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  1. Cool, it's all good fellows. Here's the back story...a while back I called Hodgdon to ask why their powder charges were so low for the HAP bullets. The tech support guy said that they found a difference in the thickness in the jacket between the two bullets and thus the pressure issues with HAP. That seemed odd because I thought they were the same design. So, I called Hornady and the guy I spoke to said he thought the jackets were the same but he didn't want to go into any details on load recommendations. Who knows? Hodgdon definitely feels there's an issue and I figured you guys probably deal with the HAP bullets more than anybody else. I wanted to keep my initial posts simple to not complicate things. I'll load some up, start low and bring my chronograph. Thanks for the help. Dave
  2. Sweet, good idea. Much easier than going back and forth adjusting the Dillon to get different COL. I'll try that tonight. Thanks, DF
  3. Hi, I'm with you on loading as long as possible. In this case it is for a CZ and I can go out to 1.090 on the Zero 125s. I have not checked the HAP 125 though. Thanks, DF
  4. Great, thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. I was impressed with the consistency, accuracy, and cool temp of the Silhouette powder I tried with some Zero 125 (.356). Thanks, Dave
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'm loading for practice and don't need to meet any kind of power factor. I'm just looking for accuracy. Thanks, Dave
  6. Hi, I want to load up some of the HAP 125 in 9mm. Published load data is hard to find. Hodgdon data is very conservative and seem to be concerned about pressure. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol They list Titegroup starting load at 2.8 and a max load of 3.2 (33,700 PSI) with a COL of 1.069. It's the same for HP38 but they give a max load of 3.3 with HP38. For you guys that load the HAP 125's have you seen anything weird happen with the pressure? Personally, I'd like to try these with Silhouette powder and I'm interested in using the load data they list for the 124 XTP which is: Starting load 4.6 to 5.4 max with a COL of 1.060. I would load it longer if it chambers. I'm wondering what your thoughts are? Thanks, Dave
  7. Hi, thanks everyone for the great input. And hello to Kulaglock11...a fellow Honolulu shooter. If you go to the pistol range, I'm the tall, bald guy that is almost always shooting revolvers. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to figure the little CZ out I ordered some of the Precision Deltas and those might do the trick. The gun is harder to shoot with the short barrel. But, I don't think that's the issue so far. It sounds like I'm probably not pushing the bullets fast enough with the short barrel and lighter loads I was using. This is the rest that I use and you will recognize the view. (BTW, say hello if you see me. I'm usually at the range on Friday afternoons and Saturday.) Loading for the 9mm is definitely more of a challenge than my revolvers. But, it's helping me learn.
  8. Excellent, thanks for the tips! What 147 bullet do you like for your CZs? Dave
  9. Yea, I agree the 3" at 50 yards is not realistic. Or, maybe the amount of time it would take is not worth it. Part of the fun for me is finding out the potential of each gun. Take care, Dave
  10. Good advice. Thanks guys. It does like those Zero 125 grain pills. But, it gives me fliers and there are some malfunctions due to the short chamber...so I should probably get it reamed. I did paint one of the rounds yesterday with a marker and got a nice ring where the rifling made contact. Actually, I don't think the barrel likes 147 grain bullets. That’s too bad because my other nines do like the heavier bullets. The gun is a CZ Rami which has a 3" barrel. I was shooting for a 1" group at 25 yards and 3” out to 50. I shoot steel out to 50 yards…it’s just for fun. From a sand bag at 25 yards, the Zero 125 JHP average just over 2" with the best group at 1.3". The 147 (Zero / Speer) groups average over 3". The 147 Zero JHP did pass the plunk test when loaded to 1.120. But, I didn’t realize the Zero 125s were too long until after the testing. I appreciate the help. Dave
  11. Hi guys, I'm working up some loads for a new CZ and the short chamber is messing with my plans. I was planning on using Zero 125 gr JHP (.356) with Titegroup. I could not get the round to pass the plunk test and gave up trying when I reached an OAL of 1.070...and that was still too long. I have some 147 grain Speer TMJ loaded to an OAL of 1.130 and they fit the CZ chamber just fine. The only issue is they are not as accurate as I would like. I would appreciate any suggestions for bullets that have history of being accurate (50 yard accurate) and also have a profile can be loaded to a reasonable OAL with shorter chambers. Thanks a lot, Dave
  12. I have the same barrel and the best bullet I have found so far is the Speer product 4006 147 TMJ. They have in stock at Powder Valley. The shape does well in the short chamber of my Kart Barrel. I tried Montana Gold and Precision Delta too and I prefer the Speer. The flat point shape seems to fit in the chamber better than the round nose bullets. At the upper end of the Titegroup loads it would go over 900 fps. I've settled on a lower charge of 3.2 to 3.3 grains. Accuracy was good at 25 yards...this was shot with iron sights.
  13. Excellent. I will definitely order a few boxes. Dave
  14. Cool, thanks guys. I am not competing so I don't care about power factor. All I want is accuracy. I'll try some of those XTPs. Thanks for that tip. I do have a little Silhouette and will try it again when I feel like experimenting. Thanks, Dave
  15. The Bay...It's a beautiful calm day today. It's been windy lately. Today the bay is glass. I was out on a paddle a few weeks ago and came across my neighbor. He will be 85 and he's got his snorkel / fins on the back of his canoe. How cool is that!
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