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  1. I heard it was announced, is this true? If so when and where?
  2. Their UX and navigation is confusing af. Do you have a direct URL to the 1 mm?
  3. Also this. Most reputable places will work with you if you’re unsatisfied. Just needs to be redone, either start over or fix the geometry of the sear and hammer.
  4. Looks more like a rolling break. Ironically this is the type of trigger I prefer so I can prep a bit without going bang
  5. +1 Henning I run the Pro basepads for Production which prevent overtravel on the Shadow 2. Has really nice checkering on the bottom so I don’t need grip tape. Quality parts and manufacturing, highly recommended
  6. Anything I can get my hands on. They all do the same damn thing
  7. If you email Tim (the owner of the Pro shop) he’ll respond pretty quick. They look the same to me but I’m sure there’s some nuance that I’m missing
  8. I own all three (Henning, TTI, Springer). They’re all well made, however, the Henning paint seems to hold the best. It also has checkering on the bottom which I feel is a bonus. I would say Henning is the best
  9. I’ve tried both Springers and Henning’s and eventually went with Henning’s pro model. The SP’s are good and cheap but can be over inserted. I’ve done it only during slide lock but it’s enough to make me pay the extra cash. Side note, if you buy 6+ the pads are $17. Not bad considering the quality
  10. I’m sorry to hear that OP. All of my encounters with CZC have been really positive. I hope you get it sorted soon. The Accushadow is an excellent gun
  11. To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re unwilling ‘to make it right.’ It’s a used gun and barrels can get worn out. It’s hard to say what happened between the time it was purchased 3 years ago and 2 owners. Just my $0.02 They offered a factory barrel which *should* fit (I have a factory barrel on my Accu since the original wore out). You just won’t get the extra length vs the Aussie. And in this sport you’re probably not going to notice the difference from an OEM barrel vs. Aussie. Unless you do Bianchi or something like that. I would try try a few more bul
  12. Cerakote looks great until you start drawing from the holster. Nice work otherwise
  13. ^^This. Although with Eric now in the mix it really makes things interesting. My hope is that he goes Prod and CZ does an EG model
  14. Didn’t realize you could do this for the S2. Is it still Production legal? Sounds interesting
  15. 1.13” is pretty long. Every CZ I’ve owned (including the S2) does well with 1.10” - 1.11” Have you tried a short OAL or shooting FP?
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