a double belt, it would be a pain. He has other options too. http://www.benstoegerproshop.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=BSPS-Holster
  2. Because they have shooters using them in production, they must be legal! Well, maybe not. I don't know the rules like most here, so I won't say more. I have a vanek housing, took out as much as I can without disabling the trigger safety. If substantial changes are made, I guess you could make the trigger release the firing pin right after the point where the trigger safety would stop the trigger. At that point, you'd also have to modify the drop and FP safety.
  3. To remove the pretravel, he had to trim the trigger safety, no way around it. If you trim it, that is external and not production legal. The trigger safety will still work as trimmed, but not production legal. Watched his videos, I never saw him check the firing pin safety, not to say he didn't, or it doesn't work. You can check the firing pin safety by assembling without the extractor.
  4. South Florida Pistol Club is in Broward, shoots at Markham Park, good group. It's a USPSA club, they also run steel matches, maybe 3 gun too. Check out their website for schedule, sfpc.org.
  5. Do they pick the bullets up directly from the manufacturer to ensure they aren't dropped during delivery.
  6. That works better than I imagined when I saw the preview photo. I'd consider it if I bought brass that had military brass mixed in, otherwise, I'll just continue to use the old eyeball method.
  7. Interesting, maybe not as safe if your hand/finger weren't right up against the back of the slide. Try this on, skip to 1:15, get ready to laugh. Not a bad guy, making a good point, but this test is a little goofy.
  8. Nice shooting! I was loading Titegroup lite, tried some heavier loads and had much better success, though nothing out of the recommended ranges.
  9. Heat or simple green work as well. Had a wooden stock, left it out in the sun, dripped away.
  10. Thank you. The site is really slow at the moment, everyone must be shopping, I'll try again later.
  11. From what company? Midway? Directly; https://www.montanagoldbullet.com/ http://www.precisiondelta.com/
  12. For bullets, Montana Gold or Precision Delta, buy in bulk.
  13. I have the same problems when I put too many bullets in the tube. I only fill mine with about 15-20 bullets, fills to around the top of the hopper. I assume this would vary depending on the bullet type/weight. This is an easy thing to try, you'll know if it works fine with only 3 or 4 bullets, then just keep adding more till they start giving you trouble.
  14. Good stuff chibern, but the first video in the last post says it was removed. I may try that primer gate. The timer makes the cell-phone buzzer mod much more efficient, one less thing to forget to do.
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