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  1. I loved stage 5. It was a great blend of difficult shots for everything (especially when shooting it at 1700 like I did) complimented by a hill climb that would be very easy to eat dirt on. Stage 2 was a great use of the Royal Arms flashbang and all together a fun movement focused hoser-esque stage. None of the shooting was particularly difficult but the movement was, and that made it fun. Move this stage to where stage 1 was at and have us shoot at advancing Huns at long range with the rifle and it would be absolutely perfect in my opinion. Stage 9 was a great stage that suffered from lousy ROs. (my opinion after seeing bad calls on the rifle spinner and hearing one RO complain about how hard it was to see) It was a simple stage yet still challenging due to goofy shooting positions. The wheelbarrow was a nice touch. I think Ken's alpine slide idea has merit and would be an awesome match stage or even side stage where you have to make a donation to Toys For Tots or the like to ride it. Or really drive interest with half the money going to TFT and half going to a pot for the best score. As far as improvements go, I can only think of two things for this year: more stupid primate tricks like dragging barrels or tires around and do more to put the ROs on a power trip when it comes to getting people to reset. I was on squad 13, and we got screwed over due to squads in front of us not resetting. The ROs need to threaten to DQ people who aren't doing what they should if it gets that bad (and actually DQ them if they don't shape up.) I watched these squads in my copious free time (2 hour waits for a stage) waiting for them to finish and they rarely had more than 2-3 people actively resetting. 2014 and 2015 didn't suffer from this problem, and there were a LOT of first big match shooters at this event (the price of fame I suppose, because this match kicks ass) and many of them just didn't seem to know how much work it takes from the competitor to make something like this run smoothly. OK, maybe a couple of requests: can we have a flamethrower next year? Or maybe a stage based on A Christmas Story where you have to engage targets with a Red Ryder before moving on to real guns? Or maybe a Christmas Story stage with a flamethrower while on the alpine slide? (two hands, two ways to put your eye out) Not sure how that would blend but I'm confident that you folks could make it work. In any case, it was a great improvement over last year and reminiscent of 2014 as far as the shooting went. I'll be there next year with my rubber snake prize, so keep your bags zipped.
  2. A jeweler friend showed me these little wonders: https://www.amazon.com/Radial-Disc-3in-Micron-Peach/dp/B00JNF69XA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1480469982&sr=8-3&keywords=3M+Radial+Bristle+Cleaning+and+Polishing+Discs 6 micron is a bit over 3000 grit. Those work awesome for polishing prep but won't fit in the holes. For general polishing one of those cheap harbor freight bench polishing setups work awesome when you load the wheel down with a good polishing compound or blue wonder.
  3. Precisely. This makes me wonder if it is a purchased design like the scorpion evo 3.
  4. It's like a P07 and a Walther went halves on a bastard. Meh
  5. That just means you need a 1050. Primer pocket swaging on the fly is worth the price of admission.
  6. The cheapest way to reduce reciprocating mass is to pop that roll pin out and empty the buffer. Works great.
  7. BRING FORTH THE 100 YARD SLUG SPINNER OF MISERY! On a more serious note: has there been an update as to where we trooper class idiots have to hike in from?
  8. My simple po folk plain blowback gun will only reset an SD3G trigger about 1/2 of the time when firing. It will not catch the disconnector when manually cycling the bolt when the trigger is depressed. After doing some quick and dirty measuring, it appears that the distance between the top of the gas key and the bottom of the carrier on a regular .223 carrier is about 2mm higher than on my generic ramped 9mm bolt. I've heard of people zapping a small bead of weld onto the bottom of these things to make them run. I'll give that a whack and see what happens. This is the bolt I have: http://www.jsesurplus.com/9mmrampedbottomboltassembly.aspx Receiver is a CMMG MK9
  9. Sure looks like it, so what's the scoop on those? Bad fitting? Short chamber?
  10. I have one, it's about the same as every other mount.
  11. So I finally got to pick it up from UPS yesterday. I travel for work so I couldn't be there when it arrived. Gun looks great and passes the plunk test just fine with every bit of ammo I have laying around the house. The only difference is that this new slide lacks the "STOCK II" engraving on the side. It came back drenched in oil and with a free shirt with that godawful EAA logo that has the lady with pistols for arms and legs. So a fixed gun and free shop rags! I did get my front sight back as well. Time to go try it out and see if I can get 3 whole mags out of it.
  12. I've got a large profile Cooley and when combined with an empty buffer, full weight carrier, and an adjustable gas block it mostly just vibrates and makes noise. Super soft and flat shooting. The 3 port shot about the same, no flatter. 16" Black Hole midlength barrel.
  13. Henning really ought to make these for the CZ crowd as well. The Tactical Sports upper I got Stewie at CZC to make for me is starting to do the same thing to my 75b frame. I've also got a tweaked out Tristar T120 (yeah, yeah, it was on sale and I wanted a fun project on the cheap) that is REALLY cratering due to the aluminum frame. I guess I should just turn my own on the lathe for those in the mean time.
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