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  1. Not usually a fan of stainless - don't kid yourself, it can rust plenty! - but that is a nice looking carbine. What's it weigh loaded? Take a look at http://www.skinnersights.com.
  2. . . . clean up (DEL) my content? I've done it before, but CRS!!! Thanks. -jb
  3. Sent Today, 10:54 AM "jkrispies" - Do & use whatever you like! As you can see I tried & failed, failed again, then succeeded! ... but was castigated! I have no clue about most of all that goes on around me - more to the point: why? Things should just be easy, but nooo...
  4. Didn't see photo? As I said, you are more than welcome to use anything I sent you ... pictures, quotes, etc. Tried to upload a pic - nope - too stupid!!! Whoa! Third time is a charm: Whoa! ...again: Actually had a pic up but got this msg. "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Well I give up . . . This is a good thread. I like what I'm reading here. ... & I sure would like to see some more pictures too! Remember if you find that .44 mag octagon - find 2!!!
  5. "Can" Never figured out how to post pix here.
  6. "Rski" Thank you. It's a different approach. I'll let you know if it works. Good thing is I don't need to take the entire sight off as that was the major sticking point.
  7. It's my Steel .22. Rear sight - RFI - trashed. Bought a new one. Anyone know how to take the old one off the sight mounting base, remove the old one & attach the new? I can't see how to take either the old off or put the new on. I could punch the old out - I think - but how does the new attach? I see no way ... Help??? . . . & thank you! -jb
  8. Depends on the gun. I was shooting 1911Single Stack & it worked just fine. You can run into trouble when you mix-n-match 1911's, Glocks & Customs.
  9. "racingjoe27" - the "shut up" thing was just fooling around. I know that was not your intent. - my 140 mags hold about 20 .40's. - I shoot SS too, as I think it is the "purest" form of shooting - but what a disadvantage ... oh I know you're only shooting against other SS but some of the unloaded starts & complicated arrays make those 8-9 rds tough...hurts my old head! "Racinready300ex" - round count was a secondary consideration, the component cost & merely the "why not" of it all was first. - you're right about the White Box. I didn't take that into consideration. - I was at a 3 gun match & my 9 reloads were too long (asleep at the wheel) so I borrowed some from one of my shooting buddies that was 9 major for his Open gun. To be honest, it was "easy do". - as for my "finish" . . . I suck anywayzzz . . . & you're right - I don't like it! HA!!!
  10. "racingjoe27" wrote: "This is probably the last forum you'll find Phil in. Next, requiring 40 in limited limits your capacity. Shooting 9 major would completely change the division and the guns. Everyone would be shooting 9 major just so they can hold more rounds. I can understand 357 sig, ala Australia (or is it New Zealand?), but I don't think we need nine major. That being said, if it's made legal I'll covert..." "...his response..." - you're probably right about Phil - I must admit that is the very first answer to my question that makes any sense ... & you are exactly right! The round count -which I never took into consideration- "would completely change the division"! Thank you, seriously, as I've been whining about the prospect for awhile & no one has been able to come up w/ an answer to shut me up. I'll shut up now . . .
  11. Why not? I shoot .45 now & my friends think I'm nuts BUT the .45's pulse is so much "softer" than the .40 - & the .40 is a pain to load - & I simply hate .40's! A 147 9mm needs to be going about 1,125 for major. Just about the speed of sound. Think that'll shoot softer than a 1.80 .40 doing about 920? ... or .45 200 at about 825 or 230 doing about 720? So forget all that - how much cheaper is it to shoot 9mm than .40 or .45? Doesn't "White Box" shoot about 1100? ...& then, after all is said & done: why not?
  12. You mean president Phil? *** certainly do I'm also guessing that your question as to why not allow 9 major is in regards to limited division? *** exactly so . . . I can't see a single reason not to - other than someone might have some major holdings in .40 ammo! Its already allowed in open *** yes - & that bolsters the point: why NOT in Limited??? Makes no sense to me...tho to be truthful not much does these daze!!!
  13. Ok - I know the rules for IPSC - but why not (apropos to this conversation) ... w/ all the dearth of components not long past ... allow 9 Major? I don't need to enumerate all the pros, you all know them already. So Phil, why not???
  14. Ok - so simple question: - have lots of SPP cases for .45 - shoot mainly 1911 - have NOT wanted to shoot them, but they are stacking up - noticible difference? ...can't imagine, but gotta' ask Thanks. -jb
  15. Yeah, that's about what I run - maybe a little shorter when I don't know the piece & mags. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. Better get to the loading bench & crank out some RNFP for Sat's match! Again, thank you... -jb
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